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Imphal, June 29,

Fund sanctioned for several construction works after getting approval under the MP Local Area Development Fund (MPLAD) of the Rajya Sabha MP of Manipur are reportedly withdrawn without executing the work, a source revealed.

The source said that after K Bhabananda Singh was elected as the MP of the Rajya Sabha from Manipur a total of 54 works had been approved for execution under his MPLAD for the year 2017-18. For that a total of Rs. 9. 11 crore had been approved and out of this Rs. 8.29 crore had been already sanctioned.

The MPLAD is meant for taking up developmental works for the entire state of Manipur, however, it fails to reach out at almost all assembly constituencies of the Hill area. Major share of the MPLAD of the Rajya Sabha MP K Bhabananda Singh is enjoyed by the Sagolband Assembly constituency reaching the amount to around Rs. 1.9 crore.

Surprisingly when Imphal Times take a look at some of the constructions stated to have been completed, turn out to be ghost work.

The first inspection visit carried out by the Imphal Times team was at Sagolband Moirang leirak Machin where a Toilet complex at the cost of Rs. 20 lakhs - Rs. 18 lakhs has been already sanctioned for the construction which was never constructed.

Second visit by Imphal Times team was at Shamurou where the MP had reported completion of fencing work constructed at the cost of Rs. 20 Lakhs. As per findings of the Imphal Times a total of Rs. 18 lakhs had been sanctioned as it was reported completed. When enquired no works of such has been constructed under the MPLAD.

Among other works stated to have been completed Imphal Times team wanted to make sure that the so called RCC road at Keishampat Thokchom Leikai has been taken up or not. The RCC road was reported to have been constructed at the cost of Rs. 35 lakhs. Imphal Times team failed to notice any such RCC road construction at the cost of Rs. 35 lakhs.

Imphal times now have all documents of the 54 construction work at which the money were sanctioned and will find more on whether the works have been already constructed or not.

The Rajya Sabha MP’s LAD has been misappropriated at some area. More construction stated to have been completed will also be inspected to make sure that public money are not misappropriated.  

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Imphal June 29,

As one of the biggest drug haul in the history of Manipur NAB busted a Brown sugar factory and seized drugs worth over one billion Rupees in International Market.

Speaking to media persons SP of Narcotics and Affairs of Border W. Basu said that with specific information, today around 4 in the morning a combined team of NAB and Thoubal police led by NAB additional SP Th. Brinda , OC B. Rishikesh Sharma and Thoubal Additional SP S. Sachidananda under the supervision of NAB SP assisted by Anjuman, Lilong busted a huge brown sugar factory at the residence of one Md. Matalip from Lilong Dam.

The combine team seized 111.915 kgs of Heroin Brown Powder from the factory. Basu further said that they have arrested three persons in relation with the case. The three arrested culprits were identified as one Md. Matalip 40 years son of Md Amu from Lilong Dam where the factory was set up at his residence, his wife Mrs. Samim Pusham 35 years and Md Serajuddin Mohammad 29 years son of Md Ibungo from Lilong Kaleikhong, Thoubal District.

Also several chemicals, equipments and tools used for the manufacturing of Heroin Brown sugar were recovered from the factory site and were seized.

A case has been registered at NAB police station and the investigation is going on. 

Meanwhile around 4.35 pm yesterday evening a team of NAB, Manipur arrested three persons for illegal possession of opium which is worth over Rupees five lakhs in the international market from Hongkhong Veng Village, Sugnu.

The arrested person were identified as Paosienlal Tungdim 32 yrs son of late Mangsuanpok Tungdim from Gelngai village Chandel, Mangnu Tungdim 55 years from from Gelngai village Chandel and Aaron Nangsha 37 years son of Kothou Nangsha from Lamkhai Chandel.

A case has also been registered and further investigation has been going on.

