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Imphal, June 15,

A contract firm, M/s SN Pavei belonging to one SN Pavei (Special Contractor) which was banned for five (5) years by the National Highways & Infrastructure Development Corporation (NHIDCL) of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India, for submitting fake Bank Guarantee (BG) in bidding road construction work  on NH No.102 A has been awarded 8 works of PMGSY.

A document available with the Imphal Times revealed that the said firm M/s SN Pavei had submitted bidding for the construction work invited by the NHIDCL for Restoration /reconstruction of Tadubi to Phaihung Junction from 25 to 45 covering 20 KM Length on Tadubi –Tolloi-Ukhrul Road on NH No. 102 A in the state of Manipur.

The M/s SN Pavei submitted the bid on 28-01-2016, but when checked by the NHIDCL, it came to the notice of the NHIDCL that the bank guarantee submitted to the bidding turn out to be a fake one.

The document with the Imphal Times reveals that the bid Security submitted by the firm has been confirmed as ‘fake by the HDFC bank (The bank the firm enclosed)”.

The NHIDCL while putting a ban to the firm for 5 years also threaten to initiate suitable action under sections of the Indian Penal Code. 

Well, the ban was imposed on June 20, 2016, that means the firm will not be allowed to apply for any government contract Work for a period of 5 years starting from the date till five years, that is upto June 20 , 2021.

What is more interesting is that the said banned firm (M/s SN Pavei) based at Liyai Village Senapati District, Manipur, has been awarded 8 works of the PMGSY Phase XI for the year 2017-18 of the total 486 works, by the Manipur State Rural Road Development Agency of the Government of Manipur.

Total value for the 8 work orders is estimated at around Rs. 7,501.68 lakhs.

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Imphal, June 15,

President of the Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee Gaikhangam, who is also the member of the CWC showing serious concern of the multi crore overdraft in the state government today appealed the government to constitute a high level enquiry committee headed by not less a retired Chief Justice.

The MPCC president also demanded repoll of the 17th Lok Sabha Election as there is a concrete evidence of how the ruling party had utilized huge amount of Money during the election.

“I didn’t said this, it is the government which said that huge amount of fund has been withdrawn from PWD and Power department when the Election Model Code of Conduct was in force, the government has even set up enquiry for that”, Gaikhangam said.

He alleged that from the fact that huge amount of money being withdrawn it is now clear that the money were used during election and the election was not free and fair.

Gaikhangam terming the election as null and void for violation of the code of conduct demanded re-poll of the election.

“It is now the Election Commission of India to decide on whether the election should be declared null and void or not”.

Talking to media persons at his official Quarter at Babupara here in Imphal, Gaikhangam appreciated the government for constituting of an enquiry committee to find out the facts that cause such a serious debt. However, a mere constitution of a name sake enquiry will not serve its purpose, he said and added that a high level committee is the need of the hour.

Without giving any comment to the ongoing crisis in the BJP led government considering it as their family matters, Gaikhangam expressed hope that the crisis will be resolved soon in the interest of the people as it has hampered all developmental works that has to be taken up in the state. 

“Financial year have ended budget session has begun and this is June. At a time when development works are to be taken up such crisis is not in the interest of the state”, Gaikhangam said.

“Development is only possible after there is a stable government. On the other hand this is family matter and we hope it will be resolved soon”, the veteran Congress leader and President of the MPCC added.

Regarding some of the counter claims and claims about the financial power among the Minister to escape from the responsibility of the overdraft, Gaikhangam said that the issue needs to be properly analyzed.

“It is in complete violation of the Rules of Business and Allocation of Business Rules under article 166(3) of the Indian constitution”, Gaikhangam said.

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Imphal, June 15,

Commissioner of Veterinary Department promoted 40 Grade III officers on 18th February 2014. However, out of these 40 officers were not selected by the DPC selection committee. There is no evidence that the minutes and proceedings of DPC meeting held on the 18th of February 2014 at MPSC for the promotion of these 40 people were received by Commissioner Veterinary. Director of Veterinary Department has not received MPSC’s concurrence letter dated 18th Feb 2014 which includes the DPC proceedings till now. Given all these malpractices, Chief Secretary filed a vigilance case in 2014 on this matter after the direction of Manipur Governor Secretariat Office.

While the vigilance case was going on, 7 more grade III officers were given promotion on 28th of Feb 2015. One veterinary officer, named Dr M Dillipkumar Singh who got promoted on the 28th of Feb 2015 retired on the same day. It points that the official was given promotion to increase the benefits the person will get after his retirement. 

A person who joined Veterinary Council as Assistant Livestock Development Officer, named Dr. T Indumati Devi, was promoted as Deputy Director of Veterinary Department. There is no order of appointment of Dr. T Indumati Devi in the Veterinary Department. How did the Director proposed a person working in Veterinary Council for promotion in the Veterinary Department? Vigilance Department has filed a case against this malpractice and is looking into the matter.

