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Imphal, June 2,

The scientists of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) Centres, working in diverse discipline claimed that temperature is projected to rise by over 1.7°C by the end of 21st century in Manipur.
Trend analysis of weather variables in Imphal under National Innovations on Climate Resilient Agriculture revealed that the mean annual maximum temperature (1954–2014) has been increasing (0.1°C per decade), says the scientists in their research paper report published in Current Science journal in October 2018.
The 20 paged report called Climate resilient agriculture in Manipur: status and strategies for sustainable development is the result of year long work by as many as 11 ICAR scientists who have reviewed a number of sources of information.
Stating that as evident from the last 30 years’ climate data analysis, precipitation rate in northern parts is expected to increase, the scientists said. The southern districts are expected to experience higher temperature than that of the northern districts. Total annual precipitation is expected to increase throughout the state.
 It is also projected that the extreme rainfall events (100 mm/day) will become more frequent while the southern districts are expected to experience higher temperature than that of the northern districts. Similarly the greenhouse gas emissions have also increased in Manipur from 1980 to 2005, it said.Crop yields are projected to decrease by 10% in 2030.
Interestingly there are enormous gene pool of rice , maize, cucurbits, legumes, tuber crops, turmeric, ginger and chillies in Manipur which houses more than 500 orchid varieties, 1200 species of medicinal plants, 50 species of fleshy fungi, 121 algae and a few moses, 200 plus fish species, 73 different types of birds, 31 endemic mammals, more than 53 species of bamboos etc.
But high summer temperature can impair reproductive growth, yield and quality in different vegetables; while high winter temperature limits the cold hardiness and thus, hampers the seed production and ultimately it will hit the small and marginal farmers.
Projecting the loss of bio-diversity and extinction of rare/threatened flora and fauna besides projecting decline in crop yields by 10 percent in 2030 in view of the said climate variability, the scientists estimated that the food grain production and requirement of the state would be 77105 and 79323 thousand tonnes respectively by 2050. Hence, there will be deficit of 2218 thousand tonnes of food grain by 2050, they predicted.
It may be mentioned that the total food grain production in Manipur during 2014–15 was 594.28 thousand tonnes from an area of 292,950 ha.
Otherwise the total gross cropped area the state is 350,290 ha, which account for 15.24% of the total land areas. About 65.93% under rice cultivation.
Hence, there is an urgent need for devising climate proof plan and climate ready policy for climate compatible agricultural development in Manipur,the report said. Location-specific climate smart technology baskets need to be devised or introduced and should be demonstrated through participatory approach, for ensuring a climate resilient production system, and a climate resilient ecosystem.
Sustainable intensification of climate change action in Manipur requires introduction of climate ready varieties/species/breeds, organic nutrient management, increase in water availability especially during lean period and integrated farming system-based approach with special emphasis on carbon sequestration and waste managemen,it added.
Adaptation is considered a local phenomenon. Hence, there is an urgent need for seamless blending of traditional wisdom and modern scientific technologies to devise locally suitable adaptive strategies for agriculture.

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Imphal, June 2,

Chief Minister of Manipur is visiting Ukhrul district head quarter on June 4 to take stock of the development works being taken up at Ukhrul and Kamjong Districts.
An official source said that a state cabinet meeting will be held on the day at Ukhrul district head quarter. It added that the cabinet will also review developmental works taken up during the last two years in the two districts ( Ukhrul and Kamjong).
Chief Secretary Dr. Suresh Babu has directed all Administrative Secretaries to prepare detailed report and power point presentation on the developmental works taken up in the last 2 (two) years and also all proposed works for the current year.   

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Imphal June 2,

Internationally acclaimed fashion Designer Robert Naorem, son of late Thokchom Ningol Naorem Ongbi Rekha, who was brutally murdered by unidentified persons on May 31 today appealed media persons to stop publishing half cooked news. Robert was referring to the various news items which point finger to his father Naorem Dijamani for the brutal murder.

“My father was picked up on suspicion; however, it does not say that he is the culprit behind the killing. Investigation is carrying on and I hope the police will find the culprits behind the killing of my mother and I am expecting justice be delivered to my mother”, an emotional Robert Naorem told media person at his residence at Singjamei Thokchom Leikai today afternoon.

