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Items filtered by date: Tuesday, 24 April 2018 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

MPCC reveals another scams at MDS; says work order awarded for the similar works already awarded to another agency

Imphal, April 24,

Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) today revealed another scams at Manipur Development society saying that a work order has been awarded to a contractor firm for the similar work that has been already awarded and the amount has been withdrawn by the later. 

“ Around Rs. 3 crores which has been sanction for 10 different works awarded to IFD Designing Construction and Manufacturer firm on May 25, 2016 has been found withdrawn by one special contractor identified as SN Panmei”, MPCC spokesperson Hareshwar Goshwami said during a press conference held today at Congress Bhavan, here in Imphal.

He said the work orders for 10 different works including renovation and construction of Manpur Public Service Commission (MPSC) had been awarded to the IFD Designing Construction and Manufacturer firm in May 25, 2016. However, another work order for the similar works at MPSC has been awarded to a firm M/S SN Panmei  on November 23 , 2017.

Goshwami said that the owner of the firm SN Panmei withdraw all the money which was supposed to be received by the IFD Designing Construction and Manufacturer firm as the work has been already undertaken by them. When asked who owned the IFD Designing Construction and Manufacturer firm Goshwami said that it is not about who owned the firm or not but it is about the misappropriation of the public money by breaking the norms.

On another case the MPCC spokesperson said that 2nd and 3rd instalment nutrition items means for distribution to Anganwadi centers has not been released, after the first instalment.

“This is a clear deprivation of the rights of the children, government should make clarification on why the nutrients and other edible items for children of anganwadi are not distributed on time”, Goshwami said.

The Congress spokesperson demanded immediate probe on the scams in MDS scam while stating that the present BJP government is not sincere.

“Why the government is taking so long in the CDA case even after 24 days?” he asked

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KSA condemned appointment of non-Manipuri Principal

Imphal, April 24,

Kangleipak Students’ Association (KSA), strongly condemn the posting of non-Manipuri Principal at NG College, Lamphelpat and demanded strict actions against SDO and SDC who have authorise permanent residential certificate to the non-Manipuri.

A sit-in-protest was also stage at the MPSC office gate, North A.O.C.

Speaking to media persons, Ningthoujam Chetan, President KSA said that on July 21, 2017, notification for the recruitment of 25 government college principles was sought under the MPSC where one non-Manipuri named Gopal Chandra Bag was selected among the 14 which legally not eligible as he was  not a permanent residence of Manipur.

Now he has been posted as the principal of the NG College, Lamphelphat which is unacceptable by KSA, he added.

Chetan also said that KSA found out after thorough investigation that Gopal Chandra Bag was a residence of Howrah, West Bangal through his identity card provided by the Department of Higher Education and currently staying at a rent in Paona Keithel.

On what ground the screening was done for a non-permanent persons and how SDO and SDC have provide the permanent residential certificate, Chetan questions.

Drawing the attention of the concerned government authority, KSA demanded appropriate actions against SDO, SDC and the MPSC Secretary and Chairman over the matter.

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Playing last post on Khongjom War memorial day is irrelevant

Commemorating the battle of Khongjom, where our forefathers fought the mighty British army at Khebaching in April, 1891, with just swords and spears, the state government yesterday paid fitting tribute to the martyred at Khongjom War Memorial Complex. Recalling the spirit, courage and sacrificed of our forefathers and paying tribute to them in Manipuri’s traditional ways mark the observance.

The last Anglo – Manipuri war – being remembered as the battle of Khongjom where our forefathers fought fearlessly at Kheba Ching was a historically important event. It was an event which proves the essence of patriotisms of our forefathers, their courage, spirit and sacrificed for the sake of their motherland. It was indeed worth praising the way that the state government organised the memorial function of the historic war in such a grand manner.

When everything was praiseworthy, two things seen during the celebration make the people ponder upon the essence of observing the day as that struck to everybody’s mind on whether the day is being observed to pay respect to our forefathers who had sacrificed fighting the mighty British force.

The observance begins by paying gun salute which was followed by “Last Post”, which is debatable as we the people are paying tribute to our forefather who fought the British troops.   

