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Who weighs more?

by Rinku Khumukcham
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By: Jona Princie Konsam
Is our gender or sexual identity really a weighing measure or factor which blocks us from entering and performing what we desire and where our passion stays? Is there a particular gender which is prepotent to another gender? Is there a specific gender where they are deprived of something or everything? Yes, the thing is between the varying sexual identities of this bizarre world.
We have heard, encountered, and witnessed various issues regarding the happenings against women. Rape, molestation, assault, killing of foeticide, child marriage, violence against women; perpetuating to pave their way even in today’s modern era. In today’s contemporary world, it is still common to find such acts, highlight boldly in every prestigious newspaper, the Internet, everywhere! Cyclical events of the country! Often, women are portrayed as a symbol of softness, beauty, bizarrely gallant, yet it denied women from something or everything. When a woman stands up to raise her voice and opinion, the society will consider her as a disobedient mortal. They force her to stay under the roof of her family. Her life depends fully on the palms of her family. ‘Independency’ is not for women. What a true world of gender equality! Women are barred from acquiring extra knowledge, idea through the power of education. Even the goddess Saraswati; who represents education, creativity and art; is a powerful woman. And how dare a society judge a woman? Because she is a useless being, while Saraswati is a deity? Because she menstruates which is impure and taboo? Believe it or not, the goddess Durga bleeds and enjoys womanhood. Such stereotype must come to an end. Menstruation is a trouble topic in India. Society’s ‘extreme’ orthodoxy never fades away. Victim blaming is another common issue. Some believe that wearing clothes that show their body parts invites doom to themselves. How is that true? It draws attention of the people to conduct misdeed. It is hilarious to me to believe it in my heart! Man’s accusing finger always points towards woman. People’s thoughts are bigoted that women’s only appropriate place is the kitchen. Their mandatory tasks are to cook; looking after children, in laws, elders. They are born to endure the pain and sufferings of the world. These are the mind-sets of the people. Recently, a class 10 minor Tamil girl was gang-raped by her own classmates and surfaced the video on the internet which has gone viral. And yes, SEX EDUCATION is a must.
On the contrary, men are also a victim of various issues. Not all men are wrong doers. But looking form the vast actions misconducted by men, they are often seemed as abusers, harassers etc. Women also take up the advantage of being woman. Surely a paradoxical statement! We all have seen the scene where a zomato delivery agent who was accused by a woman consumer. Slogans are made to hear everywhere. Awareness posts earthed firmly on the earth’s crust, but still no one glued their eyes earnestly. The outcome of such acts leads to various detrimental consequences. It critically deteriorates the mental health condition of the individual, unable to face the outside world and fight the urge to stand up, educational career and so on.
Besides men and women, we know there are lots more of sexual identities on this planet. LGBTQ+ has started to meet their recognition. Man who are not manly, who befriends more with female are coined ‘homo’. Kids mockingly called them ‘homo’ when they saw them on the streets. I vividly recall the day during my school assembly when ma’am Principal told the teachers to teach the children, basically my juniors (6-7) to stop saying ‘homo’, even when they called among themselves just for the name shake. It may be just a simple word to those who don’t grasp the idea of ‘homosexual’ or ‘homo’ but to those who are concerned about LGBTQ+, is a concerning subject. SEXUALITY IS A FLUID! It also depends. One shocking statement that grasped my ear and attention was “people who are not correctly and completely man or woman is a curse. The earth has been formed only for them and to expand their generation. They are outsiders”. Bringing back the story of Shikhandi, a warrior of the time during Mahabharat who is responsible for defeat of Bhisma in partnership with the Arjuna, was a transgender or a feminine.
I have a friend of mine who is considered himself a BISEXUAL. He would always tell me the stories about himself, how the people around him treated and called him. He desperately addressed that people of Manipur and even the whole India is not so supportive regarding this matter. He would come rushing towards me and shared copious of stories. The way he feels comfort, safe and sound sharing all these strange topics with me that people assume is all I want. I want to let the people know that they are no less than us; they are not different than us. There are countless feminists, who worked for the betterment for all of them, including ‘us’-men and women. But they are not just enough. All we need to change is our dirty mind-sets and accepts them heartily.
But how are we going to fight for our own rights? Will it be a complete fiasco in bringing a gender neutral society? Will it be impossible in bridging gaps between the endless inequalities? However, keeping this aside, ending the story with a so called ‘good news’ is all we can hype up. Several organisations have been established. They have flourished their names to a great extent in accordance with the works and contributions that had done for the state. As far as my knowledge goes, some of the organisations are GIRLUP KHONJEL, GIRLUP MANIPUR, MINGSEL FOUNDATION, LGBTQ MANIPUR and many more. Their efforts have made the people more aware about such gender-biased crisis. We better leave out pre ancient and out-dated thoughts behind and move on. Racism as well sexism must tear apart and work for the betterment of a one single human race. So here comes the question. Who weighs more? Is it questionable?
(The writer is an 11th grade student from Maria Montessori Sr. Sec. School. She has participated MUN (Model United Nation) thrice representing the countries Egypt, Kenya and India respectively.)

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