He however said that if the culprit behind the killing of his mother turned out to be his own father he is not sorry for that in awarding befitting punishment as per the law of the land.

“The police still did not say that my father is the culprit but they only picked him up for interrogation as a part of the investigation”, Robert said and appealed the media fraternity to not publish story which is half cooked.

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Imphal June 2,

Narcotics and Affairs of Border (NAB), Manipur seized huge quantity of brown sugar worth around Rs.3 crores in International market.

According to NAB officials, a person was rounded up by a team of NAB at Zalenmen Village in Churachandpur district at around 6 am yesterday near a Pan Shop along with 3 (three) kilogram of suspected Brown sugar.

A press statement signed by SP NAB, PRO of Police Department W. Basu said that the arrested person was identified as one Paosie Haokip (52 years) son of Hemkhothang Haokip from Zalenmen Village, Churachandpur.

A case has also been registered at NAB police station. He further said that the investigation is going on and the arrested person will be produced before the concern court under NDPS act.

It can be mentioned that Narcotics and Affairs of Border, Manipur also seized huge amount of Brown Sugar (Heroin Powder) worth 7 crores of Rupees in international market yesterday also.

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Chandel, June 2,

The Monsang Pantha Youth and Cultural Club organized one day River cleaning drive at Chakpi River. The event was organized with the aim to save Chakpi River from plastic pollution. Around 150 youths of Monsang Pantha village took part in the drive.

The event began with a prayer from Mr. Ng. Johnson the Village Church Leader. The stretch from United College Chandel site till the end of Monsang Pantha village settlement of around 4 kms were cleansed in today’s drive.

Awareness boards against pollution and use of fishing bombs and chemical were also posted in few strategic locations of the river. The drive was solely supported by few generous individuals and village Authority of the village. 

Speaking at the event, the Club President Mr. Ng. Salim Peter urged the youths that, it is the responsibility of everyone including the youths to spread awareness on protection of environment including the water bodies and rivers. He said “this river is our lifeline, we need to keep it clean and healthy. Our generation and the generation to come should preserve and protect this river from drying up”.

He also said that continuous awareness should be carried on against excessive cutting trees, using of fishing bombs and poisonous chemicals for fishing in the river. One of the active youth members Ts. Grace Monsang said that this is the just the beginning of the campaign to save Chakpi river and prevent pollution of various kinds especially Plastic pollution which does not degrade easily.

Recently the Chakpi River all along the village settlement areas has become plastic field due to careless use of plastic bottle, alcohol glass bottle and other plastic waste. The drive was to not only to clean the waste but also to spread awareness and necessity to continue cleaning and protecting the river.

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Thoubal, June 2,

Worried over the deteriorating conditions of  Wangjing River, due to pollution by plastic waste and the sand mining in the area, Ningol Club Heirok of Thoubal district organised a public meeting at the auditorium of the Friends in Need Society located at Heirok Champra Thong.

The public meeting was attended by Rabi Takhellambam , President Wild Life and Biodiversity Conservation Committee (WBCC) Manipur, Khungdongbam Sophia, Secretary General, Ningol Club Heirok, M Gambhini Devi, Secretary, Heirok Development Meira Paibi and Saikhom Ibopishak , President , Youth Development Club Thong Wangma as dignitaries on the dais.

Suresh Kumar of the Central Institute of Plastic Engineering and Technology (CIPET) attended as resource person.

Speakers on the occasion expressed strong apprehension about the fate of Wangjing River due to the gradual rise of pollution by plastic waste. Drying up of the river bed due to massive sand mining at many parts of the River bed were also highlighted.

Speakers’ concern about those sand miners who live on hand to mouth also deliberated on the need for arranging alternative livelihood for them.

Resource person of the public meet, Suresh Kumar elaborated about recycling of plastic waste. He also stressed on public understanding about the need for protection of forest at Hill area which is the encasement area of the Rivers.

“Massive deforestation that is taking place in the river encasement area is the root for drying up of the River”, Rabi Takhellambam said while speaking on the occasion.

The public meeting also decided to organise a district level meeting at the earliest possible time to chart out programme for preservation of the River.

