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Friday, 01 November 2019 - Imphal Times

NSCN –IM cadres feels insecure as no final settlement could be reached; Report says, many cadres left Camp Hebron, but NSCN-IM source says that only the family members are sent back

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Imphal, Nov 1

As the dust in the wind could not be settled after the NSCN-IM and the interlocutor of the India Government failed to reach any final settlement during yesterday’s talk, the interlocutor R.N. Ravi, who is also the Governor of Nagaland had time and again stated that the peace deal with NNPGs and NACN-IM will be completed on October 31 but no settlement was reached yesterday. Following that, mass protest erupts, putting normalcy to a complete halt in Manipur state on the apprehension that the territorial and political boundary of the state of Manipur may be affected. While the civil society organizations of the state organises mass alert protest preparing to face any consequences that may come after the signing of the final agreement as scheduled earlier, representatives of all political parties including the Chief Minister of Manipur went to Delhi and urged the central government authority not to sign any agreement that may put Manipur on fire.

Even as many there are conflicting reports regarding yesterday final talk, top source from the NSCN-IM said that no agreement could be reached between the NSCN-IM and the Government of India. Neither the demand for a separate flag was not agreed nor was the demand for a separate constitution or formation of a greater Nagalim accepted by the Indian authority. 

“Some of us even decided to abrogate the cease fire agreement but abrogation of the cease fire agreement will bring catastrophe to the Naga Nation and the UNO may not recognize another chances as there has been similar cease fire agreement with the Nagas earlier”, a source said.

Another source from Dimapur said to Imphal Times that many cadres of the NSCN-IM had left Camp Hebron at Dimapur as a situation of nervousness has been created with the new development. However, the NSCN-IM source said that no cadres had left but family members of the cadres who had been staying in the camp Hebron were sent back as there is uncertainty on what will comes out of the final agreement.

The NSCN-IM source also appealed people of neighbouring states not to flare up communal tension as NSCN-IM is against no other Community but is fighting for the political rights of the Nagas.     

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DIPR celebrates 71st Foundation Day; Vision to expand DIPR including opening of DIO in all 16 districts: Minister Biswajit

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Imphal, Nov 1

Government spokesperson Thongam Biswajit Singh who is also the Information and Public Relations Minister today said that the government has a firm determination to expand the present Directorate of Information and Public Relations and open well-equipped District Information Offices in all 16 Revenue districts of the State.

Biswajit was addressing the 71st Information and Public Relations Day, 2019 held this morning at the Keishampat office of the directorate.

As part of the foundation day celebration, the directorate also handed over awards in eight different categories for their outstanding service to the department

In his speech, Biswajit elaborated that the department has several shortcomings including lack of manpower, fund constraints, infrastructure and that the government has plans to develop and revamp the directorate by meeting all these shortcomings.

Elaborating further that it is his vision to see well functioning District Information Offices in all revenue districts, the Minister said that the government has been able to bridge the gap between the hills and the valley and that there is no apprehension today while visiting any corner of the State. He said this is a good sign of peace and development in the State. 

The IPR Minister said it is to everyone’s knowledge that media houses face several limitations and pressures; however, we should ensure that our media houses are independent so that their reporting is clear and unbiased. At the same time, media houses and journalists should maintain a balanced reporting, he said.

The IPR Minister also expressed the need for the DIPR and media houses to work in close proximity. He said that the DIPR and the media should strengthen their relation to win the trust of the public. He said that the DIPR and media should go together and share a positive and constructive relation to develop Manipur, he said.

It is time for all section of the society to take responsibility and co-operate with each other to develop Manipur, he added.

 Meanwhile, highlighting some initiatives and achievements of the DIPR, the Minister said that the DIPR has introduced the Manipur Journalists’ Welfare Schemes, Manipur Journalists’ Pension Scheme for the welfare of the media fraternity of the State.

DIPR has been educating and sharing information on various government programmes, policies and schemes through social media platforms like You-tube, Facebook and DIPR apps, he added.

Commissioner IPR Kh Raghumani said that DIPR plays and important role in sharing information about the various departments and their schemes to the public.

Adding that the directorate is facing various shortcomings at the moment, the commissioner also reiterated the need to expand the directorate and strengthen it.

