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The Living Dream for a Radical Social Reformation in our Society

by Rinku Khumukcham
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Dr. Lamtinthang Haokip: The Man who dares to dream and believe the Impossible!
By: Thangminlun Haokip
Time and again, way back since the colonial subjugation of our country we have had tens of thousands of social revolutionists, social reformers and true patriots who long dreamed of the impossible; an ‘idealistic society’ where every individual is self content and lives a healthy and peaceful life; where everyone could be treated the way they should be and have all their rights to live and freely profess, practice and propagate any religionthey believe in or not to and the freedom of speech and expression and the freedom to choose what they should do and ought not to (with the intention of not hurting anyone, in any form) and without being deprived of their fundamental rights and dignity; which in those times majority of the populace for a slightest notion, does not believe in such an ‘idealistic society’ to exist in reality- for it was just like a mere dream for them which would never really do happen. A stateless or classless society was something in which some great minds had deeply believed would be the only amicable solution to put an end to the ‘seemingly impossible endless problems’ of a society like ours.
With a clear vision put straight forward, through blood, sweat and tears, with all their might and a burning dreams within them; some with inks and some with bloods had paved through their long journey of struggle for a ‘Unified society where each live for all and all live for each’. And here we are today standing on that soil which was once nothing more than a battlefield where high spirited, visionary, brave and patriotic beings had fought a good fight for a better today- only for us.
Lately, the state of Manipur, 51-Saitu Area Constituency, Kangpokpi District in particular had seen and experienced a humongous waves which strives and aims for a ‘CHANGE’ calling the young and old and the ‘Youths’ to pull up their sleeves (boosts up their confidence), tie their shoelaces (gear themselves up for the fight to bring a social reformation), put their belts on (value and preserve their dignity), raise up their chin (stay brave and confident), and always keep their head held high (stay confident, proud and look forward with a sense of hope for a change).
Dr. Lamtinthang Haokip, a social activist advocating for Socio-Political Reformation in the society and an intending candidate of 51-Saitu Area Constituency for the 12th Manipur State Legislative Assembly, 2022 has brought back the long-lost hope and smile in the faces and hearts of thousands of people to bring about a significant change and radical transformation to bring an end to these long years of ‘Societal Drought for Change’ in our society.
A man of vision who live by one quotation quoted by Margaret Mead, an American cultural anthropologist which quoted saying, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” And he firmly believes in the slogan, “ Youth For Change” which has had and now instilled a sense of responsibility, hope and faith in the minds of budding, talented and innovative youths-the so called ‘pillar of the future’, once again. One who dare to put forth his dreams and visions into ground reality by fighting the daily injusticesand misgovernance of the government through thick and thin; day in and day out only to see a new dawn break where and when the flags of ‘Justice and Equality’ would flutter in the air and people could salute it with a sense of pride, satisfaction, dignity and joy. And they would be living in a harmonious society where there is no black and white, social disparities, social subjugation, denial of justice, and where there would be no intimidation of people to vote for their rightful representatives and social discrimination and malpractices.
Let’s put our efforts in ending the daily social evil and unnatural pollutions alarming the harmony and peaceful coexistence of our society in all walks of life- from the malpractices of Village Chiefs to Social Organizations, from Restless Insurgents to Corrupted Government Ministers/MLA’s (People’s Representatives), and from Ethnocentrism to Social Disparities and Injustices. When we do our part in finding ways and means to stop the pollutions (social evils existing within us), nature (God) will do it’s duty in executing and accomplishing the needs of the people by bringing back the pre-existing status quo and peaceful coexistence between man and nature and share bed and board and live in that ‘idealistic society’we dreamed of.
Let us raise our voices and put our fundamental rights into action and cast our priceless votes which is the only way forward, for now, in putting an end to social discriminations, injustices and disparities in our society and bring about a ‘positive and life impacting-radical social transformation’ to save ourselves and our future generations!

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