Gender comes next 	- You are a Founder and a Visionary

Gender comes next - You are a Founder and a Visionary

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Sipping a cup of tea on a breezy afternoon, I was waiting for a phone call from an interviewer who had to clarify some questions with me. I hardly prepared for this interview as I didn’t know what to expect and spontaneity is anyway better to me any day!
At the launch of our website ( we really worked hard on the business plan and then execution was interesting, yet harder in the existing market as people or in that matter, vendor were hard to be explained on how we wanted to tie up or do business with them.
 Some are encouraging, some are so disappointing and few of them didn’t take me seriously enough. Some gets flirty and sent messages, maybe it’s not their fault or maybe they have not seen women doing business like I have since my childhood within my family and community in my hometown, Imphal.
Cutting short to the interview:
How do you feel to be a WOMEN  ENTREPRENEUR?
Ok, I pause for almost 2-3 seconds, as I never thought of this, like men or women or ENTREPRENEUR in that matter. Suddenly I felt quite lonely and started thinking about being a woman entrepreneur.
 My simple logic was I had faced so many problems while starting up, like convincing my parents about leaving my job and starting up on my own or registering my website as a company and motivating my team everyday. Everyday was a make or break day but never ever thought of being so called or to be a Woman entrepreneur. I didn’t have a moment to think about this or nobody make me realize that I was a woman who was trying to do a man’s role.
 Nothing was wrong or is wrong with that question too;
I answered that I faced problems like every other ENTREPRENEURS  must have faced, from convincing their family and other factors like vendor management, day to day operations, running around in those crowded whole-sale market for buying packaging items or talking to Brand managers/Directors/Owners or distributors for brand association and the list goes on…
Indeed only one thing crossed my mind after the interview; will investors give discounts in my traction numbers or investment calculation shown while pitching to them for funds if I am a woman?
I smile and hear myself saying, that’s not fair to me who have come so far with all the hard work, zeal and passion and also for every guy who have worked their a** off to reach wherever they are now.
Let’s be fair..
The fact is you are a Founder, Inspiration and Visionary to many people or the youth in India and the world. India needs more people who have amazing idea, models and new emerging BUSINESSES. India needs more men and women or new talent in small villages, towns, and cities to boost up or strengthen the economy. It’s not about gender now. Rather, be a person who is passionate, willing to work out of box and go extra mile, and then diversity, gender equality will balance itself, as we all are responsible to our economic development. We are more than gender equality and we are ready to take it or roll it on.
Lets be that Spark first!!!

The writer - Ramina Haorokcham is Founder and CEO of
Graduated in Bot.Hns from Daulat Ram College (University of Delhi)
Holds a PG diploma in Advertising and PR (IIMC, JNU Campus. New Delhi) MBA from HULT International Business School.
She is a marketing person and loves the insights on consumer behavior and a proactive social media person.Loves travelling and a foodie who experiments new cuisines on her free time. Manipuri food, African food and SE Asian food are her favorites.

*This is in collaboration of Imphal times with Ms Ramina Haorokcham-Entrepreneur and founder of, an initiation to encourage entrepreneurship among younger generation and share her own experiences and insights if they can help other entrepreneur and aspiring ones.

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