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Items filtered by date: Friday, 20 April 2018 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

The crisis ahead; this is more dangerous

The state is beginning to reel under the relentless summer heat, despite the fact that the summer is yet to peak. As usual we will be experiencing the hottest temperature which is more than last year.
Most of the water bodies have dried up or are going to very soon. Reports of brewing tensions between localities arising out of utilization of common water resources, or the prevention thereof, have started pouring in from all parts, and the supply of water by the PHED have stopped in most areas of the state citing unavailability of the same.
Unlike last year some respite is seen with rain god blessing. However, it has been reported that the agricultural products in most parts of the state will see a decline this harvest season. The present situation does not augur well for the state and its people.
The impending crisis is not totally unexpected, nor natural. The past few years have seen a rapid decline in the forest areas, and despite the enforcement of the ban on deforestation and transportation of forest products in the state, at least on paper, the ground reality cannot be further from the truth. Government officials entrusted with enforcing the ban have joined hands with the smugglers to make the clandestine operations of transporting forest products smoother and more profitable, for a considerable amount of “considerations” no doubt.

The haphazard activities one has come to associate with the constructing of canals and drains in the state which undoubtedly benefits the contractors and the officials overseeing the work has their own part to play, with unconnected drains that runs above the existing roads, making it impossible for the excess water to flow down towards thee drains and canals. The result has been the consistently increasing instances of floods, even after the briefest of drizzle, especially in and around the city- a sight which was a rarity when natural drains connected each and every part of the valley, forming an effective and natural network of drainage.
The botch-up of the sewage project is perhaps the most prominent reminder of the half hearted attempt of the State Government at incorporating modern methods of development and town-planning, albeit with very limited knowledge, resources and most importantly without the political will to see it through. The much talked about benefits of Rain Water Harvesting has not been introduced in the State with right earnest as it ought to have been years ago, nor has there been any strict checks and inspections for proper utilization and treatment of water which is supplied by the Public Health Engineering Department to the consumers for as long as the present generation can remember.
Having said that, there is still time, although very limited, for the Government to act and make an earnest effort to address the present situation. Some works seen taken up like cleaning a portion of river bed or passing law for preservation of wet land are not enough. It will never be a permanent solution until those in the government acted with a mission.
Reforestation, Cleaning up the huge water bodies and ensuring they are kept that way- rivers and lakes that dot the state, as well as proper connection of the drainage systems- drains and canals, with the completion of the perennially delayed sewage system will certainly make a noticeable difference in the situation. Introduction of rain water harvesting methods in right earnest with incentives to adopt the same will go a long way in empowering the people to stock up on the elixir of life and prevent future panic situations.

MPCC President Haokip pours down slashing criticism to Chief Minister Biren and state BJP President Bhabananda

Imphal, April 20,

War of words between Congress and BJP begins here in the state with the President of the Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) throwing back hard words responding to the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh and State BJP President Bhavananda .
“ Try cleaning your ground first instead of doing politics in National issues”, TN Haokip appealed to Chief Minister N. Biren Singh and State BJP President Bhabananda responding their demand for apology to the AICC President Rahul Gandhi.
“Our President Rahul Gandhi cannot apologies for saving BJP President Amit Shah”, Hoakip said recalling the political position of N. Biren Singh in December1, 2014 .

He further added that the Justice Loya ecounter case is a serious issue which involved the BJP National President Amit Shah. Since BJP came to power, Judiciary has been put under their control and perhaps for the first time in the history of India, 4 Supreme Court Judges came to media protesting against the chief justice of India Deepak Mishra.    
The BJP are spreading fault propaganda to protect Amit Shah as a PIL to constitute an independent enquiry committee to investigate the murder case of Justice Loya has been filed.
“ As per the Rule of Business of the Parliamentary affairs 50 MPs can move motion for impeachment in the parliament, today 71 opposition members have signed submitted for impeachment of Chief Justice Deepak Mishra to the Chairman of Rajya Sabha Venkaih Naidu”, TN Haokip said.
“ I hardly comes to press as we have been waiting to see what the BJP had promise during election in 15 months, but as the state Chief Minister and the State BJP now started throwing stomes over the national issue I have to clarify , or else people will be misleaded”, Haokip added.
The MPCC President further said that in 4 years of BJP rules ATMs in the country has gone dry, law and order have been totally crumbled as women are not safe, journalist are not safe. Many writers and journalist had left the country after receiving threats for writing against the BJP. Many journalist have been killed . TN Haokip further appealed the Chief Minister N. Biren and State BJP President Bhabananda to clean the state and to do works that they promise for the state instead of playing politics on certain national politics.

