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Young Generation and Modernization

by Rinku Khumukcham
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By Themneivah Sitlhou
Living without hope is lifeless. Life without target is meaningless and goal without plan is aimless. Sometimes we rely on others to fulfill our happiness. We seek our love ones to fulfill what we couldn’t do. Reminded of this, who comes first in your mind? Most of us would have think of our parents. They make every efforts for us to fill their missed opportunity.
Development comes with burden. Modernisation comes with greater responsibility. Our world is so much advance that an internet becomes fuel of transportation. With all these developments, we have populous things to learn and to adapt to. Reality of the world is rich gets richer while poor gets poorer. The world is such a luxurious place for the rich people. Recently, an American entrepreneur Dave Asprey got his bone marrow removed to have the stem cells injected in his body to live for 180 years. He further claimed that his methods will be as popular as mobile phone sooner. All these wonderful life is the dream for the have- nots people and the reality of the life of the haves people. There is another reality of the world to look into it. The world itself is a living hell for the poor people. We are literally blind. We can see street vendors, beggars, farmers etc. Who works their butt off to support their family. However our hearts are cold and our minds are dumb that blinded us from seeing public worker and well-being people who snatch away what is for them originally from the government.
This generation is so much depressed about everything at such young age. Competition is everywhere in terms of economic, politics, education, games and sports etc. The world is the biggest field when it comes to competition. The achievement of a country becomes the face of our country. Likewise, the standard of children becomes the dignity of parents in the society. We donot like losing and this is human nature. We can’t escape the reality so we keep on chasing our goals while our partners work tooth and nail. The world is very contradict to how it seems to be. The more government sanctions the schemes, the less the poor gets beneficial. The more politicians we have ,the less justice is given to people. The more technical advance we have , the less is our cyber security. In India, almost half of our MPs have criminals cases against them. What can we expect from this environment? Our current generation is so much in chaos. In world-wide, we see nations competing with one another inorder to overtake the world regime. Recently, we can see China rising tremendously in terms of its economy and which also becomes a leading role in the world. There are so many conspiracy against one another. Speaking of our country, we often see communal tensions everywhere. There is often an issue about the distribution of water bodies. All these shows, no matter how prosper the world is and how well-being a nation is there are problems which cannot be resolved with money. We need careful observation and coordination. “ The world has enough for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed”. If we are not heedful and meticulous of our situation, what will our next generation face!?
In spite of how corrupted and unfair is the society we live in, there are also people who put up with truth and struggle for the betterment of every section of the society. It is worth mentioning such as Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Ambedkar,etc. They are our saviour. We have students in their aspiring age who comes after their footsteps. The rich or the Have people can buy knowledge. They can afford expensive schools with good education. On the other hand, we have average people who work on their on and struggle harder than others so that they are not left behind. We also have gifted students who can do well on their own. Here is a message to all of us. No matter where we stand and how we will do remember, ‘ Not every talented students becomes successful but every hard labourers becomes successful’.

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