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Persistence of Life

by Rinku Khumukcham
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By: Nitish Keisham
Life isn’t fair, is it? Sometimes we get what we don’t want in life, something we never asked or sought for. So, we should learn to appreciate what we get and what we have right now. We should take care of it until it is time to let go.
The most important thing to appreciate in our life is our closed and loved ones. It wouldn’t take millions worth of property to say ‘ I love you ‘ to mom and appreciate her for giving birth to you. It wouldn’t take millions of cash to say thank you to your brother for standing beside you, having your back and helping you whenever you get into trouble. It wouldn’t waste thousands of hours to thank your sister for taking care of you and your health. It’s funny but she is the second mom of the house. Why should we only celebrate mother’s day with our mother? We could celebrate mother’s day every single day. Just like this we should learn to appreciate other people also such as uncle, aunt, grandma, grandpa, cousin etc.
But there are also people who need to say goodbye as we go by. I still remember the days when I was in kindergarten. The mixed feeling of being scared and excited of meeting new people.The anger of having homework to be done.Homesick by just being at the school for 2 hours. It feels pretty awesome, sad and old, remembering all those sweet non vanishing memories.
One of those lovely memories starts with the first person whom we get close to, apart from our family members. Yes, our one and only BESTFRIEND. Everyone in this world has a special place in our heart for this one specific person. The time where we share our lunch, where we fight as a whole and apologize the next day with our arms on our shoulder and with a smile on our faces.The lovely moments where we both got punished and stood outside of the classroom for not doing homework.The precious moments where we discussed our future or what we would become without knowing anything about the future was like over the moon.
As we grow a little bit older. We get to know some things about love. We started looking and observing the opposite gender. The excitement of having conversations with our secret crush. I don’t know about this generation but I guarantee that they will never know how exciting it was to send letters and receive them. It was like a dog with two tails when the letter got replied and the hunger of reading it flourished. But today, kids have their own Android phones and they just text each other on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram.
After we grew a little older, we got into fashion. We wanted expensive wrist watches, bikes, phones, trending shoes, shirts, trousers etc. And not doing homeworks at school and standing outside was a trend. The sad part is the time where we start to separate person by person after 10th standard. At 11th standard we get to meet a lot of new people where we get to be with them upto 12th standard. Not many memories are made at 11th and 12th standard but this is the stage where our minds get a bit matured. The time where we start thinking of small things in life. We started deciding what to do and what not to do. We get to know financial problems. Real life starts from here. We say goodbye to each other by making a feast where all the people whom we got close to from childhood gathered there. Not everyone has the same path. So, we just start peeling away and focus more on our future. Some of us might not even get a proper goodbye and some of us might never be seen again. Who knows?
After giving farewell, we concentrate on our goals. We started working hard with patience for days, months, years. But when we kick back after getting tired and stressed. We get flashbacks looking at the photos of the times when we enjoyed our life without worrying about nothing. The time where we only cared about foods, friends and games.
Fun fact, one of the symptoms of getting matured is the moment where we started feeling shy at asking money to our parents. And I think all of us felt that. This is where the real struggle begins. Where we wanted to be an independent person.Where we want to start earning money on our own.
The anxiety we had when family responsibilities are handed. The time where we knew what both physical and mental stress were. The moment where we think we don’t fit in this society by underestimating ourselves. Some of us even get lost not knowing what to do, asking ourselves if we should do further studies or search for a job by looking at the financial status of the family. The time where we can’t make decisions easily. Overthinking starts when this kind of situation comes. But trust me, overthinking only leads to depression with mixed emotions. It’s not a good thing and we need to stop it. Also it is scientifically proven that 90% of the things that we overthink doesn’t happen. So, all we need to do is chill, take help from the experienced ones, learn little by little, slowly and slowly get the hang of it.
And at the end of the day. It’s just ourselves. So, we need to pray to God to be guided whenever we try to go down the wrong path. And hope for the better of ourselves and also for the loved one. One thing – Learn to rest when you’re tired, not quit. It’s life, it just goes on.
(The writer is an ex-student of Emmanuel English Academy and also currently a student of The Oratory Academy for his IELTS exam and will be studying in University of Ottawa, Canada)

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