A Reader’s Response to your article “A.I. in modern era”

A Reader’s Response to your article “A.I. in modern era”

/ Letter to the Editor / Thursday, 09 July 2020 18:53

Dear Sir,

This is a response to your article titled, “A.I. in modern era” written by  Shri Sanjenbam Jugeshwor Singh and published in Imphal Times newspaper on 8th of July, 2020.

It is enriching to go through a general but comprehensive understanding of the A.I. I myself have done some developments in machine learning. The world is able to crack some success in the supervised learning mechanism. The result is present before us in form of various voice assistance and automated chatboxes among others. There is no pure unsupervised learning mechanism developed yet. For example, the Google voice assistant and Siri were heavily made to learn over strict iterative supervision and large collection of samples, before they were launched into market as products. Their unsupervised learning skills are still so raw that a consumer cannot trust them for a long duration in a room with other people as there is no surety if they will pick up voice commands not intended for them. 

Also, there are a lot of scope of the visual analytics and such A.I. systems to aid the retail sector. In times of the COVID-19, such an effort, even though half-baked has great chances to be used by people. Also, there is a wide space open for Indian developers to include A.I. into their products after increasing boycott of Chinese products. 

However, the A.I. industry is still taking its baby steps. Yet it is startling to see that we do not have a dedicated software regulator on the lines of R.B.I. as in money market or SEBI in stock market while increasingly the software market in India has become biggest on planet in terms of number of consumers or users as well as producers or coders. Yes, indeed there is a dark side to the A.I. as is with every other new industry. In terms of regulations, it is not that we are dumb about software or cannot regulate them. In fact, India’s IT industry is force in the world to reckon. Many CEOs, managers as well as developers from India are employed at big software firms. It is just that we are acting quick to raise such regulatory structures to keep a check on data privacy, industrial standards inter alia in this market.



Patna, Bihar

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