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CORCOM boycotts Republic Day; calls total shut down on January 26

by Rinku Khumukcham
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Imphal, Jan 21:

Joint body of armed rebel group – the CORCOM today appealed the people of the WESEA region to stay away from the Indian Republic Day celebration as the rebel’s body has boycotted the event as the so called Republic Day is more a Repressive Day for the people.
A statement of the outfit has said that the CORCOM has called 18 hours total shut down from midnight of January 25 till 6 pm of January 26. The proscribed body also appealed people to boycott the Republic day by staying indoors. It however said that the total shut down will be exempted for rituals related activities, health and fire service and other essential activities.
Justifying the boycott called, the statement of the CORCOM said that the Republic Day is a showcase programme of the strength of the Indian Army to show that the administration has been handed over to the Red Ford in Delhi from the Whitehall in London. It is nothing but to show that the administration of the erstwhile nation Manipur has been replaced by Delhi from the British, the statement added.
The claim of India being a Democratic Republic Country govern by the elected representatives and not by monarch is just for name shake. The face of the representative democracy i.e. Lok Sabha has 24% elected members involved in criminal cases in 2004. There were 30% member involved in criminal cases in 2009. In 2014 there were 34% and 2019 there were 43% elected members who were involved in criminal cases. The Lok Sabha is a syndicate of Mafia Parliament, said the CORCOM. On the other hand, there is no way for a citizen to become the President of the country, who is the head of the state without the support of political parties. In reality, no Indian who is elected by the Indian can never become the President of the nation. Even Lord Krishna or Lord Ram will never be able to become the president in the present system.
The statement further said that for around 54 years, the country was a “Kingdom of Congress India”, today the country is “Kingdom of Sangh Parivar”, which is slowly converting into their idea of Bharatvarsha.
Indian election was conducted in 1951-52, when 83% of the total population was illiterate. It would be hard for the people of the country to understand what those political parties’ candidate had delivered to their voters. Indian constitution was also a product of the colonial British which was constituted through their cabinet mission plan without conducting full election . The Constitution was adopted in November 26, 1949 and came into force on January 26, 1950. Giving this day as Republic day the Indian government is celebrating Repressive day. The CORCOM also ridiculed on the amendment of the constitution before the formation of the Democratic government after the first general assembly election. In the first amendment of the Constitution of India Act in 1951, the Reasonable Restriction was inserted as a clause to the Article 19, which guaranteed the Right to Freedom of Speech. This reasonable restriction has been utilized by the government as unreasonable restriction. The Article 356 that can interfere the political rights of a state and the Reasonable Restriction clause in the Article 19 showed that India is not a Republic but a Repressive Country.
Even though there is a provisions under the Article 39( C) of the Indian Constitution to control and check the accumulation of huge amount of money , there are 9 Billionaire who owned property and assets which is half the property owned by the whole population of the country. Liberty of an individual guaranteed under Article 21 of the constitution is being suppressed by the Sedition and Preventive Detention Law. Under Article 39 ( C) there are provision to assure justice to all the people but then there are over 50 million cases pending in these regard. The Berhampur Case has been dispose only on January 9 this year after 72 years. Even after 74 years of independence the country is ranked 107 among the 121 countries as per Global Hunger index. As per Liberal Democratic Index report and V-Dem Democracy Report 2022 India is ranked 93 and ‘00 respectively out of the 179 countries. In short as India is an Electoral Autocracy, the term Equality and Liberty is of no use. The idea of India , that is Unity in Diversity should have the Right to differ and Disagree but the “One Nation , One Language “ principle is now suppressing rights of all indigenous people particularly the indigenous people of the WESEA region.

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