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Keeping the flames burning: the message of Humanity

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By – Janghaolun Haokip

Humanity cannot die as long as mankind exists. It is the essence of our beings and the one thing on which our entire existence hangs on, because, if Humanity were to wholly disappear than the survival of mankind would be no less a pie in the sky.
Today, in the wake of the immeasurable adversities that befall us, the brutalities that we are faced with, the message of Humanity has become a thing of utmost importance, or much in the same manner, a thing for life. It is the only instrument with the power to lighten our burdens, to give us hope, and to keep us alive as we fight the deadly and the deadlier.
Today, as the world fights the covid-19 pandemic, and we as individuals and leaders contribute little and big as we can, we are faced with the challenge of Humanity. We are consistently and rather harshly questioned by how much more adversities we can handle for Humanity, for our love of the people and the world, in exchange with the physical and mental comfort our human nature desires. The challenge is stronger every day after day and will continue to be so. What then should be our stand?
Today, to make a right stand, we need to cogitate on the essence of our existence, on the supreme goal of human life, and on the imperatives of survival as human beings. Just as it is said that even the strongest man, in the core is driven by love, we, with or without our consciousness; are driven by love in the deepest of our selves as human beings. Love then becomes important –Love that is driven by Humanity –Love that does not discriminate but accepts and appreciate –Love that is boundless and endless –Love that endures and ensures, with goodwill and hope, by humility and benevolence, the peace of the soul for another.
Today, then, we need to make our stand, either we should come together and fight it together or drift apart and fight ourselves. It is our choice to make of what we shall stand for or what we shall advocate, keeping in mind that with these choices, there is peace and tranquillity, and confusion and chaos. Your conscience hence should be put to work, not alone, but listening to who you really are within and what really your heart truly desires –to be humane being or just a human being, and also reckon with what the world truly needs and what you can give to the world.
Today, as the threat has become clearer each day, the necessity to be prepared has grown greater than ever. Long days through this deadly war have mentally and physically wearied us. Many men and women, especially the old and young, have lost the battle against the pandemic, and unfortunately many more will. The pandemic will stay longer than most of us have anticipated. Our front-liners are at increasing risk even as many have lost their lives. The government institutions are at a constant war with no end in sight. The people are at a dilemma of fear and helplessness with the government little prepared to help albeit with all they can. Meanwhile the patients, isolated and becoming loners without a chance of choice, must be living with empty thoughts.
Today, we must make a right stand. As the situation worsens and the voices for help sharpen, we need to find the “messiah” to pave the way forward. It is ostensible now that there is already anguish in our land, frustrated voices of complaints and blabbering echoing through our streets, and with people protesting for food and amenities and other discrepancies. The message is clear: we are almost out of control –the exodus that happens of migrants in big numbers fighting their way home, or the food and other supplies often running late till midnight, or the government failing to harness enough volunteers. The government with its best can do so little. The CSO’s with all their time and energy can change so little, and the volunteers, more or less the same –NOTHING CAN BE DONE is the poor message.
Today, in the light of the dilemma that we are in, we, the people, need to understand that the transition will take time. Changes will happen slowly, meaning, even if the situation can be changed, it cannot be an immediate change, thus implying that we need to suffer somehow, willingly or unwillingly. The question then is what you make of that suffering? Like earlier mentioned, you again get to choose what you want. It could either be to live with the adversity, hoping for a change somehow, or throw at someone else our frustrations clinging out of the inimical situations. With what then do you stand?
Today, as the threat is imminent, and the danger is inevitable, our only “Messiah” is HUMANITY. To love people as much as ourselves, to be compassionate to people keeping in mind the love, care, and concern that we desire for ourselves, and to be considerate of what point people are at, emotionally, mentally, and physically among others. This is to put ourselves in the shoes of another. And when we do so, we will feel what we haven’t felt for so long, and maybe, then, we will learn to be compassionate and considerate, sympathising and empathising with others –the government with the people, and the people with the government.
Today, we must come together, as leaders and common people. We must come together for change. The government must listen, and the people must be patient. We must all understand that we are not just going through a pandemic; but we are at the making of a future that generations will remember through history books. Let them read that we have boldly overcome the challenges that we, as one, even as some of us are buried with agony have braved through the tragedy. Let us give HOPE to our future generations, a Hope of Humanity, a Hope that we are never alone, but will always stand together as the same Human Kind.
Today, even as if there is, and are people who distrust and undermine Humanity, we can help them understand and help them change, as Mahatma Gandhi, one greatest humanist had said, “You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty,” let Humanity –to love and be loved –be our greatest goal of life.

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