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Irregularities at MSPDCL responsible for frequent blackouts

by Rinku Khumukcham
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Irregularities at MSPDCL responsible for frequent blackouts

IT News
Imphal, Feb 6:

As power cuts become increasingly frequent in the state of Manipur, concerns over alleged irregularities at the Manipur State Power Distribution Company Limited (MSPDCL) have surfaced. These irregularities are reported to have significantly hampered revenue collection efforts within the department, adversely impacting the state’s economic development initiatives.
An anonymous official from MSPDCL has revealed concerns regarding the ongoing crisis within the organization, attributing it to the dishonesty of certain officials which has hindered revenue collection and exacerbated the current situation. The official emphasized that unless this issue is addressed promptly, more problems are likely to arise in the future.
Additionally, the source highlighted the unequal enforcement of measures to tackle non-payment of electricity bills. The official noted that during crackdowns on defaulters, it is often the poor and vulnerable who bear the brunt of the consequences, despite genuinely struggling to meet their financial obligations. In contrast, individuals with connections to influential figures and those holding high-ranking positions in the state are reportedly shielded from accountability. Even when industries, schools, stone crushers, and plywood factories owned by these individuals fail to pay for electricity usage, they allegedly face no repercussions.
It has come to light that numerous industries and units have been availing themselves of High Tension (HT) power supplies without proper administrative approval from MSPDCL. This unauthorized access to HT power connections has raised questions about the oversight and regulatory enforcement mechanisms within the utility company. Additionally, it has been reported that some entities have failed to deposit the required connection charges, further compounding the regulatory concerns surrounding MSPDCL’s operations.

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Furthermore, concerns have been raised regarding the procurement and documentation of distribution transformers and other electrical items by private HT consumers. There are allegations that certain consumers are obtaining materials, including distribution transformers, from unknown sources without proper documentation or authorization, potentially violating established regulations. There are also questions regarding the procedures and documentation required for opening HT connections, particularly for industrial purposes. Issues such as the permissibility of providing HT connections in areas designated for agricultural use and the necessity of industry permits or licenses have been brought into focus.
Moreover, instances of certain industries, such as brickfields and stone crushers, reportedly exceeding their sanctioned load limits without proper billing or authorization from MSPDCL have been highlighted. This misuse of LT 30 power supplies has raised concerns about fairness and compliance with regulatory guidelines among consumers. In addition, unauthorized additions and installations of distribution transformers have been reported, allegedly serving the interests of a select few without official procedures or approvals. The lack of transparency and accountability in such activities has raised significant alarm within the community.
These revelations underscore growing concerns about fairness and transparency within MSPDCL’s operations, as well as the need for systemic reforms to address issues of corruption and unequal treatment of consumers. As these concerns continue to attract attention, there are increasing calls for decisive action to rectify these discrepancies and restore trust in the integrity of MSPDCL’s operations.

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