Poppy/Ganja Plantation and Christianity

By: Ayo Kasar
In Manipur, large quantity of drugs are seized/recovered every day from different places by Police and other Security Forces since last 2/3 years. The place where drugs were manufactured was “Golden Triangle” located between Laos and Thailand and soon its kind first entered the state Manipur in the first part of 1960. On hearing about this, people were so scared and even hesitate sitting together by the side of the addicts. But now, Manipur among the Northeast States has become the second “Golden Triangle”, because poppy plantation is very famous in Manipur. Why so abundance of drugs in Manipur? The answer can be given by a boy either from Ukhrul or Senapati or Churachandpur easily because poppy plantation and manufacturing are only done in hill districts where God-fearing people dominate having big, big Churches built up on the top of the villages having white cross showing “This is the house of God”. Shame! shame in the eyes of the world. Do you not even once remember the speech of Rev. Dr. Tuishim Shishak who shouted in a Church saying “God will never accept your tithes of Ganja”. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, let us always keep in mind the Words of God, quote:- “No one can serve two masters, either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other”- Mathew 6:24 unquote:-. Dear Christian fellows, remember one day or the other we shall stand before God and He will exhibit everything, all that we have done, either good or bad and accordingly be put to judgement.
Recovery of such huge quantity of drugs are reported daily and handsome rewards were given to the Police officers and other concerned Forces. But people are murmuring among themselves that since last many years we have not heard of any major punishment award-A to such offenders inspite of recovery or seizure of such large quantity of drugs. We have come across in the daily media that quote :- Singapore highest court has upheld the death sentence of two India origin men convicted of conspiring to traffic only 1.3 kilograms of Cannabis in March, 2016 according to media report in the Sangai Express dated Nov. 28, 2021 unquote:- In Manipur, a Jeepload of drugs in soap cases were seized but not awarded any terrible punishment in Manipur. Thus the blame goes to the concerned departments.

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