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Imphal, June 27:

The High Court of Manipur has directed the State Government to comply with the provisions listed under National Food Security Act 2013 (NFSA) and Supplementary Rules 2017, and also to to release the allocated food grains and supplements including backlogs from December 2019 at the earliest.
The Double bench of the court consisting of Chief Justice Ramalingam Sudhakar and Justice Ahanthem Bimol while taking up a PIL filed by Thokchom Premlata Devi of Kwakeithel, Imphal regarding failure of the State Govt. to fulfill the Central Govt. schemes, came up with the verdict on June 19.
The division bench of the High court has observed that 25 Angangwadi centres surveyed by the petitioner have been unable to provide the assured Food grain and Nutrition supplements to the deserving beneficiaries including pregnant women, lactating mother and children under the age of 14, as the State Government have not allocated the quota to these centres since December 2019.
The State Govt. has also failed to provide the no food security allowances to beneficiaries despite failing to meet the guidelines. The Court also took due note of the letter written by The Ministry of Women & Child Development, Govt. of India on 30.03.2020 instructing the Principal secretaries/Secretaries of the various States to assure supply of the food grains and supplements to beneficiaries even during the Covid-19 crisis through their designated Anganwadi centres taking all guidelines of minimal contact in place.
The apex court of the State while announcing the verdict, issued order to the State Govt. to release the allocated food grains and supplements including backlogs from December 2019 at the earliest or to provide the no food security allowance if it is unable to provide the same.

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Delhi/Mumbai, June 27:

In the wake of coronavirus outbreak, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has decided to suspend all scheduled international commercial passenger flight operations in the country till 15 July. 
“The competent authority has decided that scheduled international commercial passenger services to or from India shall remain suspended till 2359 hrs IST of 15 July, 2020. However, the India may allow some international flights on selected routes on case to case basis”, a DGCA circular issued on Friday said and added that domestic travel will continue as scheduled. 
Although national lock down began from 25 March, India suspended international flight operations from 23 March onwards, to curb the COVID-19 spread. Initially the ban was till 29 March. As the lock down was extended, it continued. After a gap of two months, the domestic flight operations resumed on 25 May, following the stringent measures. The domestic airlines have ferried close to two million passengers since then. 
 ”Till 24 June, domestic airlines ferried 1.8 million passengers. Now to accelerate domestic passenger traffic growth, the Centre has decided to allow flights to more destinations. At present, the airlines are allowed to deploy only 33% of their total capacity. 
To bring back the stranded Indians from across the world, the Central government started “Vande Bharat Mission(VBM)” on 6 May. Air India and several other private domestic airlines have been operating flights under VBM. Till now nearly 1.25 lakh Indians have returned to India from different countries. 
In another development, the Supreme Court on Friday clarified that that there is no need to keep middle seat in aircrafts vacant. The apex court upheld the Bombay High Court order that had permitted all flight operators to allow passengers to occupy middle seats in flights. However, the airlines are required to strictly comply with DGCA guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 
The DGCA in its 31 May circular had said flight operators should try to keep the middle seat vacant. If it has been booked, then the passenger shall be provided with a wraparound gown in addition to the mask and face shield. However this decision was challenged and subsequently the Bombay High Court granted relaxation in this condition. 
In the meanwhile except special trains, all other passenger train services in the country will remain suspended till 12 August 2020, the railway ministry stated. The money of those who have made rail booking for the period first July to 12 August, 2020, will be refunded.

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Saturday, 27 June 2020 16:45

TrueNat machines installs in Tamenglong

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Tamenglong, June 27:

At times of fear spiking of COVID-19 positive cases in Tamenglong district TrueNat machine is finally installed at the Tamenglong District hospital .
On arriving at the chief medical office complex Tamenglong, the doctors team headed by Chief Medical Officer Tamenglong Dr Chambo Gonmei welcomed the technician team and installation was immediately conducted.
Molbio company technician Pantho Bhorali installed the TrueNat machine in the presence of Deputy Commissioner Tamenglong Armstrong Pame and Medical officers, lab technicians.
After installing the machine Pantho Bhorali demonstrated on how to use the machine.
Meanwhile Chief Medical Officer Tamenglong Dr Chambo Gonmei expressed his sincere thanked to the government for providing TrueNat machine considering difficult situation of Tamenglong.

