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Imphal, June 16,

Face is the index of mind – and spokesperson of the Manipur State Government, Th. Radheshyam, who is also the Education Minister, looks free from anger and anxiety but was confident to reply to reporters’ query regarding the ongoing political crisis in the N. Biren Singh led government. 

 “It is internal matter of the party and the differences will be sorted soon”, Education Minister Radheshyam said to reporter soon after he landed at Imphal Airport today afternoon. MLA S. Rajen and MLA Vungjagin Valte also return back along with the government spokesperson.  

The government spokesperson also accepted that there is crisis in the government over dissatisfaction but there is nothing to be surprised. Even family members sometimes quarrel over dissatisfaction but resolved soon.

On being asked whether the key portfolios which were vested to the Chief Minister (Finance from Dy. CM Y. Joykumar; PWD and Power from Minister Th. Bishwajit) will be restored or not, the Government Spokesperson said that it will be decided soon after the coming of the Chief Minister.

On the talk about camping by Ministers and MLAs at New Delhi lobbying for the change of the Chief Minister, Radheshyam said that the visit by ministers was only to give courtesy call to the new NDA Government and to meet the newly inducted ministers.

“As for me I have visited to apprise the education scenario of the state to the new Union HRD Minister and the Union Minister assured to sanction 200 crore for development of state education sector”, Radheshyam said.

Similarly, Chief Minister N. Biren Singh went to New Delhi to give courtesy call to the Central leaders and newly inducted Minister.

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Imphal, June 16,

Who will win in the battle for throne? A big question asked by everyone in the ongoing political crisis in Manipur. Everyone is now aware that there is a rebellion from a group of BJP MLAs led by Th. Bishwajit demanding replacement of the Chief Minister but, Government spokesperson Th. Radheshyam who return back from New Delhi today said that the crisis will be soon resolved.

Official source said that Chief Minister N. Biren Singh met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and discussed about the issue.

Th Radheshyam inabilty to answer a direct question on whether the Key portfolios which were taken out from Minister Bishwajit and Dy. Chief Minister Y. Joykumar will be restored showed that the crisis is still there and a solution to the crisis will be sacrificed of either Chief Minister N. Biren Singh or Th. Bishwajit.

Meanwhile, source said that, Central leaderships of the BJP are not favouring change of Chief Minister at this crucial hour. Amidst the political crisis, the issue of overdraft in the state exchequer added salt to the wounds. But Political analysts said that the central Ministers are giving more priority to Chief Minister N. Biren Singh while consulting over this issue for sorting it out.

The commission of enquiry committee on the huge withdrawal of fund from Works and Power department after the portfolios has been pull off from Minister Bishwajit also talks volumes.

“It was just an official procedure that a government should do”, Government Spokesperson Radheshyam said while answering to media person today.

However, removal of the portfolios clearly drawn a line of enmity between Bishwajit and Biren.

BJP MLA S. Rajen who also returned today along with Minister Radheshyam said that there is no question of change of Chief Minister. Besides putting emphasis to the crisis evolving around, the MLA said that the Chief Minister is concern to the present issue of overdraft. He added that the Chief Minister had consulted with almost all Union Ministers including the Home Minister to solve the financial crisis.

“Our Chief Minister had met almost all central leaders including the Prime Minister and the Home Minister, everything will be settle in one or two days”, he said.

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Imphal, June 16, 

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh who is presently camping at New Delhi would receive an insulting blow if the portfolios that were taken out from Minister Bishwajit and vested on him restored, a political analyst who happen to present at Imphal airport said to this reporter. 
The reply by the Government spokesperson Th Radheshyam gave a clear indication that those portfolios withdrawn may not be restored. This means that the present crisis will only be settled at the cost of Th. Bishwajit. 
“In politics it takes no time for change of decision, anything can happen anytime, until Chief Minister returns and acted as per the decision he had taken before leaving, and make it visible to the people, people have to wait and watch”, the political analysts and a close aid of BJP who did not want to disclose his identity said.

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Imphal, June 15,
BJP being one of the most discipline political party in the country is soon to work out solution to the present political crisis in the N. Biren Singh led government. Source from the BJP said that never in the history of the party replacement of the leader never took place until and unless there is a charge of violating the party constitution as well as the ideology. N. Biren Case is exceptional as the central leadership notice fight for power among the BJPian.
Source said that the central leaderships are meeting the BJP MLAs including the Minister Bishwajit and N. Biren Singh. The neutral position of the State Assembly Yumnam Khemchand has impressed the Central Leadership, a source from Delhi said. 
His straight talk on his stand at which he stated that he have no problem in being the Speaker of the state Legislative Assembly without supporting nor the decedents neither the Chief Minister but giving logical explanation of things happening in the political scenario is one factor that impressed the central leaders, the source added.


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Imphal, June 16,

The 4th Academic Excellence and 3rd Sport Merit Award Distribution Ceremony 2019 was held today at Ibudhou Pakhangba & Ima Malem Leisna Community Hall Patsoi Part-1, organised by Organisation For Integrated Rural Development (OIRD), Manipur.

MLA, Patsoi AC, AK. Meerabai said that the students should concentrate on their studies. She added that students should work hard for accomplishing their dreams. Parents woke up early in the morning and take their sons or daughters to the tuition centres so that they can learn and accomplish their aim in life. she added,

She also said about the present government crisis.