The “Last Post” is either a bugle call within British infantry regiments, or a  cavalry trumpet call in British cavalry and Royal Regiment of Artillery (Royal Horse Artillery and Royal Artillery), and is used at Commonwealth military funerals, and ceremonies commemorating those who have been killed in war. Its duration varies typically from a little over one minute to nearly three minutes.  For ceremonial use, the Last Post is often followed by “The Rouse”, or less usually the longer “Reveille”

Playing Last Post bugle at Khongjom day commemoration is irrelevant as had its origin in British Army and with the British Legacy it is being played in military funerals and farewells in almost all the commonwealth nations. As British were enemies of Manipuries who fought at Khongjom Battle we are not doing justice to our forefathers by playing last post bugle during the Khongjom day commemoration.

On the other hand, the scene seen at the Khomjom War memorial site where the state function was organised showed a signed of reviving the VIP/VVIP culture. It is no wrong arranging separate passages for those elected representatives or the head of the state as security matters. But neglecting the passage of the common people leaving it with dirt and pebble showed how the organisers cared for common people. A clean and well maintain route for the VIPs or VVIPs and entry passage filled with dirt and pebble is nothing but showing the people that VIPs or VVIPs are more important than the common people who came to pay their tribute to the martyred Khongjom War Heroes.

MPCC mocks ‘Go to Village’ mission

Imphal, April 24,

‘Go to Village’ slogan is not a new mission as the slogan was already started in 1988 by the then state government. Speaking to media persons at Congress Bhavan today , spokesperson of MPCC Hareshwar Goshwami said that instead of the starting the new mission why could not the present government empowered the Panchayat body by devolution of power to them.

Development of villages will only be possible if the local bodies like the Panchayat have been empowered. It is surprising to see the government starting another slogan for mere publicity instead of doing the real work under the already existed system, the congress spokesperson added.


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SSUM demand enquiry on Fake encounter cases

Imphal, April 24,

Socialist Students’ Union of Manipur (SSUM) today in a press release questioned the state government about the reasons behind the non-removal of the draconian Act – The  Armed Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA), where many innocent civilians have been the victims, from Manipur State though Centre and State Government have announced the insurgency condition has improve in the state

Naorem Tanoranjan, Convenor SSUM in the press release stated that many of the fake encounter cases occurred during the Congress rule are already under inquiry by Supreme Court order and one Indian Army Naib Subedar has come out about numerous fake encounters and surrender drama with proofs which has been publish in today’s leading newspapers in the state and one Manipur Police Personal Th Herojit has already confessed about many of the fake encounters which he have committed that have been committed by police personnel to the court which is first in the history to confess by a police personnel.

Despite the confession made by Th Herojit, no proper inquiry or actions have been taken up to punish the culprits till date which is regrettable for our state.

Even in the election manifesto of BJP, clearly mentions that Fake Encounters will be investigate thoroughly and no one will be excused, Tanoranjan asserts.

Tanoranjan also states that at such situation state government should take up proper actions rather than denying the facts of those confessions.

Cases related to Fake Encounters and implementing Suo Moto Cases of today’s report flash in the newspapers, the cases should be hand over to CBI or National Agency to investigate thoroughly, he asserts.

One the other hand, the AFSPA which has been revoke from Meghalaya and some part of Arunachal Pradesh, AFSPA should also be revoke from Manipur as Union Home Minister and State government has already announced the insurgency problems and law and order conditions is improve in Manipur State.

Unfortunately, the non-revoke of AFSPA from Manipur has cause many confusions to the general civilians.

The only question remains is, for how long the innocents civilians are going to be tortured by the mainland Indian army under the AFSPA act, Tanoranjan Asserts.

Considering the facts that many of the arms groups have been on peace talk and on SoO states with the government and no news of arm violence have been heard in the state so far, SSUM demands the concern and state government to revoke AFSPA from Manipur state at the earliest.

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Armed rebel group KYKL to observe 24th foundation day on April 25; Chairman N. Oken greets the people

Imphal, April 24,

Armed rebel group Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup (KYKL) is observing its 24th Foundation Day tomorrow, the 25th April. Chairman of the armed group N. Oken greets the people of WESEA and Kangleipak in connection with the foundation day.

In his message, Chairman of the KYKL, N. Oken categorically analysed the present condition of the WESEA region and the revolutionary movement.

“WESEA region has become a colonial region of the mainland India, even as the colonisation of the region has not been accepted by the people”, Oken said.

