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By- Chingkhei Luwang

Imphal, June 1,

Documents available with the Imphal Times revealed that huge amount of fund sanctioned for taking up various activities of the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT), Government of Manipur, are being misappropriated.

As per the documents, Imphal Times reporter query to the concern SCERT officials for clarification from their side went in vain as they did not give direct reply on where the fund had been utilized.

A sum of Rs. 13, 50,000/- and another amount of Rs. 10, 38, 000/- ( ten lakhs thirty eight thousands) was sanctioned on March 22, 2018 for the publications of annual report  and for conduct of study tours for the 9 (nine) DIET centres.

As per report, annual report for Senapati DIET centre was published recently, amidst the investigation period by Imphal Times reporter and his colleague reporter of another daily newspaper. However, there are no clues of any publications of any annual reports of the DIET centres.

Total amount sanction for both the activities is Rs. 23,88,000/-.

Interestingly the sum of Rs. 10, 38, 000/- was sanctioned for conducting study tour for the 9 (nine ) DIET centres , but amount which had be to sanctioned for Imphal East DIET centre is being halt on the ground that it has no 2nd year course. A document shown to Imphal Times reporter shows that the amount sanction for study tour of the 9 DIET centres have been sanctioned for 8 (eight) DIET centres without deducting the amount which has to be released for the Imphal East DIET centre.

As per information with the Imphal Times the share of amount that the Imphal East DIET center should get is Rs.  1.15 lakhs.

When the fund seems to be lost somewhere without having any physical proof of utilizations another sanction order has been released on March 14, 2019.  

Imphal Times reporter and his colleague contacted the Joint Secretary and the Director of the SCERT but took some three/four days to meet them. First meeting was with the Joint Secretary Jim Golden Thingujam who is also the DDO, but his clarification fails to clarify on the allegations of fund misappropriation by the SCERT. Imphal Times reporter could not contact the Director of SCERT, Meenakumari, but clarified from her side on the investigation being carried out by our reporter and his team. But her clarification failed to convince that there is no fund misappropriation of fund.  

Besides this two case which the Imphal Times have all the documents there are also reported cases of fund misappropriation. A reliable source said that an amount of Rs 1.5 lakh for school visit and monitoring at Imphal East DIET was never reached to Imphal East DIET Centre, Keikol.

Documents showed that the Principal of Imphal East had written to SCERT Director for release fund meant for Imphal East DIET Centre. The letter, dated on 22nd February, 2019 stated  that a sum of Rs. 17, 000,00/- (seventeen lakhs) each for all the 9 (nine) DIET centres have been released by Government during the financial year 2017- 2018 and the same has been sanctioned and credited to the DDO account on March 31 2018.

 Special Secretary of SCERT S. Kohli’s Larho further directed the Director to release fund in respect to Imphal East DIET centre on 1st March. But till now no fund was released to the specific centre.

Joint Secretary Jim while talking to Imphal Times reporter said that there wasn’t any misappropriation of funds. He clarified that there were some lapsed in putting up the files up regarding the annual tour. The external tour should be carried out only for the 2nd year and Imphal East DIET centre being in its initial stage doesn’t have any 2nd year in the previous year, so the amount regarding the external excursion was not disbursed to them. He added that a new sanction was ordered and they were all ready to disburse for the external excursion. Jim further clarified that the said unutilized amount will be return back to the government.  This fails to convinced our reporter as the total amount sanction for the 9 (nine) DIET centres has already been sanctioned for 8 (eight) DIET centres.

His clarification regarding the publications of the annual report saying that the process for publication still is underway as many DIET Centres still are yet to submit their report as it can be published anytime do not suggest any logical explanation

The State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT), Government of Manipur, was established by amalgamating the erstwhile State Institute of Education (S.I.E.) and State Institute of Educational Technology (SIET) and some other units from the Directorate of School Education in the month of February, 1989. The SCERT has since then been working for upliftment of the quality of education in the elementary stage of education as well as for achieving the goal of Universalisation of Elementary Education (UEE).

