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“Bad politics is the root of all the financial crisis of today’s Manipur”, said Economists Chinglen Maisnam. 

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Imphal June 20,

“Bad politics is the root of all the financial crisis of today’s Manipur”, said Economists Chinglen Maisnam.
Speaking in a public discourse on Financial Crisis in Manipur held today at Manipur Press Club Chinglen Maisnam said that the only solution to those is good politics taken up for the welfare of the people. He said that a movement is the need of the hour for good politics to strive in the land and added that the economy of the land is not decided by economist but by the politics of the land.
 Highlighting the reason behind the present financial crisis of the state Chinglen Maisnam said that the reason behind it was because of the Indian government derecognising Planning commission and omitting Special status of the state and the misappropriation, Financial indiscipline and mismanagement of the public funds.
He also stressed that if there is any financial crisis than the authority should look into the area of non planned revenue expenditures where the legislature can manage in whatever way they can.
He added that the financial crisis of the state is a prolonged one and the recent banned by RBI simply add more stress to the financial instability.
He also highlighted that the financial budget of Manipur is lower than Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh and many other state.
 “Under the BJP regime, government employees should never dream of implementing 7th Pay Commission”, said CPI State Secretary Sotinkumar in a public discourse on Financial Crisis in Manipur.
Speaking in keynote address Sotinkumar further said that the financial crisis which occurred this year where even RBI banned in transactions of money due to overdraft has never occurred in the history of Manipur.
He said that they believed that more than 274 crores were transacted during the times of Election Code of Conduct. It is the need of the hour that a white paper should be brought and discuss in the lime light, he added.
Sotinkumar further said that many believed that the recent Lok Sabha Election was misappropriated by money, power or even through EVM or by any other unfair means. He questioned whether is it necessary to withdraw money in times of election code of conduct and whether the money can’t be withdrawn after the election. He added that they believed that all the money was dispersed during the election times for their party which is the BJP party.
He concluded that the politicians who hold power loots the public money and added that their is a disease where such politicians and legislators were never checked by the people of the land.
Sotinkumar said that all the people of the land congregated towards BJP during election times even though BJP assured the contentious CAB to pass if they came to power. He added that the people were all swayed using money power which finally led to today’s financial crisis.
“Never in the history of Manipur such crisis has ever happened and to check them thoroughly is the need of the hour”, Sotinkumar concluded.

Rinku Khumukcham

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