COCOMI condemns burning of CSOs offices & DMU bombing

COCOMI condemns burning of CSOs offices & DMU bombing

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Imphal, Feb 24:

The Coordination Committee of Manipur Integrity (COCOMI) has expressed heartfelt sadness regarding the recent events, specifically the bombing at DM University Campus and the burning of the UCM office that transpired in Imphal yesterday.
COCOMI held a press conference at the AIMS office in Kwakeithel. During the press conference, COCOMI coordinator Th. Somorendro emphasized the ongoing war between the Meitei and Kukis, stressing the need for unity. He mentioned that “although different organizations employ different strategies, their goal remains the same, and so unity can be achieved in this manner.”
Th. Somorendro highlighted the historical lesson that disunity has led to defeat, urging everyone to unite in the current situation. He also shared the unfortunate news that the COCOMI office had been burnt down, resulting in the loss of numerous documents that were turned to ashes. These documents contained not just records on history and boundaries of Manipur but also records of all individuals injured in the ongoing violence. He added that “if someone has grievances against COCOMI, they should have approached to discuss those matters with us.”
The press conference also addressed the tragic death of a student resulting from the bombing at DM College Campus. COCOMI condemns such actions calling it unfortunate. In relation to security lapses, Somorendro criticized the government, stating that “despite a high concentration of security forces in Imphal these incidents have happened, the government is clearly at fault.”

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