He further highlighted the initiatives of the department including educating public on government schemes, conducting internal and external tours for media persons, etc.

Director IPR, H.Balkrisna Singh said DIPR is in a transitional phase now. The directorate is moving to its own office building at Keishampat from the temporary office at Manipur State Transport office complex.

Seeking cooperation of all, he said that the directorate is also hoping to complete the shifting process by the end of this year.

The award for staffs of the department is being given to motivate and encourage the staffs who work round the clock, he added.

He further said that the award is a kind of recognition and acknowledgement of the staffs to boost their moral. He said this will also act as a realization to our responsibilities. He further encouraged the staff to continue performing and to perform better.

As part of the function, Biswajit also released the October issue of Manipur Today.

The recipients of the awards are Tenshubam Ranita (Reporter), Nongmainganbi Maibam (Reporter) and Irungbam Prabin (Information Assistant) for Outstanding Performance in News Reporting; Joshep Longjam (Translator) for Outstanding Performance in News Reporting (District); Keithelakpam Kiran and Pukhrihongbam Romesh (Photographers) in Outstanding Performance in Photo Video Service; Banabanta Ngangom (Data Entry Operator) Outstanding Performance in Publication Works; Thangjam Dhananjoy Singh (Cinema Operator) and Wangkheirakpam Panorama Devi (Announcer) in Outstanding Performance in Field Work; Akoijam Chinglen (LDC) and RS Ngasaiphung (LDC) in Outstanding Performance in Establishments & Accounts; urikhinbam manitomba Singh, Ningthoujam Tomba Singh (Drivers) and L.Samamnanda Singh and S.Jitendra Singh (Grade IV staffs) for Outstanding Performance amongst Class-D staffs and Singam Peter (Grade-IV) in Special Commendation Award.

Biswajit alongwith officials of the department also inspected the new building

Today’s function was attended by retired officials and staffs of the directorate, present officials and staffs of the directorate, representatives from media firms of the State among others.

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State Level Kut 2019 Celebrated; Governor urged not to resort to violence, including bandhs and blockades

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Imphal, Nov 1

Citizens of Manipur being a responsible people should ensure that differences are settled through talks and negotiations & not resort to violence, including bandhs and blockades as it severely impacts the poorer section of the society. This was stated by Governor Dr. Najma Heptulla today at the noon session of the State Level Kut Celebration, 2019 held at 1st MR Ground, Imphal.
Addressing the gathering as Chief Guest, Governor said “Kut Festival”   is a festival of thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest and one of the most important festivals not only for the Kuki Mizo Chin groups but of the entire State. Kut Festival is celebrated in Manipur every year on the 1st of November. Manipur is always bustling with the cycle of numerous festivals. The festivals of Manipur project their cultural, social and religious aspirations. These festivals are perfect for removing the monotony of life and help the people lead a fuller and better life.
She stated that the Kut Festival is one of the greatest festivals in Manipur and an autumn festival of the different tribes of Kuki Chin Mizo groups of people in Manipur. The festival has been variously described at different places amongst different tribes as Chavang Kut or Khodou. The Kut Festival is a thanksgiving festival which includes songs and dances along with merry making. The festival is observed every year in the honor of the giver of an abundant harvest.
She further said that the Kuki Mizo Chin groups have their own unique and distinct cultural heritage and this is reflected in their various festivals. Kut is one such festival held during autumn and this festival provides an opportunity to introspect on our past and plan for the future. This festival which includes songs and dances is now participated in not only by the Kuki Mizo Chin groups but by other communities also thereby strengthening the bonds of friendship and is a harbinger of peace, harmony and progress.
She is hopeful that the celebration of “Kut” this year will not only help in promoting collective identity of our Kuki Mizo Chin brethren but will spread the message of peace, love, communal harmony, friendship and brotherhood amongst the different communities in the north east and especially in Manipur. Manipur as everyone knows is full of problems and rifts are being created between communities challenging the age-old tradition of peaceful co existence. These gulfs rather than being narrowed are being widened. In such an environment, the growth curve is stymied, even though the State has huge potential. With increase in population, pressure on land is bound to increase thereby creating new conflicts. We have seen this in the past not only in Manipur but elsewhere also and this will rear its ugly head in the future also.
In her speech, Governor also urged to cast aside our self centered egos and policies of the various ethnic groups and work for the overall welfare of the State. Emotional integration cannot be achieved in a single day but a start needs to be made so that we can build on it.
As soon the Governor arrived at the venue, pounding of Traditional Gong was followed by Release of Kut Souvenir, 2019 by the Chief Guest. ‘Kut Pa 2018’ Haukhothang Baite, Ex-MDC, Ex-President, BNC was honoured with a presentation of memento and a shawl by State Level Kut Committee Chairman, Vungzagin Valte MLA & Chairman (MTDC) and Secretary, Paotinmang Doungel, IPS, ADGP.
Cultural dance were performed by various Cultural troupe like Aimol, Chiru, Paite, MU Eimi Welfare Society, Kom, Maring, Simte, Tedim-Chin and Thangkhal.

