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Imphal, June 23,

An MLA overpowered Forest department officials using his armed security escorts and hijacked seized machineries which were caught red handed while excavating and cutting trees at a hill range in Thoubal district.

Source said, MLA of Khangabok Assembly Constituency Okram Surjakumar along with his armed security escort and some supporter halted the staffs of Thoubal Forest Division at Khangabok Lamlong area today morning while they were on their way to Forest Range Office along with the seized excavator (JCB) and a truck. The MLA and his supporters then snatch and took away those seized Machineries from the Forest department staffs 

The Thoubal Forest Division, Forest Department, Government of Manipur, along with NGOs and other civil organisations, have been trying to save the hill Range at Tentha and other adjoining areas by stopping illegal excavation and clear felling of trees. This endeavour of Forest Department, NGOs and other civil bodies is also in compliance with the various orders passed by the High Court of Manipur in PIL No 25 of 2017.

The excavator (JCB) and the trucks were caught by the forest staffs who were not armed while excavating the said protected Hill Range at Tentha Thambal Chingya in Thoubal district.

The unarmed Forest Guards and officials of the Department were left in a state of helplessness, a report reaching here said.

It is unfortunate that the MLA of Khangabok Assembly Constituency, who is a lawmaker, instead of behaving as a responsible public leader, has defied the law of the land and also disrespected the rulings of the High Court of Manipur. 

“Such irresponsible Act of taking law in hand by a public leader in front of the general public is highly condemnable and unbecoming of a public leader. Such act will only discourage the forest field functionaries in their endeavour to conserve, protect the forest wealth of the State and contribute to the changing ecological balances”, an Official of the Forest department said while taking to Imphal Times

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Imphal, June 23,
High Court of Manipur by Judgment / Order dated June 11, 2019 in PIL No.  23 of 2019 has directed the Principal Secretary of Health, Government of Manipur to inquire without any further delay for misuse of public funds in construction of Primary Health Centre (PHC) at Rilram Centre, Tengnoupal, Manipur.
The Primary Health Centre at Rilram Centre is funded by NABARD for Hill District of Manipur right from the year 2011. The Construction and development of the PHC is implemented by the Government of Manipur through an agency called Manipur Development Society. However, even after the lapse of 7 years construction of PHC remain incomplete and abandon by the concerned contractors.
Momo Tantanga, a Social Worker by profession approached the High Court of Manipur by filing a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) complaining against the corrupt practice and misuse of public funds in construction and delayed of PHC at Rilram Centre as such the public/villagers of 17 surrounding villages near Rilram Centre are facing untold misery due to lack of Medical Care Centre and PHC/Hospital.
Appearing for the petitioner Advocate S. Thoi Thoi Meitei submits before the High Court by producing several Judgments of Supreme Court of India which confirmed that Right to Health is also a Fundamental Right as held in Consumer Education & Resource Centre –Vs- Union of India and  Kirloskar Brother  Ltd. – Vs- Employees’ State Insurance Corpn. The State Government is under obligation to provide basic medical facilities and treatment failing which it will amount to violation of Article 21 of the Constitution and liable to pay compensation to the victim and its family as already held by the Hon’ble Supreme Court in Paschim Banga Khet Mazdoor Samity –Vs- State of West Bengal and Mahendra Pratap Singh –Vs- State of Orissa.  Further learned Advocate/Counsel of the petitioner also rely on State of Punjab and Ors –Vs- Mohindra Singh Chawala which held that Right to health integral to Right to life and the Government has a Constitutional obligation to provide health facilities.
Having prima facie and considering seriousness of the matter that affect the public health at large, the  High Court dispose the PIL at first day of listing/hearing before it by directing the Principal Secretary of Health Department to hold an appropriate inquiry without any further delay and also to take appropriate action by fixing responsibility on the erring officials and concerned contractors as to how the funds has not been properly utilized. The Court also directs to finish the construction of PHC at Rilram Centre with all proper facilities at the earliest.

