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Co-win statistics on vaccination numbers confusing: Is it an error or negligence?

by Rinku Khumukcham
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The total number of covid -19 doses vaccinated to people across the country provided in the dashboard of www.cowin.gov.in is confusing as the arithmetic goes wrong shows something else. According the application the total number of doses so far given as on May 21 , 2021 was 19,02,92,253. The co-win application statistics also stated the number of 1st dose vaccination as 14,87,32,370, while the number of 2nd dose vaccination was 4,15,59,883.

It is logical that the if the number of 2nd doses is 4,15,59,883 than naturally the total number of vaccine doses should be (Dose 1 + (Dose 2×2) that is , the total number of doses should be the addition of 14,87,32,370 + 4,15,59,883 +4,15,59,883  which is equal to 23,18,52,1,36 (Twenty-three Crore eighteen lakhs fifty-two thousand one hundred thirty six) doses. 

The same is shown for all the states. For Delhi too, the number of 1st doses given is shown as 39,17,551 and the number of 2nd dose given is 11,46,370. It is common sense that the number of people who got the 2nd dose already had been vaccinated the 1st dose. And thus the total number of vaccine doses so far vaccinated for the state of Delhi should be the number of Dose 1 + Dose 2 + Dose 2. However, the total number of doses given in Delhi is shown as 50,63,921. That means the number of doses jab on the people who got the 2nd Dose has been left out. The arithmetic definitely is confusing.

Coming back to the state of Manipur where not even 15 % of the population has been vaccinated, the total number of vaccine doses used is shown as 4,11,958. As per the dashboard of the cowin application the total first dose used is shown as 3,41,903 while the total 2nd dose is shown as 70,055. The number of doses given to the people who get the 2nd dose has been again left out. The total number of vaccine so far use should be 4,82,040 doses and not 4,11,958.

For state like Manipur , which always depend on the Central government for procuring vaccines, if the number of vaccine doses used has been miscalculated then there are possibilities of the Central government assuming adequate stock of vaccine doses with the state.

For example  the total number Covishield vaccine doses received by the state as on May 12 , 2021 was 5,52,230  doses and in addition to the release of Covid-19 vaccine by the Ministry of Health and Family Family Welfare , Immunization Division , Government of India, dated May 17, 2021, as per a letter no. T-22014/07/2021-Imm the total vaccine so far received by the state of Manipur should be 6,02,230 doses. Since then, no vaccine has been allotted so far for the state. The first package of Covishield vaccine received by the state government from the center was on January 13, 2021. A total of 54,000 doses were received. Later on January 20 another doses of 48,000 was received. The largest quantity i.e. 2,45,000 doses of Covishield Vaccine was received on February 12. On March 5, state received 17,360 doses of Covishield vaccines, another 23,030 doses was received on April 5. On Aril 26, 50,000 doses of covishield was received and another 75,000 doses were received some few days later. That was the time when vaccination at private centers have to be put on halt due to limited stock of the vaccines with the state government.

Later on May 12 , 39,840 doses of  covishield was received and the vaccine received on the day has been announced for starting of the 3rd phase programme.

Now as on May 21 , 2021 , the total number of 1st dose given is 3,41,781 and the total number of  2nd dose vaccine given is 79,701. This too is not updated in the dashboard of cowin application at 2.30 pm today (May 22, 2021). And even as the private centers have stopped vaccination the dashboard said that there are 3 (three) private Covid vaccination centers in Manipur. Mention may be made that private centers have stopped vaccination since May first week due to nonavailability of vaccines. 

So the total vaccine doses used till yesterday was 501,183. Assuming that the state of Manipur received 6,02,230 doses of vaccine so far the number of vaccine doses stock to be left with the state is 101,047 doses.

But as per the Cowin application, the number of vaccine doses (if updated) will be 101,047 doses plus 79,701 doses, which is equal to 180,748 doses left with the state.

This will certainly create problem with the state government as there will be lack of vaccine supply as the center will assume the state having adequate doses in stock if based on the cowin application.

Manipur Government should put up this matter with the center and should urge the center to make corrections of the Cowin dashboard report to avoid any criticism from the part of the Central government.

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