Memories of a Mayang

/ Letter to the Editor / Thursday, 01 November 2018 16:09

Dear Editor:

I am called a “mayang” but I feel I am a Manipuri & I love Manipur. Imphal is my home-town.
I have been the world over, but have never found a place so  beautiful as Manipur was in the Sixties.
I lived in Manipur for about 10 years.
In 1958, I found that the “Central Library” would lend books only to Govt. Servants.
I wrote a “Letter to the Editor” to the “Eastern Express” complaining of the above, as a result of which the library agreed to lend books to the public.
What was I doing in Manipur?   After migrating as Refugees from Pakistan after the Partition, my parents settled in Manipur.
I worked as a Lecturer in a college in Imphal for 5 years.
In the college, I had the privilege of having some wonderful friends, including:
1.     Prof. Damodar Singh, a most noble person
2.    Prof. Budharanjan, a very close and affectionate friend
3.    Prof. Th. Tombi Singh, my closest friend.
4.    Prof. Gaur Gopal, a very sweet friend
5.    Prof. S.P. Chatterjee, a most sincere friend, who remained my companion during my stay London
6.    Prof. Sanamacha Sarma - A very close friend
7.    Prof. Ibopishak, a most friendly person
8.    Prof Mani Singh - who was most helpful
9.    Prof. Khomei Singh
10.    Prof. Janab Khan
11.    Many others.
In my time, the Manipuris were the most friendly and fun-loving people.  I hope they have not changed.
Only one person was utterly cruel to me.   Let us call her Kh. J.L. of Singjemei Mathak.
She jilted me after encouraging me for several weeks.  She broke my heart.
At that time there was a Statistics Office in Sinjemei Mathak across the road from her home.  The members of that office were very, very helpful
during that most difficult time.
Some of my friends have passed away.
To all of the above who are still around, I wish every happiness and a wonderful Diwali.
I also wish a very Happy Diwali to all Manipuris.

J Kochar

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