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Imphal June 23,

Failure to function as a full-fledged University, All Manipur Students Union (AMSU) today announced ‘shut-down of all activities of the Dhanamanjuri (DM) University including counselling of new students.

Speaking to media person at the head office of AMSU, Peter Laishram , President of AMSU said that the University is in total chaos. He said that the University doesn’t have regular Vice Chancellor or Registrar. 

Moreover he added that there isn’t any syndicate members, Academic Council and Deans of the University where it is a must for being a University.

“As DM University is not a member of the Association of Indian University, the certificates which the students procure will be completely useless”, Peter added.

Highlighting the lack of various things for being a University, Peter said that as there are no proper teaching and non teaching staffs of the varsity and the students have faced tremendous problems. And also the students studying in the varsity doesn’t receive their registration numbers till now, he added.

He also said that the students have never participated in any East Zone or National and International competition as the university is not a member of AIU.

He stressed that until the varsity has a proper Vice Chancellor and Registrar selected under proper Rules and regulations and also various other things which a University must have, all the activities of the varsity will be shut down from today. 

He said that all the failures of being a proper university is mainly because of the lack of certain things a university must have.

He further said that all the responsibility should be held by the present government as well as the concern authorities.

Peter concluded by saying that student should never face such situations from now onwards and also authorities should never play with the career of students’ life.

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Imphal, June 23,

“One Day Conference on The Right of Persons with Disabilities Act 2016”  jointly organized by Relief Centre for the Welfare of Differently Abled Persons, Manipur and Welfare  Association for Differently Abled Persons, in associated with State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Govt of Manipur was held at Thongam Community Hall, Kakching Khunou, Kakching District, Manipur

Dr. RK Kumarjit Singh, State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Govt. of Manipur, P. Gopendro Singh, President Relief Centre for the Welfare of Differently Abled Persons, Manipur, A. Kameshor Singh, District Social Welfare Officer, Thoubal District,  Kh. Leima Devi, Chairperson, Kakching Municipal Council,  Kh. Radhamani Devi, Counselor, chaired the function as a Chief Guest, President and Guests of honours respectively.

In the conference Chief Guest Dr. RK Kumarjit Singh delivered that victims of acid attack are now considered as one of persons with disabilities same as the persons born with physical defects adding that Govt. has recognized 21 different types of disabilities to formulate the schemes for their support. Dr RK Kumarjit continued the state had failed to frame the policy under ‘The Persons With Disability Act, 1995 which was popularly known as Equal Opportunity, Protection of Rights and Full Participation Act, 1995 before it was replaced by ‘The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016’ and the new Act was approved by the President of India on December 27 of 2016. As such, it is of no use to hide such cases, he added and urged the public to use the 4% quota reserved for persons with disability in Govt. jobs.Dhaneshor Singh, Child Welfare Officer, Department of Social Welfare, summarized that the differently nature of ability to categories a persons of being disability is increase from the 7 to 21 by amending in the parliament recently which include Autism. Those who want to get the benefits of differently abled schemes of government need to get the disability certificate from the concern authority. There is provision to get disability certificate from the Primary Health Centre also but there may raised the certain problems due to absence of specialist doctors to determined the physical disabilities. He added that the Department is implementing various social security schemes under State Plan including Scholarship for the students with disabilities, Unemployment allowance to the educated unemployed persons with disabilities, Financial assistance to the PWDs, Marriage incentive award, Grant-in-aid to the organizations formed by the persons with disabilities or Parents of severe disabilities.Kameshor Singh, District Social Welfare Officer, Thoubal said that the Right of Persons with Disability (RPWD) Act, 2016, number of specified disability has increased from 7 to 21 categories and the number of persons with disabilities in the state will increase as well. He also said that the new government’s initiative of “CM gi Sotharabasingi Tengbang” which aims to ensure the quality of life to persons with disabilities has largely helped in identification of disabilities and also appealed to the Government to took up such welfare measures in the future too.

L Amerendra Sharma a national awardee who always engrave the persons with disabilities in exploring their hidden talents to the society in different fields, he also made many awardee by enhancing their talent.


