Rejoinder to Director-in-Charge of JNMDA press conference

Dear Editor,

This has reference to a report published at a local Newspaper dated 1st December , 2020 with heading “ Director-in-Charge of JNMDA questions students onstrike”.
Though we condemn any kind of violence specially in a cultural campus , the incident has raise up few valid questions for the benefit of Arts and Culture of Manipur, one of the most unique and most advanced art form round the globe. The article is just like washing the dirty lenin in the public and the way it has been conducted in a sanctity place like JNMDA is really uncalled for. First of all, the matter could have been sorted out through proper dialogue between JNMDA and MCU officials. The Director is questioning students to produce that JNMDA certificates is not recognised by UGC. However, I feel that it should be the other way round. Director incharge JNMDA should provide valid documents to public that it’s degree is recognised by UGC.
On the other hand, when we talk about the recruitment of the Asstt. Professors of the Department of Manipuri Dance , the issue has raised eyebrows for relooking as how the recuitement of the Asstt Professor’s post was done as if we believed with the public statement made by the Director Incharge JNMDA. Being a Central University , Manipur University should strictly follow the eligibility criteria of the post which seems to be violated if we see the present profile of the 5 Asstt. Professors being recruited. Many of whom have a totally separate subject in their Graduation / Post Graduation. Many also has obtain degree on the concern subject ( Dance ) after joining their post which is invalid to consider it as a part of eligibility criteria. If an Asstt. Professor has been appointed with a Diploma from JNMDA there is a serious loophole in the recruitment procedure. How could a teacher from a totally different subject in her masters teach the art of Manipur dance which is in itself a performing art form ? Justification is not done to a student who is seeking his/her career in the field of Manipuri Dance and the future of Manipuri dance is dark if we let go such mal practices.
One of the oldest dance Institute has been kept in doldrum by calling such immature press conference within the campus and letting innocent old aged Gurus involved for some vested interest. JNMDA should be kept out of dirty politics and let it a place of Manipuri Dance and a place of sanctity.
Rishi Singh 

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