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The then speaker of the Parliament Somnath Chatterjee remained neutral and did not go by the decision of his party. Nobody, including his party (CPI-M) dareï not challenge his decision as he was only doing his duty.
Before the coming of the anti defection law, it was often the speaker of the Manipur Legislative Assembly that toppled the government. Late Wahengbam Nipamacha used the power of speaker to topple the then Rishang Keishing’s government. The same technique was applied to topple him by the speaker of his time again. Failure to do so he kept continuing the attempt during Radhabinod Koijam’s government. Later, Dhananjoy ended his career as he was being used by some legislators as a tool to topple the government.
The same regalia of the yesteryear politics seem to repeat again. A news that goes viral in social networking site about the speaker of Manipur Legislative Assembly intimidating the eight congress MLAs has reflected the integrity of the Speaker Yumnam Khemchand. Until recently, every watch dog who had been following the political development appreciated Yumnam Khemchand as he remained neutral by not siding with any group. His maturity and understanding of the status as he was mandated by the legislators unanimously was appreciated by most people including this newspaper.
Where there is smoke there is fire, saying so it is hard to believe that Speaker Yumnam Khemchand directly warned the 8 congress MLAs threatening disqualification if supported  the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh. But until the Speaker Yumnam Khemchand gives a clarification in this regard whether he had actually threatened the 8 congress MLAs or not, the report would be accepted as true. We have the stand that the defected MLAs should be disqualified according to the existing anti-defection law. However taking steps for disqualification according to law is one thing, and threatening to disqualify to extract benefit for something is another thing.
After all where there is smoke there is fire. If the saying is right and if the speaker crossed his limit, then democracy is nearing its end. Sanctity of the post of Speaker of the temple of the Temple of Democracy will be spoiled.
On the other hand everyone knows that there is no leader of the dissidents and it is everyone’s understanding that every legislators want to hold power.
If what has been reported about Khemchand’s new move remain true, he certainly may have wanted to replace N. Biren Singh. It was Bishwajit who got majority support of the BJP MLAs to lead the party but it was N. Biren Singh who was chosen to lead the party and it was also his political skill that formed the government. Now Bishwajit’s effort to change the Chief Minister showed that he had the desire to become the Chief Minister. How could someone who had struggled so hard to become the Chief Minister would offer the post to someone else? The only possibility is that the MLAs shifted their loyalty. This also raises the question if some MLAs are hell bent to destabilize the present government by any means.
Disagreement amongst the dissidents over who will replace the N. Biren Singh or attempt to use the power of Speaker to destabilize the present government by some legislators now arises.
The continuing war by some power monger MLAs of BJP indicates that they seem to forget that the number of Ministers that could be allotted is only 12 including the Chief Minister. How could anybody be happy if they are not awarded the Ministerial berth? BJP has only 21 MLAs and it is impossible that without the support of the NPP, NPF, and other MLAs from other parties, the BJP government can continue.
Playing hard game with the 8 defected Congress MLAs will not be able to continue the BJP government. It will aggravate the already inbuilt instability of BJP led government.
The fate of Dhananjoy, the then Speaker of the Manipur Legislative Assembly might fall on Yumnam Khemchand, as the only option left to the central government is imposition of president rule by keeping the state assembly under animated suspension.
The crisis reeling in the BJP led government should not invite president rule in the state in their own interest.

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By : Davis Kangjam
Strategy and Communications

Big Data plays a significant role in manufacturing sector uncovering new insights to drive Innovation, enhancing productivity and efficiency gains: Prof Ashutosh Sharma
Manufacturing has huge potential to generate wealth, employment and can create a completely different culture: Dr Sudhir Mishra
The future of manufacturing sector looks bright and we see it growing significantly in next 10-15 years: Mr Sameer Gupta, Chairman, CII Northern Region
Big data plays a significant role in manufacturing sector uncovering new insights to drive innovation enhancing productivity and efficiency gains said Chief Guest Prof Ashutosh Sharma, Department of Science & Technology, Government of India. He added that data is the key to any successful implementation that comes out of the stable of artificial intelligence. He opined that there is a need to work towards translating good ideas around data generation, data flow, data preservation, building of data and bringing value to data.
Setting the context of the conclave with his opening remark during the inaugural ses- sion Mr Kishore Jayaraman, Conclave Chairman and President, India & South Asia Rolls-Royce said,”The unfolding Fourth Industrial Revolution will fundamentally alter the way people will live and work across the world. India will be no exception. India’s manufacturing sector is on a positive growth trajectory, helped by encouraging regu- latory policies and enablers, increased private sector participation and global atten- tion. Apart from building long-term competitiveness on the global stage, India stands to gain significantly from adopting Industry 4.0.”
Speaking at the conclave, Guest of Honour Dr Sudhir Mishra, CEO & Managing Director, BrahMos Aerospace said that manufacturing has huge potential to generate wealth, employment and can create a completely different culture. He added that manufacturing can help transform India to a developed country like Japan and Germany, where find a predominantly manufacturing culture. He further mentioned that we have to create infrastructure, generate demand and gear for collaborative approach to build the nation.
Mr Sameer Gupta, Chairman, CII (Northern Region) & Chairman & MD, Jakson Group in his Inaugural address said that future of manufacturing sector looks bright and can be seen significantly growing in next 10-15 years. He also said that India has lots of potential and opportunity; we just need to unleash it. He added that global economy along with the steps taken by government will positively impact the performance in manufacturing sector. He opined that we need to focus on key issues across the manufacturing sector to facilitate growth, enhance competitiveness and generate business opportunities for both local and foreign investors.
The usage of new concept technologies like IoT and apps are actually taking over the market place and it is important to look at such technologies that are converging said by Mr Pankaj Dubey, Conclave Co-Chair and CEO & Director, Eicher Polaris Pvt. Ltd and Country Head & Managing Director Polaris India Pvt Ltd. He added that the Internet of Things (IoT) adds a new dimension with connected assets and sensors capable of measuring, recording and transmitting performance in real time. He further added that data analytics can help them capture, cleanse and analyze machine data to reveal insights that can help them improve performance.
Addressing at the inaugural Session Mr Dilip Sawhney, Managing Director, Rockwell Automation India said that adoption of contemporary technologies is an imperative for the Indian manufacturing sector to realize the vision of USD 1 Trillion manufacturing economy in the near future and to enhance our global competitiveness. He further said building a Connected Enterprise is essential to realizing this vision through the convergence of IT and OT to access and capitalize on operational, business and transactional data for improved enterprise, plant and supply chain performance.
Mr Rajeev Singh, Partner, Deloitte India, Knowledge Partner of the Conclave said that increased momentum is required across the manufacturing industry in India towards adopting innovative technologies to solve complex problems. He also said that today manufacturers are converging digital and physical worlds in which sophisticated hardware combined with innovative software, sensors, and massive amounts of data and analytics is expected to produce smarter products, more efficient processes, and more closely connected customers, suppliers and manufacturers. He added that in Industry 4.0, manufacturing systems and the objects they create are not just connected but also drawing information from the physical world into the digital realm.
The Conclave witnessed the presence of speakers from companies like Panasonic, PTC, Universal Robots, IBM, Infosys etc and was well attended by over 150 participants from various manufacturing companies.
This message, including any files transmitted with it, is for the sole use of the intended recipient and may contain information that is confidential, legally privileged or exempt from disclosure under applicable law. If you are not the intended recipient, please note that any unauthorized use, review, storage, disclosure or distribution of this message and/or its contents in any form is strictly prohibited. If it appears that you are not the intended recipient or this message has been forwarded to you without appropriate authority, please immediately delete this message permanently from your records and notify the sender. CII makes no warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of the information in this message and accepts no liability for any damages, including without limitation, direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages, arising out of or due to use of the information given in this message.