Around 90 students who had come in Positions and 1st Divisioners of Patsoi Part 1 to Patsoi Part-4 in Class 10 and 12 examination both CBSE and Manipur Board were distributed the certificate and cash prize of Rs. 1000/- each.

Naosekpam Komol Singh, Advisors (OIRD), Kongkham(o) Priya Devi, Pradhan, Patsoi, Soibam Dhanabir, Proprietor SDS Construction Materials Pvt. Ltd, Lamdeng, Khongbantabam Biramani Singh, Principal, Pole Star Public School, Patsoi, Mutum Pandit Singh, Proprietor M.P.S. Brick Field, R.K. Somorendro(kaiku) Singh, Social Worker and Mutum Sunder Singh, Proprietor M.S.S. Brick Field, Patsoi Part-1 attended as President and Guest of Honours.

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Sunday, 16 June 2019 20:11

Free Medical Camp

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Imphal, June 16,

Relief Centre for the welfare of Differently Abled Persons, Manipur, Saina Institute of Medical Sciences, Chinikon, Senapati District and Kanghuchingjil Khunou Youth Welfare Club, Kanghuchingjil organised a one Day Free Medical Camp at Kanghuchingjil Khunou, Imphal East District, towards improving basic health care in remote area. They were also educated about various lifestyle diseases such as High BP, common disease etc.
Apart from providing necessary medical assistance, basic-know-now in health sector, hygiene and sanitation including Dental hygiene was also imparted. During the camp many diseases were diagnosed and various medicines also distributed at free of cost to the 160 patients, besides treating sick patients especially residing from far-flung remote areas of the state. Since the village lies at a distance of 15 km from the Imphal city, far from the key town of Kanghuchingjil khunou locals suffer from various ailments that have been aggravated due to lack proper medical treatment.
Free Medical camp were graced by Premier Moirangthem (International Awardee), Programme Manager, Athokpam Rightkumari Devi (National Awardee), Principal, Saina Institute of Medical Sciences, Mayengbam Bikram Luwang (National Awardee), Project Consultant, Karnajit khoibam, Rehabilitation Officer, Ch. Devkumar Singh, Programme Consultant, Tutor Miss Punayabati, Miss Sushima and members of Relief Centre for the Welfare Differently Abled Persons, Manipur.

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Sunday, 16 June 2019 20:11

In the name of Love

By-Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Call me by something, different and ‘even’ name;
‘Please’ me by cute, tiny and strange name;
‘Ebemma’, ‘echoubi’, ‘echan’, ‘e-che’ and ‘enao’;
Fascinating by the tangling ‘ethos’,
Captivating and enthralling and charming;
Oh! Those emotions so sweetening  
Making me proud; making me beautiful;
‘You’ hate me for nothing, blank;
‘You’ chase me for defying your words;
‘Naughty’ as I could; ‘Innocent’ as I exist;
Jumping and running free as I could,
There built no barrier ‘gender’ or ‘religion’;
 No secrete ‘hand’ dare tempt to touch,
So wildly and so vividly I flung off ‘naked’;
Re-birthing ‘me’ each day cocooning,
Tendering and fondling, caring and worshiping;
‘Home’ sweet home ‘ema’, ‘baba’ and ‘we’ll’,
Love, o love! Love’s a different meaning.

Call me by something, different and ‘even’ name
‘Fight’ me by worst, conquering and crushing ‘name’;
‘Kasubi’, ‘Besha’, ‘Oktabi’ and ‘Minai-nubi’,
‘Lam-chat naidbi’, ‘O-lakhi’, ‘Hing-chabi’ and ‘Mi-hatpi;
Criticizing and defeating with no mistake;
Killing ‘me’ so apart alive when in ‘you’ try ruling,
Pulling and triggering my emotions ‘unsaved’;
‘Whisking’ me away, forcing deep drowning;
Ah! You the ruler so timid,
Calling ‘me’ by different name ‘sarcastically’;
‘Rules’ for what goodness; ‘mastering’ your ‘egos’;
Living’s so threatening; I doubt as I live;
Oh! Log me in; count me off the ridge ‘social’
‘Ditching’ me into the category ‘scarlet’;
‘Flashing’ me helping ‘glowing’ so profoundly;
Love, Oh! Love you’re too daring I may say;

Call me by something, different and ‘even’ name;
‘Please’ me by trick, fraud and challenged name;
‘I love you so deep and I’ll die for you’;
‘I’ll buy for you’ and I’ll gift you’;
Oops! Everlasting sound emotions, sparkling into,
‘You deserve this and that’; Do I?’
‘Believing’ thousands, I fall down until I twisted;
‘Higher’ I float; ‘Lower’ down deep you pull me into;
Whirling and whirling until you shred ‘me’;
‘Into the jaws of shame; into the jaws of sinner’
‘Into the jaws of humiliation; into the jaws of embracement’;
‘Throwing me out’ and ‘kicking me out’;
‘Spit onto me; and slapping me harder’
‘Dragging me by hair and cutting it hurriedly’;
‘Who am I? And what you’re to me?’
‘So cruel and so murderous’ you become;
Love, Oh Love!  You’re so inhuman all thy ‘name’.

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