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In politics anything can happen, there is no full stop when to the battle for power and it is crystal clear in the present-day Manipur government under Chief Minister N. Biren Singh. The series of events that tried to hinder the government under Chief Minister N. Biren Singh can be traced back since day-1 of his government, and till today, when the 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly is just one and half years to go, various attacks are seen continuing to topple his leadership. The series of happening and the N. Biren Singh hardstands that subsequently gave every attacker a slashing blow, keeping intake his seat more stable, perhaps is a lesson need to learn by every aspirant politicians or those learning the art of politics.
To those who are well aware of the functioning of the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh, the regalia of sidelining peoples keeping more priority to either the Ministers or MLAs from the political party that he belongs to and others that walks along with the government is history. Today’s new trend of politics, in this age of fast information technology, what is more important is -understanding the peoples’ mind rather than pleasing the party or co-party members. While following this new doctrine, somehow, somewhere, N. Biren Singh and his team knowingly or unknowingly committed a mistake by ignoring the hard game that the NPP MLAs who had resigned from the Ministers had played.
The post-Rajya Sabha election was even more challenging for N. Biren Singh and his team. Not because the NPP had decided to be sided with the opposition Congress and were even ready to move a no-confidence motion against the BJP led government, but because of the central leadership, perhaps under the influence of Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma, who is also the National President of NPP, gave pressure to accommodate them again.
Pre - Rajya Sabha Election, all eyes were with the congress and the NPP along with their team. Arithmetic about BJP candidate Leshemba Sanajaoba winning the election was next to impossible besides with various reasons.
Leaving aside of the legitimacy or illegitimacy of the series of events happening in the state assembly hours before the Rajya Sabha Election, as it is a matter that has to be done by the law court, Chief Minister N. Biren Singh not only his skill in Manipur’s politics but also save the image of BJP which he belongs to.
People had seen him handling the most complicated task, and people know that N. Biren Singh will do everything to make sure that his government ruled till the end of this term.
May be it is due to the support of the Central leaders , but he came to power with just 21 MLAs, his party won the RS election when the number was suppose to be divided as 26 -26 and earlier he bridged the relationship with dessident MLAs when they revolted against him. Now just two days back people heard some mor congress joining the Biren team.
A no-confidence motion against him or his government assuming NPP leaving the BJP and siding with the Congress would not have been an easy task, as N. Biren would certainly find a way out. Details on how he will do that will be discussed on some other topic.
But, now with the central leadership consoling the Chief Minister to reinstate them to the Ministerial berth along with the portfolio, sometimes there is talk going around on whether the state BJP is succumbing to the NPP pressure. If so why, when the state Chief Minister is ready to face any outcome to make sure that the BJP government survived and complete the term. A matter needs to be pondered.

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Saturday, 27 June 2020 16:41