The statement further added that since 1956 till today there has been armed struggle in the region. From 1990 onwards major communities of the region had started the freedom struggle without going back, it added.

In the name of creating federal states, the states in the corner has been occupied and created a nation state without foundation.

In 2018 even though there is no turning back to the revolutionary struggle, a lot of changes has been noticed mentally. Before 1980 even though the people has been physically colonised, colonization of the mind of the people was very few. Even among those people who followed similar religion with the mainland people, there were not many who were colonised by the mainland people. However, today the colonisation of mind among the majority is coming to the picture clearly.

Following the culture of the mainland people – in term of dress code, festival and even in the kind of crimes committed by them has become a culture of this region. Electing of BJP which is dedicated to Hindu religion in Chritian dominated state Nagaland in the recently held election is a signed of completion of the Mayangnisation in the region.

The statement also stated that in 1972 when the then Prime Minister came to celebrate the attainment of statehood by Manipur in the state, he was welcome with our own language Meiteilon. In 2018 when the Prime Minister visit the state he was welcome with Hindi language. The governor of Meghalaya had delivered speech in the state assembly of Meghalaya in Hindi. The Chief Minister of Manipur have no shame to connecting the region with Hindu Mythology. The Mythology of Hindu mainland had been spread far and wide till Arunachal Pradesh after 1962 India – China War.

The recent speech by Chief Minister N. Biren during the reception of the prime Minister at which he stated that we have now parents to look after us reveals his unconscious or sub-conscious mindsets. The statement is term as accepting the relationship between masters and slaves at America.

Oken appealed the intellectuals and the common people not to let our mind colonised even if they have physically colonised us.

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Fire on Shirui Festival

Ukhrul, April 24,

Happy mood of those coming to celebrate the festival panic for some time after freak fire accident occurred today at the kitchen where the foods of VIPs including the Chief Minister, was being prepared during their stay at Ukhrul for inauguration of 2nd Shirui Festival. No persons were injured in the accident but food items prepared for the VIPs were burnt.

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IG CRPF & 109 Bn CRPF extends help to Old Age Home, Mongsangei

Imphal, April 24,

After rendering three years services in Manipur and Nagaland Sector CRPF, Vikram Sahgal, IGP, CRPF is leaving Manipur shortly on transfer to Delhi. IGP, M&N Sector and 109 Bn CRPF have been constantly supporting and extending help to the inmates of the Old Age Home, Mongsangei through several civic action programmes. Yesterday, Vikram Sahgal, IGP along with Vinod Kumar, Commandant visited the Old Age Home and distributed toiletry items to the inmates of the old age home.

Speaking during the function Vikram Sahgal, IGP stated that it is the duty of each and every responsible citizens of the society to take care of the senior citizens. He further stated that he has been visiting the Old Age Home and extending help whenever possible. He also handed over Rupees 5000/- (Five Thousand only) financial assistance to the General Secretary of the Old Age Home. B. Sanamacha Sharma, General Secretary Old Age Home, Mongsangei thanked Vikram Sahgal, IGP and Shri Vinod Kumar, Commandant and 109 Bn, CRPF for their noble gesture.

Later, 109 Bn, CRPF organized a farewell function for Vikram Sahgal, IGP followed by Barakhana. The function was attended by Mohinder Kumar, DIGP, Brig. S.K. Sharma, DIGP and Commandants of Manipur based CRPF units and officers and men of 109 Bn, CRPF.

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Assam Rifles Ex-Servicemen Rally

Imphal, April 24,

Assam Rifles is organizing a mega ex-servicemen rally at the Indoor stadium of Khuman Lampak here in Imphal on April 28.

A statement of the PRO (IGAR(S)) said that the Mega event will be presided by Major General Virendra Singh, VSM, Inspector General Assam Rifles (South).

The statement added that around 1000 Assam Rifles veterans from all over Manipur are likely to attend the event. Transportation for all the participants will be provided from Assam Rifles Transit Camp, Minuthong to the venue (Indoor Stadium KhumanLampak, Imphal).

During the rally, medical aids will also be distributed as per the requirement. A number of stalls such as medical checkup, registration of AADHAR Cards, opening of Bank Accounts and Grievance Redressal Cell will also be set up to facilitate the Assam Rifles Veterans, the statement added.

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