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India oriented Naga politicians have wilfully  been “fishing in the troubled political waters”- NSCN-K

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Imphal, April 15,

A statement by the NSCN-K said that since the signing of the 16 point agreement in 1960 by the NPC, the Naga political scene since then had been experiencing precarious situations at various stages and many prominent India oriented Naga politicians have wilfully  been “fishing in the troubled political waters”  with impunity, the current scenario is of no exception too.
The state said, “To further one’s vested political ambitions, certain section of the Nagas especially the State’s leading politicians has been going the extra mile beyond their obligations to colonial constitution in order to contain the Naga political issue and aspirations within colonial confines.  And this very diabolic stances of the Naga leaders had been a cause of great consternation for decades among the common Naga mass and Naga nationalists alike and as long as these characters remain at the “helm of affairs” the Nagas do not foresee any political redemption even in the near future. With the political containment of the majority of NPGs within India almost assuredly complete, these elements on the pretext of “Peace and Solution” during recent years have been attempting nefarious inroads into Myanmar  Naga areas with an ulterior motive to derail the Naga National Movement and render the Nagas more divided and politically frustrated as in tune with the futile processes happening in India. The open act of condoning exclusive solution for Myanmar Nagas is but further endorsement of the illegal partition of Naga territories by colonial powers.
India and Myanmar being the perpetrator of the divisions themselves bears the sole responsibility for this grave political misdemeanor and subsequent conflict for nearly a century now and must therefore shoulder the task of resolving the same or transfer the issue to the UN or international mediation.
“The Nagas and the NSCN/GPRN cannot afford to enter into one-sided or partial political initiative which will only aggravate the complexities and render the Nagas further divided and weakened. The NSCN represents the entire Naga people and is composed of Nagas from every tribe, region and backgrounds and does not conform to narrow and discriminatory affiliations based on imposed colonial demarcation, therefore the claim made by the Chief Minister of Nagaland Shri.Neiphu Rio that majority of NSCN leaders are from Myanmar, must settle for a seperate state within Myanmar etc is not only immature but also an act of affront and injustice to the Naga history and the political aspirations of the Nagas soaked in the blood and paid with the lives of the thousands of Nagas.
“It is also quite derogatory that when almost 90% of the Nagas under Myanmar occupation are still surviving literally poverty stricken, hand to mouth daily with hardly any semblance of governance, the high acclaim of the Chief Minister of Nagaland about the Nagas Self Administered Zone and Nagas having own elected MP’s in Myanmar Parliament obviously in an attempt to mislead the rest of the Nagas that Nagas in Myanmar are well settled and content within forced Myanmar Union. The truth however is completely contrary and the arrangements have been coerced upon and the Naga territories are haphazardly divided, exploited and unevenly distributed to various seperate administrative controls in which NSAZ comprises of only three Naga towns.
“The Naga’s repeated rejection of Panglong Conference since 1947 till today on the firm historical basis that Nagas are Sovereign people and will not enter into Myanmar Union in itself is testimonial of the determination of the Nagas in Myanmar and NSCN/GPRN in particular and that the consolidation of all the Naga inhabited territories without regard to the imaginary international boundary line once again amplifies the inclusive approach of the NSCN/GPRN to the unresolved Indo-Naga-Myanmar political conflict.
“It is also self-defeating and perilous to witness again the resurfacing of NPC like colonial stooges giving clairvoyant endorsement of the arbitrary and illegal partition of Naga territories and subsequent subjection of the Naga people under different colonial entities rather than to nullify and remove the demarcation.
“It should be the effort of every Naga politicians and leaders to dismantle the physical and emotional barriers and strive to unite the Nagas under one political and social unit preceding  solution or the same to form the very basis of solution than to espouse exclusive or partial settlement emphasising India Naga and Myanmar Naga discriminatorily.
The NSCN/GPRN would ensure that the opportunist and self-centered Naga politicians do not misuse the Naga issue as a magic wand beguiling the world for too long, it will have to come to an end no matter what”.

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