Govt to compensate victims of Nungei confrontation; entire residents left village

Imphal, July 2: The JAC formed against the death of Md Arif Khan have reached an agreement with the state government after prolonged negotiations today. According to the agreement, the injured will get Rs 10 Lakh as compensation while the family of the dead will also be given Rs 10 Lakh on top of which employment at a suitable post will be provided to a family member as well as construction of memorial library in the name of Md Arif Khan at Thoubal Nungei under Lilong PS. Accordingly, the dead body will be taken back and last rites performed.
On the other hand, the entire residents of Nungei Meitei Village numbering around 440 left their village today as their request for security for the village since the start of the incidence have been neglected so far despite more than two months have passed and repeated requests fallen on deaf years. The displaced villagers are presently taking shelter at Lilong Chajing Community Hall. The JAC Against Cruel Firing at Nungei Meira Paibi on April 11 where 15 persons including a minor sustained injuries, alleging negligence by the state government as the cause of the present situation by failing to bring the persons responsible for the firing to book till now, condemned the imposition of curfew on Nungei Meitei Village and attempt by the state security forces to arrest 7 persons including the Convenor of the JAC who were wrongly accused instead of arresting the people who are responsible for inciting the whole chain of unfortunate events. As per the demand and decision of the JAC which stated that another list of 10 persons submitted to the police as co-accused should be arrested, only two persons have so far been arrested and are presently under police custody. According to a displaced villager, since the state government failed to address their concerns or provide assurance regarding their safety, assistance and support from the civil society organizations and NGOs will be a welcome relief, adding that if the state government do not bring about a solution soon, they fear the disintegration of their village.

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L B Devi July 2, 2016 - 5:26 pm
iWhere is Meitei civil societies bodies and Meira Paibi?A small Meitei Nungei village is the target of marauding Muslim villagers to eliminate the village from muslim area. It is demoralizing event in the history of Meitei. Shall we be victim in our own land? Monetary and other help should be mobilized from Meitei public. If we could not protect Meitei Nungei village from the onslaught of marauding Muslim, it is total demoralization of meitei community as a whole.
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