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8 houses gutted in fire accident at border town Moreh

Imphal, April 20,

At least eight (8) houses were gutted in a freak fire accident that occurred from a candle burnt at Premnagar area of Indo-Myanmar border town Moreh near Gate No. 2 last night. One person sustained serious burnt and has been evacuated at a hospital in Imphal.
Report reaching here said that freak fire accident occurred at around 10.30 pm yesterday. Fire tender of the government fire service which rushed the site failed to extinguish with limited tankers. However, with the assistance of the private water tanker vehicles, the fire was extinguished before it spread wider. According to our Moreh Correspondent, the place where the fire broke out is only few metres away from the fire service substation.  But private water tankers vehicles of Moreh area and Fire Tender from Myanmar side and people of the area rushed and extinguished the fire from spreading further before the Fire Tender of the Fire service reached the spot.
Moreh people expressed dissatisfaction to the irresponsive attitude of the Fire Service and urged government to investigate on why they took so long in reaching the spot.
Chairman, Autonomous District Council ,Chandel, Lukhosei Zou today extended immediate monetary help for the victims at around 11 am today.

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Khongman GP members demand replacement of PS

Imphal, April 20,
Seven (7) elected representatives of a local body – Khongman Gram Panchayat (GP) including ward members and an Up-Pradhan today demanded replacement of Panchayat Secretary Sanasam Maichon Devi, alleging failure to co-operate with them.
“We demand immediate replacement of Sanasam Maichon Devi by transferring her to other Gram Panchayat”, Athokpam Premjit, Up-Pradhan of the GP said in a press meet held at the Community Hall of Khongman Zone -1 today afternoon. He further said that if the government fails to transfer the Panchayat Secretary Maichon Devi and replace her with someone who is friendly to the ward members by April 24, than the members along with the people of the Gram Panchayat will launch intensified form of agitation in the next day.    
The other members signed for replacement of the Panchayat Secy. Maichon are Brahmacharymayum Sunita Devim Sanasam Sonolata Devi, Ningombam Sakhitombi Devi, Ningombam Kiranbala Devi, Yengkokpam Ibemcha Devi and Seram Khogendro @ Gogo.

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75th Anniversary of Khurai Bombing Observed

Imphal, April 20,

Paying floral tributes to the memorial of the victims and the departed souls of the bombing, 75th Anniversary of Khurai Chingambam Mandop Bombing was observe today at Khurai Chingangbam Mandap.
Speaking to Imphal Times, Kh Nimaicharan, Kh Nimaicharan, lost his father on the faithful day said that the horrific event and one of the biggest in the history of Manipur where more than 100s’s were killed during bombing by Japanese from air at the Chingangbam Mandap.
In memory and remembrance of the victims who have lost their lives in the bombing, the commemoration is being observed, he added.
Nimaicharan also said that the victims’ family had appeals and memorandum have been submitted to government to preserve the site as the historical monument under the historical monument act.
Though a positive response have not yet receive, a positive view of the government to preserve the site can be seen and if they announce the site will be preserve as historical monument, victims’ families are keen to observe a big commemoration for the entire Manipur and tell the story about how the horrific event was occurred and what were the consequences that have suffered by the victims during that time, he added. The victims family narrates the  bombing was one of the nightmare in the history of Manipur as the largest loss of civilian lives in one incident in Manipur throughout World War II.
Yumnam Rajeshwor, President, Co-Founder of Imphal Campaign Foundation, WW2 had taken a big role in commemorating the event by handing over the facts documents of the event from British archives collected from Manipur soil during the WW2 history.
On 74th anniversary, a list of names (around 100 including in and around Khurai and its nearby area till Chingaral area) that have lost their lives in the bombing was also handed over to the victims’ family by Yumnam Rajeshwor.
It may be recall that on April 20, 1943, the Japanese Army started dropping bombs at various part of Manipur in an effort to wipe out the Allied forces, unfortunately one of the bombs dropped landed on Khurai Chingangbam Mandap where a large group of people had gathered for a religious feast.
More than 100 civilians were killed on that day, some on the spot right after the bomb had dropped and some scrummed to injuries at the hospital including those who were travelling on the nearby road.
A memorial place has also been constructed at Khurai Chingangbam Mandap to mark the site where the bombing took place. A photograph which was taken immediately after the bombing has also been put up to depicts the destruction which occurred that day. In recent years, the number of people visiting the memorial has increased due to the rise in tourists exploring the nearby Kohima and Imphal battle sites. The memorial had the words ‘Dedicated to the memory of those Unfortunate Number of Civilian Victims of the Japanese Bombing Disaster that had occurred at this Place of the then Khurai Chingangbam Mandap on the 20th of April, 1943 during the 2nd World War’ which the memorial stone was donated by Kh Nimaicharan.
Mention may be that Deputy Chief of Japanese embassy Shunichi Inoue had apologies to the victims’ family for whatever happen during the war and shared the grief and sorrow of the families of the bombing where more than 100 locals of the khurai and its nearby surrounding areas lost their lives on behalf of the Japanese soldiers of the WW2 on the 74th commemoration day observed last year.