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Imphal June 29,

The race for power inside the government led by BJP is not in the interest of the state and it should be stopped for the welfare of the people said Congress President Gaikhangam  during a press meet held at Congress Bhavan today.

Speaking to media persons Gaikhangam appealed the present government to look into the governance of the state and to stop the misunderstanding and revolt by MLAs of the BJP demanding replacement.

He said that even though the BJP clarified that there isn’t any conflict within the party, it is very unfortunate that many of the cabinet ministers rushed to Delhi. He added that the conflict inside the government led by BJP is well known to the public.

Even though BJP said that it is a family matter, Gaikhangam asserted that being a responsible citizen and a responsible party everyone has the right to look into the matters as it will affect the governance. He also appealed to settle the matters reeling in the BJP party at the earliest possible time.

Gaikhangam slammed the cabinet ministers who stay off from cabinet meeting and called them irresponsible.

He also added that the BJP government should know that the people are above all of them and added that it was unfortunate for neglecting the responsibilities they held for the people. 

He appealed to resolve the conflict within the government at the earliest for the welfare of the state and its people and added not to be like a state without being governed.

Regarding the enquiry of the financial crisis in the state where huge amount of money were withdrawn during code of conduct Gaikhangam congratulates the government for forming an enquiry committee.

He demanded the enquiry committee to be a high level committee which was chaired by a high court judge.

Gaikhangam further questions the stage of the probe done by the enquiry committee and also demanded to publish the report of the enquiry in white paper for the public interest.

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Imphal, June 29,

With the completion of eight round, in the currently ongoing Khuraijam Ramnarayan Shastree Memorial Open Chess Tournament, 2019, E. Shashi is leading with 7 points, T. Somorendro and R.K. Apollosana are equally getting 6.5 points. While Th. Gobin, A. Chakritombi, G. Inao, K. Poireikhomba, A. Kishorchandra and H. Somokanta have got 6 points each. As of now, players who have scored 5.5 points are Th. Nabachandra, S. Dhanachandra, A. Harimohan and H. Maniton.
Among the boys, Jalesh Th. is leading with a score of 4.5 points, whereas 3 points are scored equally by Dayanand Th., M. Yohenba, Kh. Einstei, Kh. Patrick and Lemba Sougaijam occupying the same rank.
Meanwhile, among the girls, Nadia Sougaijam is leading with 4 points followed by Th. Karuna with 3 points. Th. Preety is holding the 3rd position with 2 points.
The Tournament will be ended by playing one final round tomorrow at 10 a.m.

