Congress MLA K. Meghachandra continues to drill Minister Th. Biswajit; Still stands with his allegation of Rs. 800 crore scams in PWD

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Imphal, Jan 15:

Congress MLA K. Meghachandra continues to drill Minister Th. Biswajit by stating that he still stands with his allegation of fund misappropriation of Rs. 800 crore in the PWD department during the 2021-22 financial year. The Congress MLA who is also the working president of the MPCC also accused the Minister who is also in charge of the Commerce and Industries department of making false promises to the people of the state. The Congress MLA also dig the N. Biren Singh government over failure to enhance the Covid-19 vaccination drive saying that the state recorded the lowest vaccination drive among the 5 states where election is scheduled to hold on February 27 and March 3.
“Election commission of India had stated that only 57% of the total population of the state have been vaccinated first dose Covid-19 vaccine and the number of people who got 2nd dose is only 43%”, Meghachandra said and added that where are the measures taken up by the government for enhancement of Covid-19 vaccination drive, what had happened to the door to door vaccination program and also the mobile vaccination drive gown? Why is the vaccination rate so low when compared to other states?, the Congress MLA who is also the working president of MPCC told a media person during a press conference held today at Congress Bhavan.
Taking a dig to the Commerce and Industries department, MLA Meghachandra said that on July 20, 2017, the Minister of the Commerce and Industries department had promised to provide job to 1.5 lakhs people each year, that means in 5 years the number of employment provided should be nearly 7 lakhs. Meghachandra said that the present BJP ruled government is befooling the people with false promises and there are no jobs as promised by them have not been provided.
The MPCC working president K. Meghachandra also attacked the former Rajya Saha MP K. Bhavananda for misleading the people saying that 7 IRB battalion will be open in the state.
“Those are words to fool the people as there are no IRB or MR Battalions opened to date. Besides, the recruitment of the IRB constable and the Jamandar has not yet been declared to date and as the code of conduct has been in effect since January 8, there is no way that this government will declare the result”, Meghachandra said.
In connection with the clarification be PWD Minister Th. Biswajit in connection with the allegation leveled by him about misappropriation of Rs. 800/- crore at PWD during 2021-22, Meghachandra said that he has documents that have been collected from the top official of the PED department.
He said that he stands with his statement about the misappropriation of the fund and the PWD Minister is trying to mislead the people. He alleged that no work order has been issued for the implementation of the works.
In connection with the restriction of fund utilization to 40% and 60% due to covid-19, the Congress MLA demanded valid documents for the restriction of the fund. He said that he had documents to prove that there is no such fund restriction as there is no official record about using funds from the PWD department for use of Covid-19 emergency purposes.

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