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Sunday, 23 June 2019 17:13

Mouri’s Story

By : Siam Sarower Jamil

I met her last when I was in class eight. Studied together just for a year then I moved. We had no contact for nine years. Now I’m a graduate. Doing job & primarily settled in life. Today I met her and just have shocked. Child Mouri is now a woman who is struggling with her daily life. I was surprised to see her in this situation.
She was very restless when we were together. She can move over stairs handle. It was a strange & a interesting move like a fairy coming towards you very fast!
There’s a mango forest next to our class room & she could climbed at the top of the tree very easily. Throwing the mango to me she ordered  me to put in her bag and I always followed her instruction.
One day Another classmate was beaten by her. After that headmaster asked to meet her parents. I rescued her from headmaster by telling lie that time.
Everyday during school time she ran through the full three storey building of school. I was acting all time like a perfect follower of her trail. Another day, Sohan, the most violent boy in our class. he was beaten by Mouri, in such a way, that The parents had to rushed  to the police station at the end.
On that day, I had to testify to Head sir. I said, ‘Mouri can’t do anything like this, sir. She is silly but very good.’ She looked at me with astonishment. Because, he had beaten me with a crcket bat two days ago! Nine years later, I am seeing her calm, untidy; who is very much matured too!
The identity is a saleswoman in a tea stall. There, I was a buyer of a cup of hard liquor & she was seller. She runs a tea, drink, cigarette shop. In her family, there are three children, a crippled house husband and an oldie mother-in-law. The responsibility of whole family is on her neck.
After meeting, she just asked about me, where I am living, what I am dong. Just updated her. I didn’t know what she understand actually. Just shaking her head like saying yes!
We did not talk later and just gave a smile like a middle-class Bengali man. I thought once that I should ask her question, ‘How are you?’ But I’m not so brave man.
I asked to meet the bill, she did not take it. I did not force her second time. I thought, It would be unfair to not give her the opportunity
So, leaving the tea stall, I got up on the street. I saw the mirror image of her on many people in the streets. Touchiness moves on!  Just said my mind. ‘Yes, I’m still alive. Perfectly. I won’t think of anyone!’

Siam Sarower Jamil is a Bangladesh journalist & he can be emailed at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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 Dr. Sougaijam Priyokumar Meitei

    Do we have any single evidence for any extinct culture or any exterminated or deported community in Manipur. Not at all, I believe. Would have been any group name Y or Z in Manipur which had been disappeared or assimilated (the whole Y or Z) to Meitei group. I don’t think so. I don’t mean to some sub sections from a group merging to Meitei umbrella which would have been occured in the past. It reminds us that we must not be psychologically victimised ourselves by future shock with selfish demands and protests. Our voices and demands should not be ethnocentric, demands should have potential and objective quality to stand alone on global platform which are acceptable universally. Otherwise, the movement will be completely a nightmare overwhelmed by subjective emotions and sentiments.
Reconstructing the past, the Meitei Kings were almost having secular ideology. Cultural assimilation of Hindu Brahmins was recognized for performing rites and rituals of Hindu Meitei, while Meitei Maibas or traditional religious practitioners were also recognized to do rites and rituals of non-Hindu Meiteis. For the social requirements, some Muslim sections brought by king were given Meitei girls and expanded pan-Manipuris. The Muslim of Manipur are given the name as Meitei Pangals or simply Pangals and peacefully integrated to form Manipuri society. Meitei King had the idea of maintainig exterior caste, do have conscious on ill effects of close kin marriages including clan endogamy. King’s court directly involved in it and  offenders of incest taboo were exhiled, referred as loi thaba either permanently or for a few years based on the degree of offences.
From the early history, it is known that Meitei lineage (Yumnak) is one useful concept of kinship system to trace the social history. For example, the art of blacksmith is as old as the formation of Thangjam lineage or earlier or as old as the evolution of Meitei. In due course, Yumnak or lineages were created responding to social and cultural purposes identifying occupation, address or so forth. From the evolutionary perspectives, the Meitei community was formed at a juncture by uniting some kings of different groups having distinct lineages. The legendry narratives often mention the kingship of Khuman Ningthou (king), Moirang Ningthou (king), probably speaking the same language with different dialects. Such reconstruction are always debatable because in the eyes of post-modernist thinkers, two or more meanings may be interpreted from this narrative. It may be happened that one of them was more powerful and built up a Meitei nation by uniting all. On the contrary, equally powerful kings or kingdoms (probably seven kingdoms or more) united through negotiation to build a federal state. The process of structuring the society could be necessarily integrative and liberal exemplified by diverse cultural practices which were carried forward down the line of evolution. Sanamahi worship was remained continued, no evidence of enforcement to give up worshipping of Pakhangba, Emoinu, observing Lai Haraoba (pleasing of god), no evidences of imposition in pork consumption during rites and rituals of Chakpa people who also fall into Meitei community.
The more we dig deeper, the more will we get. History of Manipur needs to be supplemented by the social history to make us free from positivist fallacy - the logical error, sometimes made by historians, when they confuse ‘what happened’ with ‘that for which we have evidence’. If we assume that destruction of cultural heritage, artifacts, books, arts etc. took place in the past, then revealing something from the presently available history has limitation since it was made by the then rulers based on the limited reachable data. There could be loopholes in recollection of information which were beyond positivist observation. Also, most of the politically unfavourable events or evidences were likely to be underreported during those days. Therefore, in this situation, it is those anthropologists who will be able to trace the social and cultural history to reconstruct the past from the little evidence we have by using the wealthy anthropological skills.

