On pregnant lady’s demise after hospital refused to provide treatment

Dear Sir, 

Yesterday, Mrs. Kanpatliu Kamei, a pregnant woman, passed away along with the unborn child at about 4 am, as she was denied medical assistance for child delivery in the two government run hospitals and some other private hospitals in Imphal. It is with the intention to protect and safeguard human life that COVID-19 guidelines have been laid down. Besides, the lockdown guidelines, among many permitted activities allow ‘HEALTH RELATED ACTIVITIES.’ This unfortunate incident is a direct violation of Fundamental ‘Right to Life’ (Art. 21 of Indian Constitution).
I request the Government to enquire into the matter and take appropriate steps, secondly, to also reach out and assist the victim’s family. The news that circulated in the facebook, mentioned that the patient was admitted in Senapati District Hospital at around 2 pm on 5th Aug. 2020. At about 10:30 pm, the patient was asked to go to Imphal for the treatment. At about 12:30 am they went about weeping and begging but the hospitals turned them away. The victim sadly passed away at the Casualty entrance of Shija Hospital.
 Thank you

Daisinlung Sebastian Kamsuan
Final year Student Master of Social Work
Assam Don Bosco University

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