Parenting & Human Development

Some of the most important issues facing our teenagers at this time include teen suicide, teen violence, cyber bullying( online bullying),Internet & online addiction, teens & sex, teens and substance abuse, teens anorexia and eating disorders, violent video games, teens watching porn, TV violence, violence at home, violent culture etc. at the same time most teens experiment with drugs and alcohol. Many experiment with cigarettes also. Common reason behind teen drug use include, curiosity, developmental need for experimentation, peer pressure, stress, emotional issues and a desire to escape. Parents, teachers and communities across the country are concern with teen issues which are caused by a number of social, cultural, technological, communal, economic, familial and individual factors. While it may be hard to change the nature of the internet, computers, cell phones and TV, there is always something that each one of us can do to reduce teen violence, the rate of teen suicide, teen cyber bullying, bullying at school and help develop a well-adjusted relationship to our technological and commercialized cultures and a creative and balanced use of the internet, online games etc. However, because of all these factors mentioned above parents are facing a grim problem in parenting.
Parenting is a challenging task in the modern times. Rapidly changing lifestyle, newer demands and requirements of life etc., put forward multiple challenges to parents. In the older times, fathers go out working and mother use to reserve their time in growing up the kids and looking after the household duties. But in the modern society both the parents need to work to accomplish the economic stability of the family and fewer mothers remain dedicated household moms. Balancing between the work and parenting duties make them feel parenting is a stressful and challenging task. Parent need to manage several requirements of life along with the essential duties. There are many other aspects in parenting that erect challenges in parenting. The most important challenge that many parents face is the scarcity of time (Time, a scarce resource). The twenty four hours in a day has to be juggled between home, office, children and self. It is quite difficult to reserve time for each of such requirements in the best possible way. Better planning management of time may help parents to meet the life with grace and accomplish all the demands and requirements of it. Kids are to be considered to be important elements of life and solid share of time should be reserved for parenting. If parents are too busy most of the days, convince kids why parents can’t make available for them always and need to teach them ways of being self-sufficient when parents are away.
Studies have shown that lack of moral principles( Failure in mending the moral life) is the reason why kids gets into unwanted activities and acquiring unaccepted behaviors patterns. Modern life style has opened ways for even kids to get familiar with computers, televisions, and internet and explore both good and bad realities of life and many often they follow to so call bad or unaccepted path of life. They learn to adore movie actor and also waste time watching games or the freely available porn in the internet. Parents do not recognized the changes in children as they get very less chance to interfere in children’s life and communicate with him /her. Imbalanced life is another challenge the modern parenting faces. Office, work, kids, personal requirements; nothing can be avoided or neglected in life. Balancing between all of these requirements is a tiresome task, and as a result many parents become highly imbalanced in life. Balancing life by preplanning the ways of performing the required duties is essential key to facing the challenges in life and becoming effective parents. Realize the possible imbalances in life and be prepared to react to them in the best possible positive manner. The lack of emotional bondage (Emotional dissolution) is a challenge many parents face in life. They may lose time and mind to spend with children to create the emotional bondage with them. Knowing the feelings of each other is essential to grow affectionately. When the emotional bond between parents and kids get broken, they go astray from parents and live in their own World.
Parenting is strictly a personal practice based on the mind and wishes of two people, namely the father and mother. It is foolishness to define rules for parenting and forcing parents to follow clear-cut paths of parenting. Parenting is not a single activity but the total of approaches to care and groom children. The parenting styles are based on the entire specific behavioral patterns that influence the mental developments of children. Experts suggest four different styles of parenting generally known as the parenting patterns. They are: Authoritarian parenting; Authoritative parenting; Permissive parenting and uninvolved parenting. Authoritarian parenting is similar to monarchic administration. In this style, parents establish must to follow rules and regulations for children. Minor failure to obey these guidelines will result in punishment. This is the most unproductive and closed way of parenting as in authoritarian parenting parents never explain the importance of following the rules, or they simply do not bother to understand the emotional or feeling level of kids who may wonder why to follow rules. Authoritarian parents do not tolerate kids questioning their authority on kids. Kids are expected to follow blindly what is ordered by the parents. In authoritarian parenting, parents demand too much from the kids and at the same time they neglect the responsibilities towards kids. No explanation and no advice are given to children but only commands and punishments. Needless to say, this is a destructive parenting style, rather influence and creative.
Authoritative parenting is much lenient style compare to authoritarian parenting. It is more like the democratic style of administration and training. In authoritative parenting, parents still hold the authority, but are tolerant enough to the doubts and questions of the kids. They do not just insist the children to obey blindly but make them understand why to obey the rules and regulations. It is a demanding and responsible type of parenting. It is not through punishments but through nurturing and advice parents influence the kids to follow the rules and form disciplinary lifestyle. Authoritarian parenting is restrictive while authoritative parenting is assertive. The mentality of parents change entirely in the pattern and the intention behind executing commands is not to establish authority over children but to groom them to be responsible social beings. Permissive parenting also known as indulgent parenting is a pattern that follows strong intercommunication and self-control measures. In this pattern parents allow kids to be groomed himself /herself. They do not demand the kids to follow strict orders and punish them heavily for even minor mistakes. This is a give and take system. Parents nurture the kids and concern them properly and in return they expect mature and disciplined behavior from the kids. The responsibility levels are greater than the demands. Permissive parents allow children to be self-regulated. More communication and friendly approach to kids is the exclusive feature of permissive parenting. A disadvantage of permissive parenting is that children may end up in troubles as they do not know the limits. All children may not responsibility react to the freedom given by parents.
Uninvolved parenting is considered to be the worst among parenting. As the name suggest, in uninvolved parenting, the involvement of parents in parenting process is zero. They do not communicate effectively with kids or get involved in their grooming. They leave the kids to grow their own. Uninvolved parenting doesn’t mean that parents leave the kids to grow as orphans. But the responsibility level would be much lower than all other parenting styles. They care only to fulfill the basic needs of children. There won’t be any attachment or affection practices between the kids and parents. It is said that many of the parents at the present time also forced to follow uninvolved Parenting style. The busy schedules at work and hustle and bustle of lifestyle, keep parents away from kids. They seldom find to spend with children. Expert suggests not to follow uninvolved parenting patterns as it is highly destructive method of growing up kids. Parenting, as people often misconceive is not the same for all the parents and there are multiple parenting styles that can be adapted to grow up the kids. But most of the parents do not ponder over the ways to be followed to grow each of their kids. Parenting is a spontaneous outcome for many. Behavioral psychologist says that parents can mold their kids as they wish by deliberate parenting styles. If any parent has more than one child the style found effective for one may not bring the same result with the second and others. Understanding kid’s characters, mental attitudes, physical abilities etc., are essential to determine the style to be followed. Positive parenting is the most appreciated style of parenting, which is found effective to mold the kids as mature and responsible social beings. Positive parenting simply means, developing the kids maintaining supportive and respective relationship with them. Before entering into the positive parenting style, parents have to be sure of the goals, values and strategies to be applied and followed.

