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Solid Waste Management : An Outline of State Supervision

by Rinku Khumukcham
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By: Sarojini Rout
The solid waste management has attained highest importance in the recent era globally but the practices of basic concepts on waste disposal are often neglected. In this age of globalization with rapid growth of industrialization it is mere necessary to understand the future at risk. Our future generation at its priority, we must keep an eye on how we are going to save this earth to be known a better one. It is very important to understand the factors responsible in harming the ecosystem until how we are going to fight and manage to reduce the risk. Starting from educating school & college students, adding it as a subject would help to understanding the waste management at its better arena with immediate effect could be implemented on local level. 
Awareness on waste management and its disposal was lacking and there is an urgent need to eradicate this issue since many organization lacks in  understanding and taking crucial steps forward actively to minimize the risk. Starting from commercial industry to corporate every department must have a mandate curriculum to minimize future at risk. With this research we are going to understand the risk factor until how we as a responsible one need to understand the management procedure. Not just subtracting everything at one night, however making sure that every bit of a day counts towards a better waste management planning with rapid actions to be followed to make sure at least we reduce some factor responsible towards harming the environment.
Previously WorldBank.Org also published one prominent research on solid waste management in the year 2020 with outbreak of Covid-19. on medical waste management and how recycling waste management would help to maintain sustainability in our planet despite corona-virus outbreak with lot of disposal in place and present. Business Insider published an article on Covid waste management, how the medical industry can rid of the waste alongside measures taken place with active proposals in place to reduce waste and promote recycle. According to UNEP Report 2020, from response to recoveries-reviews, practices for managing waste from healthcare facilities, households and quarantine locations accommodating people with confirmed cases of COVID-19. Alongside UNEP jointly produced by the international Environment Technology Centre of UNEP and the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies the report considers various approaches, identifies best practices and technologies and provides recommendation for policy-makers and practitioners to improve waste management over the long term. 
This research is designed not only to describe the features and significance of solid waste management but also the future aspect of how one can eradicate and take necessary action needed with robust planning and measures. The procedure involve the following :
Research Design, Sample and Sample Techniques, Instrumentation, Validation, Administration of the instrument Data Analysis Techniques, Surveys. Surveys would help understanding the ground realities of the action taken on various waste management institute.
This study will be based on commercial surveys and ground report published on either official websites or covered by News Media agencies. Above research design are suitable for this research because it is going to make use of a questionnaire to illicit information from the respondent. Through surveys we will be able to capture ground report and will have authentic information in hand. With thorough interaction with the respondents, we will be able to find ground challenges and additional informational will be added in case required to add in research paper and analysis.
The population of the study consists of approximately 5-10 Area as respondent were selected on the basis of their ground activity conducted & published in past years. The respondent will be the core authentic source to be identified as the sample alongside the area. 
A sample size of 10 Solid Management location were selected to know the process and procedure how the management takes place alongside interactions with 5-10 experts were also included to know the ground reality and challenges. Statistics will also be analysed on the basis of ground report collected. Pearson Correlation techniques will also be added to analyse the sample collected from the source. 
The instrument for this study is questionnaire will be constructed through the report based on publications by experts on Newspaper, Magazine, Websites etc. Various Environment enthusiast or Columnist articles will also be used to find the hindrance as well as the trends of how solid waste management are taking place from area to area. Study on E-waste management will also take place looking at the industrial IT markets trends on disposals of electrical items. 
The validation will be determined by expert judgement of the supervisor. The judgement will be sought to guarantee that each of the items in the instrument measured what it was supposed to measure. The final draft will be adjudged valid by Project Supervisor alongside suggestions to be added and adhere during the field survey. If any sought of correction needed later will be added under the research paper.
A total of 20 Copies of the questionnaire will be administered to the respondents. 
Data collected will be analysed using frequency table, percentage and mean score analysis based on location wise survey and responses from the respondents.
[The author is a Research scholar, BSc from Manipur University, MSc (Environmental Science Gold medalist) and B. Ed from Delhi]

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