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COCOMI says they will continue alert campaign; set ultimatum to political parties

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Imphal, Nov 1

Coordination Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI) today said that the organization will continue alert campaign and stage protest of various kinds until the Government of India assured that the integrity of the state both political and geographical is safe. In a press conference held today, Convenor of the COCOMI Sunil Karam said that as there is apprehension among the people of the state on the issue of the safety of Manipur’s integrity the COCOMI will continue the alert protest. He said that as per media report it is not sure about the fate of the state as there is likely to happen anything against the will of the people of the state. He also questioned the Government of India for keeping the agreed points between the NSCN-IM and the Government of India yesterday.

“The political parties representatives should urged the central authority and put the agreement reached between the NSCN-IM and the Government of India at the public domain within 2nd of this month”, Sunil Karam said and warn of serious agitation if they come  back empty hand.

Meanwhile, representatives of the political party who had been camping at New Delhi in connection with the signing of the peace agreement returned today. BJP representative L Basanta said that the Union Home Minister had stated that no final agreement has been signed.

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Students threatens stirs if security are not relocated from the college campus

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Imphal, Nov. 1

MB College student Union has demanded the authority concerned to relocate the central paramilitary forces which are presently stationed at  Maharaja Bodhachandra College.
The Student’s Union has also raised concern at the apprehension and fear which may cause to students by the unexpected deployment of security forces within the college campus.
A press released from the College Students’ union General Secretary Kh.Dilson questions the reason for deploying the large number of security force at the college campus. The Union appealed the authority concerned to clarify on the matter and revoke the orders for allowing security force inside the college campus. It also warned that if the security forces stationed are not withdrawn at the earliest, intense agitations will ensue.

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NEFIS demands removal of Para-Military Personnel from colleges in Manipur

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Imphal, Nov 1

North-East Forum for International Solidarity (NEFIS) Manipur Unit expressed strong criticism to the Manipur Government and Directorate of Higher Education, Manipur for stationing para-military personnel in Modern College and MB College of Imphal East. The said para-military personnel are being stationed on the pretext of law and order situation in Manipur.
“NEFIS believes that academic institutions should not be interfered for administrative purposes by the government and hence their space should not be used by para-military personnel as it would obstruct the education of the students. NEFIS demands that para-military personnel should be relocated somewhere else and steps should be taken to ensure that students’ education is not hampered”, a statement said.

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Bridge the trust to restore peace