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A hawk’s eye on the McMahon Line

By - Kamal Baruah

The nursery rhymes “Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water” is actually happening for a living as they struggle under mountainous hardship. There is no transportation to the frontier province after Itanagar as there is no road down the river over the hills. He walked by the side of his father through wet paddy cultivation at subzero temperature while going to Zero but hospitalities from the facial tattoos of Apatanis welcomed them. It’s a land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains, a word Aruna + Chala (Sun rising), a sobriquet for the state in Sanskrit, also known as the Orchid State of India, a paradise on the earth.

While Botanist could breed a new and beautiful variety of a flowering stem, residents feel rivers of joy moving along the boundless beauty of nature. But the land of the teaching of Buddha is unceasingly under threat from its neighbors. It shares the borders with Bhutan, Myanmar and controversial McMahon line with China. The demarcation line has never been recognized by Chinese stating a treaty signed between Tibet and British Colonial Administrator Sir Henry McMahon in 1914. 

History reminded us that Chinese are never to be trusted. They forcefully occupied East Turkestan, Tibet, Yunnan, South Mongolia, Manchuria, Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. After Doklam in 2017 and now Galwan valley, Chinese might eye on Arunachal again. In 50s, they built a military road through Ladakh to connect Tibet with Xinjiang. India objected which led to war in 1962. They left Arunachal but at the end retained control of about 38,000 square km of territory in Aksai Chin. They forcibly annexed Tibet in 1959 when India didn’t raise any voice.