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SEACO extends support to govt. ban on betel leaf

Imphal, April 20,
South East Asia Cultural Organisation (SEACO) today extended support to the recent banning of betel leaf in the state by the state government. The organization however, cautions the government to make it a long lasting one. Forest Minister Th. Shyamkumar had announced the ban of betel leaf and exemption of tax from transporting the betel leaf.
In a press statement, the organisation said that most measures taken up by the government like banning of intoxicants lasted just for few days and appeared it as for publicity purpose. The organization said that there are many people who are addicted to the betel leaf Zarda pan. Some began using since early morning till late at night. The eating of pan with tobacco product- Zarda has become a fashion. Lakhs of rupees have been spent by the people and drained outside the state on eating pan and the government measures is an appreciable move , the SEACO statement said.

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ZSWVA appeals to name Zaoranao Sinshim and First priority to 200 Women Vendors

Zaoranao Sinshim Women Vendors Association (ZSWVA),Phungreitang, Ukhrul today appeals the newly constructed market shed at Phungreitang, Ukhrul which is going to inaugurate By Chief Minister of Manipur on April 24, 2018 under the name Ima Keithel be name  Zaoranao Sinshim as it was named before and the first priority of the market shed be given to the 200 women vendors of the association.

Speaking to media persons at Manipur Press Club, Majorkhul, member of ZSWVA, Yurthingla Shimrah said that since the year 1988, the women vendors of the ZSWVA have began selling goods under the care of Tangkhul Leisaklong as there was none who could initiate for the women vendors.

The market shed which the women vendors named Zaoranao Sinshim was torn down for the construction of the new market shed on May 2017 and since then the women vendors have been selling their goods temporarily in and around the Ukhrul town area, she added.

Yurthingla Shimrah disappointingly expressed that the women vendors had to sell their goods door to door by wondering here and there as they were told not to sell their goods in their temporary market they had set up by some local people of the area.

Since the women vendors are facing lots of problem selling their goods in proper market shed as usual, ZSWVA have submitted numerous numbers of memorandums to Chief Minister of Manipur and ADC to look into the matter, she added.

ZSWVA appeals the state government and the concern to name their market shed Zaoranao Sinshim as it was from in time instead of Ima keithel which will be inaugurated on April 24 by Chief Minister of Manipur and if the concern wish to conduct lottery system for the market shed, the first priority should be given 200 women vendors who have already with the Zaoranao Sinshim.

If the government and concern fails to fulfil their demands, protest agitation not to inaugurate the market shed will be carried out by ZSWVA, Yurthingla Shimrah asserts.

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KEDO observes 11th Foundation Day; Serving humanity with sincerity is the true sense of human beings: K. Shyam

Imphal, April 20,

CAF & PD, Revenue Minister Karam Shyam pointed out that the most important essence of human beings is self-respect by rendering our respective contribution to the society with sincerity.
He spoke while addressing the youths and volunteers of KEDO (Kanglei Economic Development Organisation) as Chief Guest today morning on the occasion of its 11th Foundation Day at Khwairamband Ima Keithel No. 2 (Imoinu Ima Keithel).
Mayor, Imphal Municipal Corporation, Shri L Lokeshwor Singh; KEDO Founder & also Chief Editor Pandam, Shri Shivadutta Luwang and KEDO President,Shri Soibam Maniton also chaired the dais as Guests of Honour and President respectively.
Appreciating the activities of KEDO that has served the society of the State for around 11 years, Minister Karam Shyam said that the name KEDO is quite justified with indepth meaning and signifying meaningful work.
No matter how small or big the occupation is, we should work with dedication by keeping high morals without affecting the works & sentiments of others, he stated.
We will surely lead a happy, successful life if we maintain good character and work for the welfare of others and self without jealousy and not just keep waiting for white-collared jobs, he assured. “We can learn to economically manage we are able to save and turn small savings into bigger amount in future”, he also said. He also promised to donate a reasonable amount for KEDO as fixed deposit in their bank account and the income earned in due course to assist their members during times of health problems.
On the issue of current rice scarcity and inflation, Minister K Shyam clarified that the Social Welfare Department has failed to procure rice from FCI for the last 6 months due to the non-settlement of cases amongst the transport contractors. The recent floods has also worsened the situation still more in an unseen form by destroying the food grains(rice) on a mass scale, he said.
We need around 59,976 metric tonnes of rice to feed the 29 lakhs population of the State, he stated. According to NFSA, the Government is able to provide only 12 lakhs 400 metric tonnes of rice that amounts to around 20% of the required target while the remaining 80 % scarcity are filled by different markets and imports, he clarified.
L Lokeshwor Singh spoke with a focus on keeping foundation of work culture in our State and its subsequent good impacts in the society.
Speaking as special invitee at the function, faculty, Economics Dept. M.U., Dr.Chinglen Maisnam highlighted that China is dominating India in terms of commodities and there is an urgent need to frame our labour policy to meet the minimum daily wages of Rs 600 of a labourer as per 7th Pay.
KEDO Souvenir 2018 was released at the function while some women vendors who acted as  advisors were felicitated for their commendable service.
Retired functional manager, Commerce & Industries & also proprieter Ima Chinghi, Sanasam Birendra, workers of KEDO & women vendors of Ima Keithel were also present at the function.

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