1st Angling Fest 2021 kick off at Barak River

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Tamenglong, Mar 10:

Forest and Environment minister Awongbow Newmai yesterday opened the 1st Angling festival 2021 at Nbuiky (Barak), river Langpram Village, Tamei subdivision, Tamenglong district.
Awangbow Newmai, Minister of Forest and Environment, Namsinrei Panmei, ADC, Chairman, Tamenglong, A. Shivdas Sharma, President AMAA, attended the Angling Fest as chief guest, guest of honor, and Function President.
“We have been living without roads, without computers and without any mode of advanced technologies for decades and if we did not learn to respect to preserve our animals, birds, and insects and also rivers we will not be able to live in the future if we continue to destroy our nature said the chief guest of the festival”, Forest Minister Awangbou said.
He also stated that since this is the festival about conserving our forest, nature, and animals we should make this festival popular so that the people may know about the importance of conserving our forest and climate.
Enoch Newmai, Convenor of the Anglin Fest also stated that the main purpose and the vision of organising this festival is to preserve the river and environment. Ten to twenty years back we could see a fish as big as 5.5 feet which weight around 45-50 kg but due to extensive use of chemical poisoning and explosives by the nearby villagers the fish has decreased drastically but after we ban river Fishing for 3-6 months now we could see lots of fish in Barak river especially in Tukakjai river said the Festival convenor.
The three-day festival which opens today will continue till 12th March. The festival is organised by Nbuiky (Barak) Angling committee, Save the Rivers Foundation, and Highland Riders Club which is sponsored by Green Tree Academy, Imphal Fishing Tackles store, HVS, Indian Oil, HRC, and Women Bait and Tackle.
The winner of the first angling festival prizes stands at ¹ 25000/- with fishing tackles and for the second prize ¹ 15000/- with fishing tackles were given and third prize takes away ¹ 5000/- with fishing tackles and as a consolation prize ¹ 500/- each along with fishing tackles were given to the 5(five) contestants.
Awongbow Newmai also attended as a chief guest of the one-day awareness campaign on the conservation of natural resources and management of rich biodiversity at Langpram Village of Tamenglong district which was organised by District Forest Division Tamenglong. Since Tamenglong district has a good amount of trees and forest reserves in Manipur and if we know how to protect them in the future we will be able to live in a good environment.
Red blankets were distributed to the elders and church elders of the nearby villagers.

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