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From a Correspondent
Guwahati June 23,

City based College of Physiotherapy and Medical Sciences organized a physiotherapy camp for scribes at Guwahati Press Club on Saturday (22 June 2019), where Dr Ranjeet Singha (PT), Dr Chatrajit Das (PT) and Dr Vandana Pradhan (PT) were available for free preliminary treatments of various pains to the participants. Over 30 scribes took the opportunity to get consultations from the qualified physiotherapists in the camp.

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IGAR (South)
Imphal June 23,

Kakching Battalion of 28 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) provided solar lights to the people of Kholim village, Chandel district under DG Assam Rifles Civic Action Programme on 22 Jun 2019.     
Under this project six solar lights were handed over to the village chief by Sugnu Company Operating Base. These solar lights will be subsequently installed by the Assam Rifles at pre-designated locations decided by the village authority. This effort highlights Assam Rifles resolve in contributing towards the development of Manipur and to further improve the safety and security of the village.
Village chief of Kholin village and the local populace appreciated the efforts of Kakching Batallion for the assistance provided by the Assam Rifles in the development of village infrastructure.
Kakching Battalion of 28 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) distributed sports, stationary and food items to the Preach Heritage Academy of Chakpikarong, Chandel District on 22 Jun 2019.  
With the aim of assisting students of economically weaker section and motivating them to continue their studies and sports activities, sports, stationary and food items were distributed by Shalluk Company Operating Base to Preach Heritage Academy under the theme of “happy learning.”
A total of 62 children attended this event. The troops interacted with the children, administrator and staff of Preach Heritage Academy and they conveyed their heartfelt gratitude for the support being rendered by Assam Rifles.

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IGAR (South)
Imphal June 23,

Mantripukhri Battalion of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) conducted a friendly basketball match at Sawombung Company Operation Base (COB) on 22 Jun 2019.    
The basketball match was organised by Sawombung COB and played between the team of Royal Development Organisation, Phaknung village and troops of Sawombung COB. The match was aimed at fostering competitive spirit and sportsmanship amongst youth of the area. The match was played with full vigour and enthusiasm showcasing true team spirit by the teams.  Both the teams gave their best efforts on the field. At the end of the match, both the winning and the runners up teams were felicitated with tokens of appreciation. The event concluded with tea and refreshments for all.
 The players and the locals were delighted and expressed their gratitude to the Assam Rifles for organising the sports event. They also requested to conduct more such events for promoting sports in future as well.

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