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IT News

Imphal, June 1,

Crisis at RIMS sparked by the agitations of the Non Teaching Employees Welfare Association is gaining momentum as more bodies of the institution extended support to their demand. Yesterday Nurses’ body of RIMS had stated that they extend full support to the agitation of the non teaching staffs. Today another body of the institution Teachers’ and Medical Officers; Association (TAMOA) extended moral support to their agitation.

A statement of the association said that they will lend moral support to the cause of the non teaching staffs in the interest of them and the institution.

As declared yesterday by the Non teaching staffs’ association, members of the group locked the gate of OPD, A Block, Dental Hospital and others except the casualty of RIMS at around 8.30 am today morning. Many persons / patients who came for treatment at RIMS have to return back disappointedly after seeing the gate locked with placards stating – “Go Back Director Shanta”.

A police team however broke the lock and open it on time that is around 9 am but the number of patients was seen less today. Inside the OPD as the non-teaching staffs went on strike doctors faced extreme difficulties in providing their service to the patients.

Source said that the Direct and the Medical Superintendent met the non – teaching staffs today afternoon but failed to bring any amicable solution between the two as the demand of the Non Teaching staffs now stands fixed at driving out the Director.

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IT News

Imphal, June 1,

For the welfare of those who are defending the nation, changes would be made on Prime Minister Scholarship Scheme under National Defence Fund. Prime Minister has agreed on two changes that were made on the scheme.

The amount of scholarship has increased from two thousand to two thousand five hundred rupees for boys and for girls the amount has increased from two thousand two hundred fifty to three thousand rupees. 

The scheme will be extended to those from the state police who gave their lives in counter insurgency operation and anti-naxal operations. Five hundred people from the state police forces will benefit under this scheme per year. Home minister will become nodal ministry in this matter.

National Defence Fund (NDF) was started in 1962. Its aim was to encourage those who are defending this country. The fund is now utilised as of now for the army, paramilitary force and railway protection. PM is the chairperson, home ministry and finance ministery of the executive committee which handles the fund. The fund is for the widows of the armies, paramilitary forces, and railway protection forces, both who died/retired. It is also for the technical and post graduate education of the family members of the deceased. The fund is provided to the technical institutes (medical, dental, veterinary, engineering, MBA, MCA and AICTE/UGC-recognised technical courses). Under PMSS, this new scholarship is provided to 5500 armies under defence ministry, 2000 paramilitary personals in forces under home ministry, and 150 personals in the forces under railway ministry per year.

National Defence Fund accepts online voluntary contribution on the website

Prime Minister addressed the contribution and dedication of our police personal even during festive seasons. As a nation, it is our duty to respect them and their family members. Therefore, Prime Minister has taken this decision to help the youths of their family members to pursue careers in different fields with the help of this scholarship. Prime Minister, Modi had inaugurated a National Police Memorial in his first term. It symbolises the strength and dedication of the police personals.

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IT News
Imphal, June 1,

A team of Narcotics & Affairs of Border Police (NAB) seized huge quantity of narcotic substances from a Guwahati bound truck, bearing registration number NL 01 AC 7455 at Koirengei area near CRPF camp yesterday evening.
“7 kg of Heroine (No. 4) were seized from the truck when a team of NAB search it after getting specific information” , Superintendent of Police , NAB , W Basu said while speaking to media persons.
The truck driver, Fishubam Md Riyaz khan (25) son of Md Chaoba from Mayang Imphal’s Phougakchao Makha Leikai in Imphal West district and his assistant Md Nawaz Khan (25) son of  Md Najir Ahamad from Lilong Chingjao were also arrested by the team yesterday evening.
SP NAB W Basu said that seized said narcotic drugs, is worth around Rs. 70 lakhs in local & Rs 7 Crore in international Market. As revealed by the driver and his assistant the narcotic drugs were lifted from a place at Lilong and they were told to transport the item to Guwahati.
 The two arrested persons were paraded before media persons and the seized drugs were also displayed to the media person.
The NAB still is investigating the root of the drug trafficking.
A case has been registered under NDPS Act.

