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What the Frame Work Agreement of NSCN-IM and the Government of India says?

by Rinku Khumukcham
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By – B. Angousana Sharma
Member of Senior Citizen’s Forum of Manipur

 The  Senior  Citizens  of  Manipur;  the  forums  of  Imphal  East  and  West;  the Women Organisations of Manipur are requested to hold an urgent meeting in regard of Framework Agreement of NSCN-IM and India Government which is still not ready to  honour  the  intent  of  the  people  of  Manipur,  by  maintaining  secrecy  which  must have open up to the stake holders of the people of the North-eastern states, which is inviting a civil war; which will not be good health to the Government of India.
  On the other, the BJP led coalition Govt. is else responsible for the lack of real information  and  intent  of  the  Central  Government.  Otherwise,  Government  of Manipur could have been dissolved the Govt. on the basis of lack of coordination to the  core  of  the  agreement  undergone  in  between  NSCN-IM  and  interlocutor  of  the Government.
  People of Manipur is asking to the Government of India that, what agreement is  undergoing  which  cannot  be  disclosed  to  the  people  of  Manipur?  As  a  result, Manipuris are in doubt of territorial integrity of Manipur, as NSCN-IM has long been exercising  to  dis-integrate  the  people  of  Manipur,  of  the  Hills,  in  the  name  of  Naga Integration,  which  was  long  been  witnessing  by  the  Legislators  of  Manipur,  by  the Governments of Manipur, political activists of Manipur.  
  But, Government of Manipur could not react upon the Naga Integration inside the  territory  of  Manipur  with  the  introspection  of  politics,  with  the  vote-bank politics.  But  today  it  seems  Manipur  is  in  trouble,  which  would  understand  by  the Government.
  Therefore, my appeal to the Senior Citizens of Manipur that we have lost time, dedicate  time,  we  have  lost  lives  but  I  am  in  serious  doubt  of  loosing  integrity  by warming up of the situation due to Framework Agreement, which rumouring loss of territory  by  extending  Single  Umbrella  Administration  and  Share  Sovereignty  to Nagaland;  which  of  the  cause  might  install  a  battle,  if  the  Govt.  of  India  is  not  in favour  of  maintaining  territorial  integrity  of  Manipur;  not  in  favour  of  safeguarding Manipur, but intending to make pieces into small communities.
  Also  I  would  demand  to  dissolve  the  State  Assembly  to  fight  the  undisclosed agenda of the Govt. of India, which always leads the people of Manipur lost.   Let the people of Manipur allow to know the real intent of the Govt. of India’s agenda in connection with NSCN-IM Peace Talk, which of the acts are time and again found  irritating  the  innocent  people  of  Manipur,  with  the  cause  of  Naga  Peace  Talk with  the  Govt.  of  India  after  1999,  the  then  BJP  Govt.  are  all  found  to  be  serious about the conspiracy in the BJP Govt. of India with the Naga activists.   The frequent attacks upon the people of Manipur are unforgettable. Manipur remain  victim  of  Naga  Terrorism  with  the  facts  of  the  National  Highway-2,  which through Nagaland  to reach Manipur become weak  point for the people of Manipur.
Advantaging  NH-2  to  the  NSCN  Manipuris  had  lost  lives,  properties,  revenue  to appease  Naga  Terrorists,  which  is  serious  note  to  the  Govt.  of  India.  Yet, instead of healing the deep injuries of Manipur, Govt. of India if else to sabotage the integrity of Manipur must hold responsible dialogue with the Govt. of Manipur and Govt. of India immediately;  so  that,  the  doubt  of  loss  of  territorial  integrity  of  Manipur  in  the people would removed.
  Because,  as  and  when  any  movement  about  the  integrity  of  Manipur happened,  had  lost  lives  of  a  single  community  i.e.  Meiteis  occurred;  which  is considerable  to  the  Govt.  of  Manipur  and  the  Senior  Citizens  intellectuals  of Manipur.
  Keeping in view of the latest development of the Imphal valley in relation with the  Framework  Agreement  of  Naga  Peace  Talk  with  the  Govt.  of  India,  Manipur remained  turmoil,  asking  question  frequently  to  finalise  a  proper  peaceful agreement; so that the territorial integrity of Manipur should not be hurt at any cost.

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