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Central Government can not evade from the responsibility of NSCN (IM) dare  at Chandel

By: B.Angousana Sharma
 The recent NSCN parade at Chandel district of Manipur is follow on exercise  of the  Central Government  green signal. Therefore NSCN dare to handle the state administration which is also product of the effort of the Interlocutor Shi R.N. Rabi, who is looming the communities by visiting villages and inviting the local prominent  and religious heads. He is trying to influence the doctrine of conspiracy which long been traditionalising in the East.  Meitei can not forget  Dr. Kishans and two Meiteis butchered by NSCN(IM) during March 2009; we can recall the Siroi Designated Camp episode of the Ukhrul district of 2009. Where NSCN(M) caders were intruded to effort a camp but the Assam Rifles had rounded up for 15 days. Thereafter the cadres had been deported to Nagaland by the Assam Rifles conveyance.
Shri L.K. Advani  was in good faith or over sighted the draft of understanding signed during 2001 in  which  subject  predicating  sub- sentence -without territorial limit -lwas inserted. Such bureaucratic clever is always try to swim in deep see under umbrellas of political trots in India. B. Angousana Sharma now President, Meitei Nationalist Party had alarm Manipur about the  Siroi designated camp connecting the conspiracy undercurrents in between the  Chairman Siege Fire Monitoring Group Lt. Gen. R.V.Kulkarni v/s NSCN(IM) v/s the Interlocutor K. Padmanavaiyah. That the Siroi camp proposed by NSCN was granted by the DGMO (Director General of Military Operation) on 16 .6.2005  under the advice of the Chairman CSFMG and Interlocutor. But the question as to how such camp could establish in Manipur after withdrawal of  the term without territorial limit?  the Chairman SFMG   the  Lt. General writes very tactfully, in which he should not be trapped for the allotment of a particular nomenclature designated camp, and therefore, the verse as:
1 NSCN(IM) would refrain the valley based Groups; the indirect indication for care of Meitei Insurgents;
2-No more camp would be considered mail  hereafter; which is the hidden agreement of the Govt. of India or Chairman SFMG Gen. R.V.Kulkarni.(The Huiyen Lanpao dt.18 March 2009 by B. Angousana Sharma)
Here MNP is of the view and question that the     govt. of Indias bureaucrats over the issues of Manipur shows more partial; rather Meitei is alien looking to India or wanted to devastate Manipur or trying to subjugate Meitei with plan of  divide and rule, so as to diminish or blurr the identity of Manipur by force.
When Manipur is already squeezed today; thereinafter also Govt. of India is endeavouring to extract the land in the name communities, which would be serious plan in future view of the people. Because Manipur is Manipur, Nagaland is Nagaland, there should not intervene the unity of the communities. I am proud of Manipur where more than 34 Manipuri communities and more than 10 other communities are living togather without any differences. But, trying to create another Naga land inside Manipur is inhuman behaviour of the centre.
We are  Manipuris comprising the communities as, Meitei, Pangan,  Tankhul, Kabui, Mao,Maram, Tadubi, Thangal, Maring, Kom, Anal, Aimon, Koireng , sub- kabuis, sub-Nagas,Kuki, sub-Kukis, Maring, etc; wheras, other out sider Manipuris like, Marwari, Bihari, Gorkha, Bengali, Assamese ,Garwali, Kumaoni, Tamil etc are also residing in Manipur without differences. But, after creation of  slogan of south Nagaland, Greater Nagaland, under single umbrella administration, etc in the region of East which directly affecting Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur. Of the three Manipur become high tense zone. No one is happy with the policy of Govt. of India. Might be some opportunist power hunger politicians are not taking the situation of Manipur seriously, otherwise general peoples are victims of the High ways blockades bundhs, strike and sit-in protests. Students have lost time and career, parents are sinking  with loans; no job, no business because of lack of administration and negligence of the central govt. Over and above Manipur is under muscle of AFSPA Armed Forced Special Powers Act for long time. Govt. is unable to establish negotiation with the rebellions, nor ready to study the cause for rebel. But this is fact that youths have seen the treatment of the Central Govt. and incapable administration of the local Govt. both seems to be reason to born more and more trouble in the state. One of the cause is Govt. of Indias wrong treatment over Meitei, which of the community is major victim of the NSCN(IM) peace talk with the Govt.. Govt. of India trying continuously the best to cow down the Meitei community from long time interval.
Meitei Nationalist Party (MNP) has serious note to the Govt. of India that: Please stop attempt to ruin Manipur by creating more problems in the state. On the other the local Govt. is asking to contribute a little to the people of Manipur instead of worrying for the loose floor of the Govt.. and panicy for nearing the PR after Uttara Khand.
But, MNP is ready to fight  corruption in the Election; cash for vote in the election. MNP is not the election loving Party. It is a Party to trace corruption, to root out corruption from the state. Rather the numerous organisations are also requested to understand the real problems, unless we realise the reason for cracking the unity in the state Manipur will remain under pressure.
So try to know the Govt. try to know the leader to lead the people of the state. please authenticate  who is real sufferer in the region? who will give peace for them.? And how the state government was silent when the NSCN parade was organised at Chandel in Manipur?Remember 1994 February 2nd to 5th  the NSF (Naga Students Federation )  Annual Meeting was held at Ukhrul, Presided by Shri Rishang Keising the then Chief Minister of Manipur also. On the closing day of the function  to be closed by Mr. Vizol the MP of Nagaland, but  could not attend due to his health problem. On the closing of the function NSF shouted as We need Greater Nagaland; we need to talk to the Govt, of Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. They had hidden agenda under the banner of the Students Union. But the Govt. of Manipur was sleeping because the CM of Manipur himself was sympathiser of the agenda. No AMSU, MSF reacts the NSF agenda. But today, the circumstances encircled Manipur ; rather NSCN (M) the outlawed organisation dare to parade in Manipur. When Dr. Kishan the SDO Kasom has been butchered by the NSCN Meitei remained silent; when Siroi episode has been proven conspiracy Meitei is still talking to a mere bureaucrat without being studied the past history of 60 yeas development in Manipur in the name of Naga. Whereas, Govt. of India is time and again loosing the rope to the pat bureaucrats. Because of the fact the valley people are suffering without protection.
MNP appeal to all Manipuris to unite to gather refraining the bureaucratic tools of the Central Govt. in the name of Commissions, Agreements, Interlocutor and delegates whose aim is to divide Manipur. We must welcome development, better employment programs other than politics and conspiracy with the little bureaucrats. This is also an appeal to the Govt. of India for not to constitute any kind of Commission or Board or Agreement against the will of the majority people of Manipur. Because being  Big brother Meitei  is always lenient  in favour of the other communities, but climex of the infertile politics feel to the Majority community; so that unnecessary problems should not be created due to  high handedness  of G.O.I and weakness of the local Govt. whosoever party lead may be.
Therefore, the entire unwanted dramas caused in Manipur is creation of the unstudy plan of the Govt. and leniency and generosity of the major community which community is under depression due to wrong diagnosis, which now in front of the people to make embolden Manipur, the Society of unique Identity.

Maheshwar Gurumayum

William Gurumayum, Sub-Editor of Imphal Times is a resident of Sagolband Salam Leikai. He has been with Imphal Times since 2013. An avid adventure lover, writes mostly travelogue. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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