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Saturday, 01 June 2019 17:14

The unintended fear psychosis

Election is an important component for the success of democracy. BJP under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Damudardas Modi creates history in Indian democracy by winning 302 seats out of the 543 seats. Lok Sabha has 545 seat at which two are nominated. Getting 303 is indeed the real mandate of the people in Indian electoral system, no matter some critic says majority of the Indian don’t vote for the. But as per the system – first past the post it is a victory that we are ought to believe.  
But then having the number or peoples’ mandate does not meant that they are handed all power to do whatever they can. Doing something that hurts a single community will definitely be an Armageddon to Democracy.    .
The post election scenario felt many people across the country – A sense of fear of uncertain future. The BJP leadership believed in a strong India. For that they had many a time highlighted to build a nation with one religion and one language. Different strategies are being taken up and had made public. For example, introduction of the Citizenship amendment Bill or the strengthening the draconian Act AFSPA.
Manipuri people have reason to worry the coming back of BJP with a landslide victory even as the people also gave their mandate to the party’s candidate.
But then, the idea of nation having one identity, one religion, one culture, one language promulgated by leaders of the party has created fear psychosis to various ethnic communities in the country. At a time when chauvinistic idealism of creating a nation of only one community is seen marching ahead, it is natural that each and every ethnic communities of the nation have reason to be feared. Because it is family first then come the society then it is the nation.
India was and is a nation of diverse people. The beauty of India is the existences of different ethnic people with diverse cultural people. It is important that if India has to prove the world as the most successful democratic country, the leaders and the so called self style son of the soil should tried to become real son of the soil by accepting that the concept of one religion, one culture and one language should not be followed in the Nation called India.
During Kargil war, two soldiers from this region, that too from a border village between Myanmar and India in the state of Manipur were martyred while fighting the Pakistani troops. Family of the two did not know the common language that their sons spoke with their fellow soldiers and moreover, the villagers of the two soldiers are fighting tough safeguarding their villages from intruders of the neighbouring villages. Yet they pray for the success of India.
The Indian administrators of the time was not the one which brought victory to the Kargil war, but it was the prayers of those thousand parents, whose sons were fighting for the country, but who never see Delhi, or who never understood the common language (Hindi) that make India success. Indeed, many critics are of the views that India is still in the process of nation building. But the reality is that India is already a nation. A nation of imagine community living under the same roof.
The peaceful co existence and communal harmony was put in dead danger with the rise of communal centric feudalism classes. They spew venom of hate feeling among the various communities for their mere selfish gain. Last few decades showed rise of many such feudalists and the rise of this class raises the feeling of enmity among the various community.
Coming back to the state of Manipur, the problem facing right now has similar roots. The force annexation is often pin point as the root of all sort of trouble here, but the reality is that the root of the entire problem facing in the state of Manipur is the chauvinistic attitude of the ruling government in the mainland India.
Instead of looking on the problem, the then ruler of the mainland India had sideline the real issue submitted by the then expert officials deputed by their government, they never tried anything to put a halt to the rise of the armed opposition group. But rather the then government incited hate feeling among various communities thinking that the same technique adopted the British ruler can suppressed any movement in the region.
Instead of taking into consideration and finding a means to end all sort of violent activism a Scheme called Surrendered Rehabilitation Schemes had been introduced and the result - people now suffered double the problem that they had faced before the coming of the scheme.
Well Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, the last President of USSR had understood the important of safeguarding each community and USSR was separated into various independent nations. Problem will be there as long as human kind exists. Because they think and act and those act are sometime negative from one’s view point even if he or she thought it right from his viewpoints.
The fear factor right now is felt to everyone. Man dies and sacrifices for their children and nation. If the fear factor grows no one can guarantee any untoward incident at which the fear factor was challenge and wipe out completely to restore the once upon a time nation state called Manipur.