Memories of Chinese aggression still fresh in the minds of people from Assam after PLA reached the outskirts of Tezpur, invading border post at Namka Chu (a mountain stream of India, Bhutan and Tibet near Tawang) and Bomdilla. Infrastructure wasn’t built up then when Indian Army fought war in the Kameng Frontier through mud tracks of Assam and mountainous terrain in Arunachal but Chinese withdraw its original position across the McMahan line when Indian Army begun mobilizing counter offensive.

Connectivity is the bottleneck for Arunachal where people reportedly catching Chinese networks despite having no connectivity on the Indian side. Chinese constructed new expressway and railway network in the border areas of Tibet and Arunachal Pradesh linking Lhasa and Nyingchi in the Tibet Autonomous Region over the Yarlung Tsangpo that flow India as Siang and then Brahmaputra.

Chinese Embassy used to issue staple visa to Arunachal people time to time claiming Arunachal Pradesh as part of South Tibet. India needs to understand Chinese ploy to keep India unhinged to stop raising the voice of freedom of the Republic of Tibet. And they keep India busy with faceoff at LAC at the entire international border and also by sabotaging mutual trust and violating bilateral agreement and disturbing stability at border area.  They asked Tibetan herders to settle down in remote locations close to the Arunachal border to safeguard its interest. India however asserted with firm stand ignoring Chinese claim over Arunachal and has reviewed its policy towards the development at the border by investing huge infrastructure.

When India has successfully landed a Mirage 2000 jet fighter for emergency landings on Yamuna expressway and there are areas where people virtually find no roads to move inside Arunachal. This writer being a former air warrior has seen vales and hills from hovering helicopters. We read stories of thousands of pounds of vegetables rained from the sky over New South Wales of Australia to feed endangered species affected after wildfire but villagers from Arunachal living far away from mainland India are depending on Army supply from air dropping.

They were exciting moments of hard life for survival. Search and Rescue mission for missing fighter jets near Dollongmukh was horrendous hours where fighter aircrafts go for dropping payload. Although Air Force has no base other than Advanced Landing Ground ALG in Tawang, Walong, Vijoynagar, Tuting, Zero and Aalo but landing C-17 Globemaster at Mechuka ALG and Sukhoi-30 MKI at Pasighat ALG gave IAF a quantum leap. All other ALGs are well capable of landing any copters, AN-32 and C-130J aircrafts.

Arunachal has plenty of rivers namely Kameng, Tawang, Subansiri, Siang, Dibang, Lohit, Tirap and Dikrong. Due to non-availability of roads and bridges, localities move on foot across the hills. Now as a banker, he has driven the valley on wheel. Can anyone imagine the time took a week to reach his duty from Guwahati as it is frequently submerged by floods due to landslides hampering all transportation? When bridges wash away by raging floodwater, life is difficult to move on.

An NH from Tawang near Bhutan via Bomdilla, Itanagar, Ziro, Pasighat, Tezu, Namsai and Longding go along the boundary of Assam. But India doesn’t have strategic road near to China border. Now 2000 km highway is proposed to construct along the IB starting Tawang to Vijaynagar touching Myanmar. The Border Roads Organization is doing great job on the Himalayan valley and has recently constructed strategic bridge at Daporijo over the Subansiri River that could provide movement of supplies and mobilization to Army deployed along the LAC. India also gave befitting reply to China by laying railway track to Tawang.

Tezpur is geo-strategically important for India’s defence in the north east. IAF is equipped with sophisticated MiG, Sukhoi and Rafale supported by IV Corps of Indian Army. For India, McMahan Line is an undisputed boundary with Tibet but China continued to treat the line as illegal because Arunachal is sparsely populated mountainous territory with tremendous scope of hydro power and with almost all the major tributaries of the mighty Brahmaputra originated. Having a hawk’s eye over the McMahon line by the Dragon, India needs to be vigilant under the watchful eye at LAC.

The writer is a former Air Warrior and now works for SBI.

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