Covid-19 explosion

/ Letter to the Editor / Sunday, 20 June 2021 17:02

We see a big explosion, corona explosion, the COVID-19 explosion. Indeed the worst situation of COVID-19 in India is the consequences of Public rallies, Elections, Kumbh Mela, religious gatherings. No one can deny it. Everybody knows it. Every Indian accepts it. At the time of elections both Govt. and opposition tried their utmost efforts to woo voters to win elections. Now at this critical juncture of COVID-19’s situation both criticize each other with scathing words. But our question is, did the opposition also stop canvassing the voters for elections? Or did the Govt. try not to hold elections by saying that COVID-19 is not fully eradicated from the Indian soil? In our perception, it is agreeable and taken that these are political games trying to take their political mileage.
In democracy we know that the role of opposition is to oil the wheels of the government for its smooth functioning for the welfare of its loyal citizen. And it is also deniable that the Government should reject the suggestions raised by the opposition without analyzing merits and demerits of the suggestions readily or hastily. Now the situation is uncontrollable threatening to our lives. In India election is taken as big festival. So in the recent elections voters also exercised their universal adult franchise taking the taste of election with Corona Viruses at their noses and mouths through lungs knowingly or unknowingly the seriousness of the deadly virus. So are religious gatherings. Whose failure is this Government, Opposition or our people? No time to hit back each other.
Now is the rght time to help each other to eradicate the deadliest virus from our soil by using our collective wisdom with scientific methods not to be on the top position at the tally of worst affected countries as the tally is not Olympic medal tally. From today onwards let us start counting the recovered ones not the bereaved souls as we are tired of giving condolence massages as our loss is huge.
While many experts giving warnings for the possibility of third wave of covid-19, AIIMS director Dr. Randeep Guleria has stated that the third wave is “inevitable” The third wave might hit in India in the next six to eight months. It means the third wave of coronavirus is inescapable, incapable of being avoided or evaded. Very alarming. Are we going to face the third wave of coronavirus again while the 2nd wave of it is not fully controlled? When is our normal life of not wearing a mask expected? Still we have hopes of normalcy. It can be expected only when we are aware of certain preventive measures i.e. wearing a mask, using sanitiser and mainting a physical distance of 3 meters even though we got jabs of covid-19 vaccines. Very simple.

Your faithfully
Laidemei Khumancha,
Angom Leikai, Khurai A/C

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