The current government has formed a special investigation team (SIT) to look into the appointments done just before the last elections in different departments. SIT was looking into this department too. After that Director in charge of the Department ordered on the 12th of March 2018 to cancel the appointments of many people who joined the department just before the election. But after a month, he again order that there appointments are not cancelled as the due process was done before the election code of conduct. The whole investigation done by SIT has turned into a joke.

Now a high powered committee is formed to investigate the matter. In order to investigate the matter with transparency, the complaint letter states that Dr H Chaoba Singh who is the Director of the Department should be replaced by an IAS officer. There are no regular Joint Directors also in the department. If the government again fails to look into these malpractices, the efforts to reduce corruption in the departments will become a joke. A source told Imphal Times that Chief Minister has informed the Chief Secretary that an IAS is appointed as the Director of the department on the 7th of June this year.

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Imphal, June 15,

Village Defence Force popularly known as the VDF, who are currently utilized to assist police in conducting various operation for maintenance of law and order situation with a mere remuneration of around Rs. 6000 has been now utilized for digging 1000 pit inside the Kangla fort.

“We are ordered to dig 1000 pits inside various areas of Kangla Fort without any extra payment “, a VDF personnel who did not want to disclose his identity said to Imphal Times Reporter.

He said that it has been 3 months that we haven’t received our remuneration and we are now treated as labour instead of utilizing for maintenance of law and order situation.

The VDF personnel who were engaged for digging of the pit have no idea of why they have been utilized for the labour work.

“We started digging the pit since today, around 50/60 pits have been completed”, the VDF said and added that they are ordered to continue their work till the completion of 1000 pits.

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Imphal, June 15,

A Multi-purpose Community Hall constructed under the Army Civic Action Plan was inaugurated today by Mr. GK Mahindra, Commanding Officer (CO) 34-Assam Rifles, Maram presided by Mr. Athuan Abuanmai, President, Zeliangrong Baudi, Assam, Manipur and Nagaland at Mukuilongdi village, Senapati District, Manipur in the presence of leaders of Zeliangrong Civil Organizations i.e. Zeliangrong Baudi, Zeliangrong Youth Front, Zeliangrong Student’s Union, senior social leaders, Chairman and other members of the Village Authority, elders, Women’s society and villagers.
The Commanding Officer speaking on the programme as the Chief Guest said peace and development is a must for social progress for which the social leaders and general public should extend necessary cooperation and support and have confidence to armies who are discharging their duties for the security of the people and appealed to Zeliangrong people to maintain unity and harmony for social progress. He also said that the armies are ready to extend necessary assistance for the welfare of the people under the army Civil Action Plan. The President of Zeliangrong Baudi, Assam, Manipur and Nagaland on behalf of the Zeliangrong people expressed immense appreciation and gratitude to authority of the Army  and to Commanding Officer of Assam Rifles and his team for doing the needful of the people and understanding the problem and inconveniences of the people. He also said the Multi-purpose Community Hall will be very much helpful and relief the difficulties of the people in the days to come.
It may be worthwhile to note that the leaders of Zeliangrong Civil Organizations have been pressurizing the State Government to create one administrative block in Makuilongdi village and requesting the armies and Assam Rifles to construct the said Multi-purpose Community Hall and a Guest House at Makuilongdi village at the earliest under any available scheme of army considering the urgent need of the villagers in particular and Zeliangrong people in general. As Makuilongdi village is the cradle of the Zeliangrong people living in the state of Assam, Manipur and Nagaland and elsewhere, the descendants of Makuilongdi village frequently visited the village. But due to the absence of such Hall and Guest House in the village, the villagers have been facing hardship to provide accommodation to the visiting teams. Many successive Governments in the past had failed to feel the pulse and sentiment of the Zeliangrong people who are living in Makuilongdi village which is one of the oldest village in the North eastern region whose descendants have scattered in large and wide in the different states.
The Zeliangrong Civil Organizations have high hope that the State and Central Government will prioritize the under-development of Makuilongdi village .

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Saturday, 15 June 2019 17:08

Discourse on the problems of Manipur held

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Imphal, June 15,

S.R. Institute of Manipur Studies today organised a one day discussion meeting on the problems of Manipur
 at The Ideal Club, Sagolband Tera Keithel Imphal.
Speaking on the occasion Director of S.R. Institute of Manipur Studies Salam Bheigya said that the meeting will give ideas about the benefits of National Registrar of Citizens and will also discuss the issues of ILP system.
He added that the discussion will also talk about the problems of the hills situated in valley areas and in the nearby areas.
Ex President of UCM Sapamcha Jadumani talk solely on the topic regarding the benefit of NRC and ILP system.
Retd. Director of Settlement and land records, Manipur give lecture on Hills situated in valley areas and in nearby areas and also on Manipur Land Reforms Act1960.
The session was moderated by Prof Wangkhem Nabakumar of Department of Anthropology, Manipur University.