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Saturday, 01 June 2019 17:13

World No Tobacco Day at Kangpokpi

Imphal June 1,

The District Health Society Kangpokpi district today observed the World No Tobacco Day at Model English Higher Secondary School, Saikul, Kangpokpi district with the theme “Tobacco and Lung Cancer”.
The function was attended by Superintendent of Police Kangpokpi Shri Hemant Pandey IPS; Dr. Kimneng Misao CMO/ District Mission Director DHS Kangpokpi; SDO Saikul Shri Subinson Sapam MCS; ZEO Kangpokpi Smt. Lhingneikim Kipgen and President Kuki Inpi Saikul Seimang Lupho as chief guest, functional president and guests of honour respectively.
Other dignitaries present in the function were Dr. J. Touthang District Immunisation Officer; Dr. Mangboi Haokip MO; Smt Neijahat Lhouvum CDPO ICDS; Demerak OC Saikul ; Principal MEHSS L.L Henjou; staffs of MEHSS and various CSOs.
Speaking on the occasion SP Hemant Pandey emphasised on the need to control the prevelance of tobacco sale as one cannot stop its production and users directly. He also assured all necessary coopeation from his department in effective implementation of NTCP in the district.
SDO Subinson Sapam also advised the students and youths against using tobacco product as a trend.
Giving the key note address, DR. John Lupheng highlighted the various effects of tobacco on human health and appealed to the gathering to ensure govt. Institutions, schools and colleges are not place for harming our lungs.
Functional president Dr. Kimneng Misao emphasised on the need to prevent the harmful effects  of tobacco and related products on the human body. She also appealed to all stakeholders to give co-operation in making a health society free from tobacco.
A joint pledge was also taken by the gathering not to use tobacco.

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IGAR (South)
Imphal June 1,

Mantripukhri Battalion of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) conducted a friendly volleyball tournament at Yaingangpokpi Company Operation Base (COB) With an aim of strengthening the bond and mutual trust between locals and Security Forces, Yaingangpokpi Company Operating Base organised a friendly volleyball tournament. The tournament witnessed participation of four teams from Mongleijang, Ngarumphung and New Cannan villages of the area.  The young players from the nearby villages showcased their talent and competitive spirit which was visible throughout the tournament. Each team played against the balance three in the best of three sets and the top two teams played in the final match. The final match was  conducted between team of Mongleijang village and Cannan village in which Cannan village team emerged winner of the tournament. All the teams participating in the tournament played with great zeal and enthusiasm and displayed great sportsmanship during the tournament. At the end, a prize distribution ceremony was also conducted in which the winning teams were felicitated with sports equipment and T-shirts. The tournament concluded with tea and refreshments for all the attendees.
The event provided a forum tothe youth of the area for interaction with troops of Assam Rifles. The villagers and youth appreciated the efforts of Assam Rifles to promote sports and ensuring healthy environment by developing good relations with the local populace.

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Saturday, 01 June 2019 17:11

Tulihal AR Saves Snake Bite Victims

IGAR (South)

Imphal June 1,

Tulihal Battalion of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) provided timely treatment to two snake bite victims.

In two separate incidents, a 28 year old man of Luker, Imphal West District and a 39 year old woman of Takyel village were bitten by poisonous snakes. Both the snake bite victims were evacuated to the Unit Hospital located at Tulihal where they were readily attended by the medical team under Regimental Medical Officer and were administered necessary life saving treatment.

The locals have expressed profound gratitude and appreciation for the noble gesture and prompt response of Assam Rifles at a crucial time to save the precious lives.

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Saturday, 01 June 2019 17:10

Assam Rifles Conducts Anti Drug Campaign

IGAR (South)

Imphal June 1,

Tulihal Battalion of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) conducted an anti-drug campaign for drug free Manipur at Maibam Konjin Social Progress Organisation Office (MKSPO), Imphal West District on Yesterday.               

The drug rally under the theme “UNITED WE STAND TO FIGHT AGAINST DRUGS FOR A DRUG FREE MANIPUR” was organised by Mayang Imphal Company Operating Base (COB) in coordination with volunteers of Maibam Konjin Social Progress Organisation (MKSPO). The campaign was planned in response to the concerns expressed by villagers, parents and meira paibis during the monthly security meet regarding apprehensions of youth of the area falling prey to the drug menace.           

As part of the campaign, an interactive lecture was conducted to generate awareness about the ill effects of drugs and to guide them to lead a healthy life. The lecture gave the audience an insight about harmful effects of drugs on the human body. The lecture was followed by an anti drug peaceful procession march which started off from Maibam Konjin Social Progress Organisation office (MKSPO) and finished at Maibam commmunity hall followed by a public meeting. The procession march witnessed energetic participation by over 300 locals of the area including elders, ladies and children. The campaign was a success in educating the locals on this sensitive issue and various measures to counter the drug menace. The event concluded with tea and refreshments for all the attendees.

