My home - sweet or bitter I love it.... :)

/ Guest Column / Saturday, 28 August 2021 17:43

By: Heisnam Lakeshwar Singh
Head (Academic & Admin), JCRE Global College, Babupara, Imphal
We have a perception that we are the king of our life. We think we live with the principle “this is my life and my world, I can do whatever I wish to do”. But in reality, life is all about choices and accepting & adapting the changing time and turning the direction of my life’s vehicle according to the road, set up by various controllable & uncontrollable factors. It requires balance and lots of sacrifice to choose the choice where I wish to travel. There are so many internal and external factors to be considered before choosing the choice. When we look every things happening in our life is, after all, the choices we take. What is called independence? Or king of my own life? Is it taking the decision which brings only difficulty and unhappiness to our life? Or is it taking the right decision so that we live our life with dignity and respect? If we look strategically we find that, the people we call successful people, are the people who work on their long term vision, which is something great and something which is very hard to achieve. But the funny thing is, in order to get what he wish, he sacrificed many important and happiness moment of his life.
My point is, life is not that easy as we see in movie. It is not that easy to say “I love you” to the person we love the most, wearing the dress we like the most, choosing the career we want the most, doing the job where we wish to live, and finding the love we require the most. But we find the way to give satisfaction, for temporary and not completely, by substituting of those things with something we don’t have but we wish to have. Like looking her/his photo (reference – old Hindi/Manipuri movie), by keeping the picture of those dresses we like, by dreaming about that career we want and by living with the hope “one day”. In the same way people who love his place very much but cannot live there because of the circumstances and his long term vision/goal of his life, usually express beauty and love of his place with few l lines. That gives kind of satisfaction to him.  Same way I am trying here, even though I am not a good writer.
I opened the old almirah and found those old books, with spider webs on it,
Where my childhood dreams are hidden inside the pages. Some are buried completely, some are hidden and waiting for me to open. The smell of the air is still the same, fresh and pure with lots of memory in it.The sun is still rising up from the middle of two beautiful hills, which is visible from my house, I remembered my mother and father used to tell me to pray the Sun,
While I was struggling with my small hands to open my eyes. And I remember the question I had in my mind “is it right to pray without taking bath? “I think of my friends, some are still in home, many are vanishes from my life to find their own life, though their memory is still living in my mind with this village where we grow up together. I see the field, now half occupied by Indian Army, once we used to play all kinds of sports. I think of our cricket team and dedication we put on our game.
The sun is still hot, the air is still fresh, and field is still empty
Except those friends and I are here to play on it.The dreams of small boys are hiding beneath the grass of that filed. I am feeling of digging it out, but I have no time as like my other friends. I have to leave this place with sweet memories and hope.  
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