The public meeting was attended by various local leaders of Heirok area.

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Sunday, 02 June 2019 17:04

Phou-su Phou-su khol

Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Evening’s so mild; pleasant and welcoming;
Inviting and likeable; we choose we play phou-su;
Mother’s presence so agreeable ‘come, help me’;
‘It’s time we do, husking, let’s husk for a week!;
‘Get ready! Clean up sumbal; clean up suk;
‘Yes mother’ I play around so innocently, dull and tiresome;
I knew I’ll be, behaved like an idiot, quiet and still;
Happier I was mornings so censored; I choose to fancy;
Gathering phous, one a thunok two a thumok
Three a thumok four a thumok and gathering whole a phoura;
Slowly and steadily she’s engaging and I;
Hurriedly and steadfastly before nightfall,
Packing and transferring; pouring and spilling;
Rhythm by rhythm swinging and swaging,
Up and down; down and up ‘hunh hunh hunh hunh’;
 Dhuk dhuk; dhuk dhuk; dhuk dhuk dhuk.

Faster I breath I opened wider, mouth so drying;
Keeping my eyes onto sumbal, I stand tilted;
Learning and angling, we bent and we warped;
Digging and ploughing; cutting and harrowing;
Beating and thumping; pounding and defeating;
‘hunh ha hunh; hunh ha hunh; hunh hunh’;
Dhik dhik; dhik dhuk dhik; Dhik dhik; dhik dhuk dhik;
Dhikdhuk, Dhikdhuk, Dhikdhuk ,Dhikdhuk dhik;
I dance to the belting; I moved to those stepping;
Moving in and shifting out; carrying and fetching;
Lugging and lifting; oh my hands! So badly,
Poorly hurting, peeling off pieces incorrectly;
 I dragged and I pushed in, spiting again and after;
Unhappily it worn out, holding suk so tightly;
Up and down I dig; higher and lower.

 Melting those wounds; I prey upon yangkok;
Spreading and husking; leveling and picking;
‘cherp cherp cherp; cherp cherp cherp cherp’;
‘cherp cherp cherp; cherp cherp cherp cherp’;
‘chagei chagei chagei; chagei chagei chagei’
‘chagei chagei chagei; chagei chagei chagei’;
One a pouring two a pouring; throwing up and low;
Bending in and up; sweating and glowing;
Lifting and engaging; she moved along thumping;
Dhik dhik; dhik dhuk dhik; Dhik dhik; dhik dhuk dhik;
Dhikdhuk, Dhikdhuk, Dhikdhuk ,Dhikdhuk dhik;
Sweeping and embracing; we play rhythm by rhythm;
One a leg, two a leg; one a leg, two a leg;
Switching and collecting; all in all one hole;
 ‘hunh ha hunh; hunh ha hunh; hunh hunh’;
Still breathing alive by those echoing;
 Those phou-su phou-su khols haunting twin light;
Bewitching all I could regain mesmerizing ‘Dear mother’.

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Imphal, June, 1

Sahitya Akademi and Jawaharlal Nehru Manipur Dance Academy jointly organized ‘Documentary Film Festival’ yesterday at Jawaharlal Nehru Manipur Dance Academy, D.M. College Campus, Imphal.  
As part of the festival, documentary film on eminent Manipuri writer, E. Sonamani Singh, directed by eminent film director Aribam Shyam Sharma was released and screened. The programme was followed by screening of other documentary films on ‘M.K. Binodini’, directed by Aribam Shyam Sharma, ‘Poetry of North-East’, directed by Rakesh Srivastava and ‘Sahitya Akademy’, directed by Gulzar.
On the occasion, eminent Manipuri writer, Shri E. Sonamani Singh and eminent film director Shri Aribam Shyam Sharma graced as Chief Guest and Guest of Honor respectively. Secretary Sahitya Akademi Shri K. Sreenivasarao, Convener, Manipur Advisory Board, Sahitya Akademi Shri N. Kirankumar Singh and Director Jawaharlal Nehru Manipur Dance Academy Shri L. Upendro Sharma were also on the dais.
It is may be mentioned that the documentary film festival is held for the first time in Manipur and the duration of all the four films were about 30 minutes.

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