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From a Correspondent
New Delhi June 29,

Doctors day is observed every year in India on 1st July.  It happens to be the birth and death anniversary of doyen of Medical Profession Dr B C Roy. It is the day to emphasise the value of doctors in the society and to recognize their contribution in individual lives and communities. Doctor patient relationship is based on trust, loyalty and respect. We have seen unprecedented violence against medical professionals in last few years, resulting in mistrust and ultimately more suffering for innocent patient. Doctors do their best to end the suffering of patient but end result is not in their hands. But for any un favourable outcome people take law into their hands and resort to violence. This ultimately hampers the treatment to other patients as well. It should not be tolerated in any civilized society. To highlight the concern and steps required to end violence against doctors, Indian Medical Association (IMA) is organizing mass awareness program on the occasion of Doctors day on July 1st, 2019 through its 1700 branches across the country involving different sections of the society. IMA’s theme for this year doctors day is  “Safety in hospitals is every one’s concern. Say No to violence “  Dr. Santanu Sen, the National President of IMA will inaugurate the programme at IMA hq in Delhi. He will also unveil a mosaic mural of Dr B C Roy.        
IMA expects Government of India to declare hospitals as safe zones which includes 3  Layer security, CCTV cameras, restriction of visitors etc. The fear of violence is still present in all medical colleges and other major hospitals. All the local branches and individual members of Indian Medical Association have sent an appeal to the Prime Minister and Union Home Minister, demanding a central Act on violence against the doctors and hospital staff.
Healthcare violence has its origin in lack of infrastructure and inadequate human resources. Issues of medical profession involving doctor-patient relationship and effective communication also play an important role. Exemplary punishment for the perpetrators of violence should be a component of the central law and suitable amendments should be brought into the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and code of criminal procedure (CrPc)”Said Dr Narendra Saini, Past Hony. Secretary General, IMA.
 IMA’s movement against violence will continue till achieving safety in our hospitals. Doctors Day across India will be marked by a blood donation movement. IMA hqs also will conduct a blood donation camp in its building in   I.P. Marg, New Delhi. A formal commemoration meeting will start at 6 PM. All are invited.

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From a Correspondent
Guwahati June 29,

Two practicing  Ayurvedic physicians namely Dr Binod Kalita MS (Ayu, Anorectal specialist) and Dr Jayanta Sarmah MD (ayu, Panchakarma) will conduct tomorrow’s (Saturday, 29 June, between 4 and 6 pm) media OPD clinic at Guwahati Press Club.
Interested member-journalists of the press club along with their family members are requested to participate in the program, where they (more precisely those who are suffering from piles related ailments) will get fee consultations from the physicians.
Gold Rush screened: Charlie Chaplin’s evergreen film-work ‘The Gold Rush’ was screened at Guwahati Press Club on 28 June last. Written, directed and produced by Chaplin, the 1925 American comedy film has cinematography by Roland Totheroh. Starring  Chaplin, the B&W film has other casts including Georgia Hale, Mack Swain, Tom Murray, Malcolm
Waite etc. One of Chaplin’s most celebrated film-works as Charlie himself declared several times that it was the film for which he wanted to be remembered.

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IGAR (South)
Imphal June 29,

A medical camp was organised at village Anthi and Anal Khullen of Chandel district, Manipur by Chandel Battalion of 26 Sector Assam Rifles, IGAR (South) on 28th June 2019. The camp was organised on the request of the villagers as there is no medical facility available in the vicinity. A total of 126 villagers (71 from Anthi village and 55 from Anal Khullen village) including men, women and children attended the camp and were provided with a free health check up and medicines.    
The Regimental Medical Officer and Assam Rifles Medical Officer of the Chandel Battalion carried out preliminary health check up of villagers and referred few villagers for further treatment who have been diagnosed for any ailment.
 The villagers were contended with the medical camp and shown their gratitude towards the Assam Rifles for organising it. Also, villagers have been assured regarding full support from Assam Rifles through such outreach programs and they can approach battalion in case medical assistance is required during any emergency.    .

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Imphal, June 29,

Manipur bagged 2nd Runner-up in National Sub junior and Pree teen Pencak Silat Championship 2019, organised by Pencak Silat Association, Madhya Pradesh, under the supervision of Indian Pencak Silat Federation held from June 21st to June 23rd at CNCT College, Bhopal.
The Manipur team, coach, officials were warmly greeted at ISBT Khuman Lampak by Pencak Silat Association, Manipur, Sekmai AC ex MLA, N. Biren, Social Worker, A.Deven, clubs members of phayeng, Kharason, Pungdongbam, Lamlai, Sekta. Huge crowds were also greeted the team.
Pungdongbam Gram Panchayat Ex Pradhan, I. Prem handed over Rs.3000 as a mark of encouragement  encouragement to the team and Lamlai Chalou Yaoshang Sports Association also gifted simple reward to the team at Lamlai Bazar.
The State team won 10 Gold, 5 Silver, 5 Bronze total of 20 medals and claimed the 2nd Runner-up at the championship.

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