An assurance by a Prime Minister or the Union Home Minister conveyed through the Chief Minister of Manipur should have been enough to calm the people of the state from any kind of fear psychosis lingering to the mind of the people of the state. However, the trust deficit that they failed to bridge fails to calm the people of this state. A statement released by Press Information Bureau of the central government which said that no final agreement between the NSCN-IM , NNPGs and the GoI was signed yesterday, even fails to find a place to either believe it or not. It was not the credibility of the PIB but it was the bitter instances of those in the highest post of the country had committed. If one remember, it was on June 13 of 2001 that the then Union Defence Minister George Fernandez, while speaking to a gathering at GM Hall here in Imphal announced that, no agreement that the people of the state opposed including extension of cease fire between the government of India and NSCN-IM beyond the state of Nagaland will be signed. It was on the next day, i.e.  on June 14, 2001, after the then Defence Minister had left Imphal, the then interlocutor of that time Mr. Padmabhaya , signed the agreement with the leadership of the NSCN-IM by adding three words to the extension of the cease fire –”without territorial limit”, which was against the assurance of the then Defence Minister of India a day before. The result of adding the three words that the defence minister assured to exclude it from the agreement , had burnt the entire state of Manipur. The world witnessed burning of the state legislative Assembly, along with many government quarters and offices of political parties. The tears still wet mothers, widows and son and daughters of 18 people who died during the bloodiest uprising for protection of the territorial and political boundary of the state. Left with no choice the then government had removed the 3 words “without territorial limits” from the agreement on July 27 of that year.
Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi had assured many times that Manipur’s interest will never be hurt while solving or settling the issues with the NSCN-IM. The words were also echoed by many BJP leaders who are in power including the strong man Amit Shah , the Union Home Minister of the country. Unlike other Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah combo led government is a bit different. Since they started running the country most of the words promised by them have been seen fulfilled, no matter they get votes or not during election , they always stand with what they had promised to the people. The first term of Narendra Modi led NDA government witnessed many outdated law being scrapped after he announced that outdated laws will be scrapped while delivering speech at Medison Square garden. However, for reason best known, AFSPA is still not scrapped.
So the point wanted to drew the attention of the government is that if they really want the people to have trust in the government to believe in whatever announce or declare by the Prime Minister or Home Minister, let it be converted into action, leaving aside the political gain.
Manipur have been a more peaceful state today if the so called promises are being fulfilled. Now one way to calm the people and to restore the peaceful coexistence in the state is to let everything known to the public. Settling the issue of NSCN-IM is what people of the entire North east region have desired . What ever agreed and whatever the NSCN-IM demanded should be made public and it is perfect time now as the final settlement has been reached yesterday. It’s time now that  the government of India placed the demand of the NSCN-IM in public domain and also the agreed points of the government that the NSCN-IM had demanded. Otherwise , the trust deficit between the common people and the Political leaders running the country can never be bridged.

PREPAK welcomes the exiled government

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Imphal, Oct 31

Proscribed group People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) while welcoming the announcement by Yambem Biren and Narengbam Samarjit about a formation of an exile government expressed strong supports to them.
“The announcement of the independence of Manipur from India and the formation of a Government in Exile government called Manipur State Council on 29/10/2019 in London is whole heartedly supported by PREPAK”, a statement said.
The statement said that after the annexation of Manipur by India in 1949, there have been various revolutionary movements, both democratic and armed, and even though PREPAK believes in armed revolutionary movement, they have also been extending their trust and support on democratic ways to restore the nation’s lost independence, said Leibaak Ngakpa Luwang, Secretary-in-charge, Publicity and Propaganda, PREPAK, in their statement. PREPAK believes that the restoration of the lost independence is only possible when people start participating in their own respective capabilities. The statement expresses PREPAK’s support for the democratic step of Yambem Biren and Narengbam Samarjit by taking asylum in the United Kingdom and requests people to support it, considering it a part of the revolutionary movement. The armed rebel group recounts the 2000 years old history of Manipur ruled by 84 kings and the event on September 21, 1949, when India forcefully made King Bodhachandra sign a merger agreement using military force without consulting the hill and valley people.
It further adds India announcing Manipur as a Part-C state on October 15, 1949, under the control of a Commissioner. After 70 years of their rule, people of Manipur have been living like slaves and facing the tortures of their draconian laws and black laws, says the statement. Adding to this, the rebel group says that various people of Manipur are now coming out openly against India’s rule, expressing their desire to live with the taste of freedom even for a day instead of living this meaningless life.
This itself proves that it is a result of years of struggle by various revolutionary groups, says PREPAK and further states that the successful development of freedom struggles in countries around the world is the right spirit of revolution and is possible only because of people’s strength of unity. Only the strength of unity and truth can overthrow the colonial rule, not with divisive thoughts, adds the statement. In their latest statement, the armed rebel group further expresses that it is now clearly visible that the revolutionary movement for freedom that the people have been fighting to achieve for years is somewhat approaching its fruition because of the decision of the two respectable personalities. The statement concludes with PREPAK requesting the people of Manipur to support them in their movement.

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