The locals expressed profound gratitude to Assam Rifles for organising such awareness campaigns from time to time and appreciated the efforts and commitment of Assam Rifles to the cause of making Manipur a drug free state.


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By - Dr.Mahipal S Sachdev  Chairman, Centre for Sight

Fuchs’ Dystrophy a corneal eye disease happens when the innermost layer of the corneal cells undergoes degenerative changes. Endothelium, the cell layer in the cornea responsible for maintaining appropriate amounts of fluid in the cornea and keep it clean and clear, dies off with the progression of the disease. This happens due to the failure of the layer to pump out the excess fluid accumulation causing corneal swelling thereby affecting the vision. Gradually the condition is known to affect both the eyes causing cloudy, hazy and declining vision.
What causes Fuch’s Dystrophy?
People suffering from this disorder usually get up with a blurry vision in the morning that gradually worsens throughout the day.  The genetic basis seems quite complex with severities and degrees varying through the family members. Though genetic reasons attribute to about 50% of the cases, idiopathic cases where usually symptoms persist around 40-50 years of age are coming up even in people under the age of 30 years. According to several studies it has also been found that females are twice likely to develop the condition than male. Risk factors like smoking and diabetes are also known to trigger the condition.
What are the symptoms?
In the initial stages blurry or foggy vision is accompanied by sensitivity to light and glare that decreases the vision in dim or bright light. Progression of the condition is characterized by severe eye pain, difficulty to see in the night, poor vision and a sensation of presence of some particle in the eye. Many patients also feel like seeing colored halos around light.
How does it affect the cornea?
Cornea is the front portion of the eye comprised with three main layers –
·        Epithelium – it acts as a barrier to protect the cornea from foreign particles like dust, debris and bacteria.
·        Stroma – it builds upto 90% of the corneal thickness and is the middle layer comprising of collagens and other structural material. This layer provides, cornea the dome-shape and strength.
·        Endothelium – is the single layer located on the descemet membrane to provide the appropriate balance of fluid in the cornea.
Initially the fluid may only build up during sleep and the vision may be hazy in the morning as soon the person gets up and gets better with the day. This is the first stage of the disorder and eventually if the condition worsens, and small blisters may be formed. During the second stage, the blisters gets bigger and breaks causing eye pain, changes in the shape of the cornea leading to other vision problems. The condition when the cornea swells and forms blisters in the front of the cornea is known as bullous keratopathy.
A bio-microscopic exam of the eye will reveal any abnormalities and the ophthalmologist may also suggest some additional examinations like pachymetry test to measure the corneal thickness, a specular microscopic examination to look at the thin layer of the cells that lines the back part of the cornea along with the visual acuity test.
What are the treatment options?
Depending on the severity and degree of the symptoms, treatment also varies. Treating with eye drops and ointments along with use of special salt solution that helps in removing the excess fluid out of the cornea works best to relieve the symptoms in the initial stages. If the sores become painful, surgical intervention is needed to create flaps over the sores to reduce pain.
In the case of endothelial dystrophy and ocular hypertension, doctor recommends glaucoma eye drops to reduce the intraocular pressure (IOP) as high eye pressure can damage the corneal endothelium and worsen the condition.
The only cure for FD is a corneal transplant.
Penetrating Keratoplasty was the only option for transplant that involved to surgically removing the damaged cornea, where patients had to be too careful to ensure the wounds don’t rupture even for years.
With advancements in the field of ophthalmology, development of laser ablations, corneal transplant techniques have revolutionized the patient recovery for better vision. Decemet’s Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty (DMEK) replaces only the damaged endothelium of the cornea with a precision of upto one-twentieth of the actual corneal thickness. The tissue is carefully removed through a small incision, and the replacement donor tissue is rolled up, inserted and flattened out. Rather than stitches , the tissue is placed with an air bubble which helps in healing faster. Due to this the front surface of the cornea remains smooth and intact with DMEK which leaves the eye much stronger and less prone to accidental injury.

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