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Spirituality of the Christmas – Nurturing the Human Tree

by Rinku Khumukcham
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By: Dr. Jayadeba Sahoo
The Season of Goodwill: family-and-friends reunion, exchange of gifts, sumptuous meals, the solemn, unifying ‘night mass’, Christmas Tree decorations, ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’…a complete and perfect end to the year, isn’t it?  For that day or week, we make a good attempt to let by-gones be by-gones and enjoy ourselves.  But for a significant number of people, the year-end celebrations bring on mixed feelings; situations at home and in the world tend to occasionally rain on our parade.  The days of Christmas talk to us about compassion for others, peace amongst all living creatures, family togetherness, strengthening our relationship with God – our Beloved Spiritual Parent – but does reality mirror these sentiments?  Christmas is to appreciate the ‘present’ of life and re-kindle hope for the future – but what is the future?  Perhaps the bright star on the old Christmas tree can show us the way…
The much-loved Christmas tree is one of the few things that find its way home even today.  This unique symbol of the tree of humanity tells a beautiful tale:
Just as a tree has four stages – roots, trunk, branches, leaves – there was a time ages back when we belonged to one family (the trunk); there was unity because one language, one culture and one religion (that of peace) existed.  Our pure mind and character ensured that our actions were elevated.  With the passing of time, the spiritual energy waned and our actions lost their divinity. This led to the give-and-take of sorrow resulting in the establishment of religions so that we could re-connect with the Supreme Being, the Ocean of Love, Peace, Knowledge, Bliss, Purity and Happiness (the star).  Stemming from one trunk is the reason why every religion (the branches) preaches the same message: We are all spiritual children of One Supreme Parent and our original nature is that of love and peace. 
Looking at ourselves as physical beings, segregated within different languages, castes, genders, religions etc. has made us forget the eternal truths of life.  Thousands of years later, we see that not only has humanity split into different religions, sects and faiths, but that every religion has its own twigs (divisions).  Despite the variety, every person (leaf) is a valuable part of the tree.  Some of us shine brighter than others with our goodness, thus entitling us to a prominent position as baubles or angelic characters etc.  The tree, as a whole, is beautiful and everyone makes a significant contribution. 
But as is the Law of Nature, trees do wither away and so does our tree of humanity.  Presently, the trimmings are off the branches, the tinsel has lost its shine, the tree continues to shake due to wars, suffering and evils (lust, anger, greed, ego)…But as history and spirituality tell us, ‘Look to the Star’ and ‘Become the Roots’, respectively.  The beautiful star, the Supreme Light and Seed of the Tree of Humanity, comes to patiently guide us on the path back to righteousness and perfection.  God’s light appears slowly (as Father Christmas appears quietly) in the dead of the night (darkness of ignorance) to share presents of wisdom, spiritual powers and virtues.  When imbibed and used, we can truly say ‘We have been created in God’s image’.  One cannot remain without sharing such gifts because we are motivated to fulfill God’s dream of a new creation.  We become the roots or foundation for the new tree (world).  By forging all relationships with God, we gain access to spiritual power that helps sustain our family, the world.
On this auspicious occasion of ‘Christmas’, take a moment for deep spiritual introspection and free yourselves from the bondage of greed, the lust for power and a slave of promiscuity and make God your eternal companion for true peace, happiness and prosperity. This year, let us celebrate the holiday season with a purpose: inculcate the knowledge that ‘I am a pure, living spirit’, connect with the Supreme Light, the unlimited source of wisdom, power and love and accept your role as the foundation (roots) of the future. Wait and see how this consciousness works wonders for you, and for the world through you.
Happy greetings on the auspicious festival of “Christmas” To All the Souls of  the World.
[The writer is a Sr. Faculty, Brahma Kumaris, RERF & Professor & Dean, Faculty of Education & Languages, Rajiv Gandhi (Central) University, Itanagar]


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