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The price of rice, both locally grown and superfine, are rising every year. Now we see another steep rise this years recently. The economically weaker sections in the peasantry class are affected the most with the ever increasing price of rice. The urban poor are also getting hit very badly. These are the section who are buying rice from the shops.  These sections do not own land for cultivation of rice or do not own enough land for cultivation to feed themselves after selling the rice which they grow in their paddy fields. They have no rice piled up in their kei-s to feed themselves till the crisis is over. Since the price of rice which is an everyday necessity has increased, the price of other commodities will also rise in order to make up the increased amount that people are spending on rice. The women of peasantry and the urban poor who are the road side vendors in the markets of the Valley will have to increase the price of other commodities since they are paying more for the rice.
Those who have the so-called regular income, a large section people employed by the state government, are faced with an economic crisis. They are the ones who buy the commodities from the women of the peasantry in the markets. With the state government overdrawing more money than it should, RBI has ordered the SBI to stop payments to the government of Manipur. Even if the government has assured that  government employees will get their salaries on time, the memories of overdraft in 1990s still haunts the people and the assurance does not subside the insecurities of the people. Hence, the insecurity persists. Given this insecurity, the state government employees are not going to spend a lot of money these days because of the fear that they would not get paid next month. So, those who are selling the produces would want to increase their prices because of the increase of the price of rice but it remains a question whether they can increase the prices as a large section of people are not willing to spend a lot of money on things as of now. These are a recipe for disaster.
The argument that when the state is hit by a crisis and  ministers and MLA are camping in Delhi playing the game of thrones puts pressure to the government to look into the crisis. It gives a hope that there will be some temporary respite if they listen. However, it will not guarantee any long term solution, given the political relationship that state has with the mainland. Who wins the game of thrones would hardly matter for the core issues such as the economic crisis. Our youths are not going to get jobs, the price of rice will continue to increase whoever gets the thrones. Manipur will reel under an agrarian crisis which the Economic Survey Manipur noted again and again, blaming it on the lack of irrigation.The solution of the crisis should lie somewhere but it is not in inviting more meeramcha to meddle in our affairs. Foreign Direct Investment is nothing indigenous. We should not look for answers in those places, especially when the working class of the mainland is protesting against FDI calling the policy anti-people.The situation of urban working class in the cities of India is horrifying. There are only contractual jobs where you can get fired at any point of time. We should not desire such a situation in Manipur. We need jobs for youths where they have security. We need to do away with the agrarian crisis. These are systemic economic problems. The question that where the money has gone, the timings of withdrawal of huge amounts of money by this government and the inquiry committee are all necessary but very limited.

Writer- Michael Samjetsabam

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IGAR (South)

Imphal June 15,

Keithelmanbi Battalion of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) observed “World Blood Donor Day” by organising a free health awareness campaign at Thongju village of Imphal East on 14 June 2019.

As part of the awareness campaign, various activities were undertaken by the Canchipur Company Operating Base (COB) at Thongju Village Community Hall with an aim to reach out to the needy and socially deprived section of the society and as a contribution towards ensuring well being of one and all. 

The campaign commenced with an informative lecture giving out the importance of blood donation and health by the Regimental Medical Officer. The lecture was followed by an interactive session during which various queries raised by the attendees were clarified.

A dedicated medical team under the Regimental Medical Officer provided medical assistance to the locals of the area. In addition to the medical checkup, consultation on various diseases and health related issues as well as free medicines were distributed to the needy patients.

The Battalion in a joint venture with Kangla Diagnostics, Imphal, also carried out various free of cost tests for the locals including Complete Blood Count, Liver function test, Kidney function test, Lipid profile, Blood sugar test, Thyroid test, Urine routine examination etc.

In addition, a mobile Dental clinic was also established for carrying out dental checkup of the attendees. A medical team under the Dental Officer from 12 Dental Unit Assam Rifles (DUAR) provided free dental treatment and medicines to the attendees. 

The series of activities undertaken by the battalion as part of the awareness campaign received an overwhelming response from the local populace and benefitted over 250 locals including women and children from the areas in and around Thongju village. All the attendees conveyed their heartfelt gratitude to the Assam Rifles for facilitating the medical facilities and requested for more such camps in the near future.


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Chandel, 14th June,

Yesterday Income Tax officer(TDS) Imphal, under the Joint Commissioner of tax(TDS), Shillong organised a  seminar cum awareness programme on TDS provisions under the Income tax Act-1961 for the DDOs and treasury Officers of Chandel District at DRDA hall, DC complex, Chandel

In his opening speech Deputy Commissioner, Chandel, Krishna Kumar said that the income tax return fillings are very low specially in the hill districts. He said that today’s programme is specially designed for the DDOs and the Treasury Officers of the district. He further asked all the participants present to take full advantage of today’s awareness program.

  1. Sachidananda Singh, Income tax officer (TDS), Imphal and V.Baikshang, Inspector of income tax (TDS), Imphal were present in today’s function as resource persons.

Today’s functions were attended by ADC Chandel, Dr. A. Chinglenkhomba Meetei, MCS, DDOs and Treasury Officers of different departments of the District.

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