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The World We Don’t Belong

by Rinku Khumukcham
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By: Nongpoknganba Soram
When we see a developed country may be through phones or by visiting it, a thought may strike all of a sudden i.e a thought of asking to self question like Q. How lucky I would be if I was born in this place/country? , it is all because we get impressed by the beauty of the country from various perspectives.
Even the beauty of the place from different angles led the outsider to feel the quench of becoming the citizens of that country. To fill the quench many are also migrating and converting to become the citizens of their country.
Alike, it is quite huge in number were well qualified and educated people who are by blood Manipuri and brought up on the soil of our Manipur settling permanently in different various developed countries of the world. At, this point a question want to be raised from my side, the question is – Q. How do you see our motherland even if the well qualified and educated people like you left for permanent settlement in other developed countries?
By knowing that your motherland is in very poor condition and leaving permanently for settling in other nation after becoming a well qualified and educated person instead of sensibly bringing up your motherland is synonymous that you have a heart but there is no shadow of being loved of your motherland.
A boy can say I love a beautiful girl but the love is never completed by the words. There is in need of action to show the boy’s love of the girl. In the same manner, a person’s love of his or her motherland is never completed by the words. The person have to work on fields to assure the provision of benefits to lift their motherland. The person’s small work will be a huge contribution to the society. For instance, the role of a dutiful teacher will lift a thousand disciples.
Those indigenous people who are settling in other developed countries for temporary services or for pursuing higher studies are not discouraging from my side as they are quite opposite to one who are settling permanently for life. They are like the birds migrant to a certain place in search of food however they are going to return back to their homeland for sure. These people are not only providing benefits to other countries but will also ensure benefit to their homeland.
As I as born in this world, just like other being I too asked question to myself about the purpose of life. Many times I failed to get the answer but today I believed that I have received some part as a response. It is clear sighted that we have taken each and every needs from our motherland however in return if we are not capable of performing a little sacrifice for the sake of our homeland then there is no meaning of being birthed. The other remaining response can only be fulfilled by the action of ours to lift, save our nation.
Last but not least I would like to mention that the developed countries which are the center of attraction by many in these days are never been born but they are crafted by its own people, they may not be that advanced if their citizens are not well concerned and conscious enough about lifting their own nation.
(The writer is currently on his Bachelor’s Degree and also an ex student of DPS Dwarka)

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