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God, Faith and Transformative Habits

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God, Faith and Transformative Habits

By: M. Tomba Singh
It is widely believed that our current positive way of life is aligned with God’s will and a consequence of our virtuous deeds. When we deeply desire a life filled with genuine happiness and significant achievement, a strong faith in God and right actions are essential. Even if we err, our trust in God might allow us to fulfil our duties, and at times, we may be forgiven for mistakes or wrongdoings. The belief that God is the force behind the beauty in this world is compelling. This perhaps suggests that everything is an expression of God, whether perceived as good or bad, based on our choices. Yet, there’s an immutable consequence in the law of life that no one can escape. It’s comforting to think that God provides endless opportunities for us to reshape our lives at any moment. Hence, with profound faith, we can truly transform our lives through the divine.
To transform our lives for the better is not an easy task, but it is achievable by adopting simple habits in our daily routine. Some of these habits include :
· Maintaining daily prayer, sincerely worshipping gods/goddesses : Worship is undeniably a beneficial habit in our daily lives. It can help control our emotions and thoughts that greatly influence our actions. Engaging in worship can also pave the way for novel ideas and experiences essential for a vibrant life. However, the method of worship or how to pray effectively can sometimes be perplexing. Given, this, it might be beneficial to devise a systematic approach to prayer, especially in this age of science and technology.
· Transforming our fears into a positive mindset and embracing new experiences : When fear seeps into our minds, it’s crucial to address it immediately rather than succumbing to it. Fear often represents a yearning for security and peace of mind, as well as a hope for something better in our daily lives. Believing that we are safe, as if in the embrace of a loving mother, can help dispel fear. Holding onto fear is a misconception, especially when we consider that we were created without the spirit of fear by the divine.
· Experiencing Love and Compassion : For many feeling God’s love or sharing that love with others is a way to embracing God.
· Not complaining, critizing or condemning : These are the words which can poison anyone leading to worry, tension and depression. However, they should be exercised reasonably and with an attitude of forgiveness. It’s believed that unjust criticism is often a disguised compliment. It’s also advised to do what we feel in our hearts to be right, for we’ll be criticized either way. We’ll be damned if we do, and damned if we don’t. In contrast, constructive criticism is considered the best.
· Maintaining peace of mind : Achieving peace of mind comes when we connect with nature and engage in prayer, drawing closer to God. While we may believe that everything is possible with this inner peace, we must be cautious when trying to instil peace in others. Our personal opinions can sometimes lead to interference, making situations worse rather than better. In such cases, silent prayer is often the most effective approach. It’s important to understand that the Wisdom, Love, and Peace of God, or the act of worshipping gods/goddesses, resonate in the minds and hearts of everyone, helping to resolve troubles in profound ways.
· To stop blaming others : Blaming others without thought is not only unwise but also a harmful habit that can deeply hurt others. It’s a contagious attitude. Instead, showing appreciation through love and good will promotes peaceful coexistence.
· Always keeping busy with today’s activities : Engaging in our daily activities not only enhances our psycho-physical strength but also fosters a willingness to perform better and more efficiently. By staying active and focused, we can achieve remarkable feats and feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.
· Thinking about a better future : The future, whether pleasant or challenging, often leads us to sincerely pray to God, seeking His blessings for what lies ahead. This highlights the belief that God’s presence today can influence a better tomorrow. In other words, our future is shaped by our actions and choices made today. Thus, we should envision where we want to be 10 years from now and consider how we might differ from our present selves.
· To be a good thinker : We must recognize that thinking and acting are natural processes, often seen as gifts from God. We believe that God’s gifts are innumerable and everlasting, including the power to invent and discover. Thus, we should strive to think positively and do good for others. Good thinking focuses on understanding causes and effects, leading to logical and constructive planning. In contrast, flawed thinking can often result in tension and nervous breakdowns.
· Refraining from telling lies : It is a cornerstone of personal integrity and trustworthiness. Being truthful fosters trust in relationships, ensures clarity in communication, and upholds one’s self-respect. Abstaining from falsehood not only has a profound impact on the individual’s character but also positively affects those around them, creating a ripple effect of honesty and authenticity in society. Embracing truthfulness, even when it’s challenging, reflects strength of character and cultivates genuine connections with others.
· Desiring, our focus should be prayer : Prayer has the power to transform individuals, and it can be expressed both vocally and mentally, offering numerous benefits. However, many fail in their prayers due to a disconnection between their words and their hearts. Prayer not only helps us in various ways but also serves as a testament to our faith, reflecting a positive and affirmative approach to life. Realizing our desires through prayer can be a deeply fulfilling and spiritual experience.
In the journey of life transformation, intertwining our habits with faith can be the beacon that guides us through our darkest hours. As Mother Teresa once said, “ we can do no great things, only small things with great love.” Faith in God and nurturing wholesome habits are those small acts of love that, cumulatively, lead to profound changes in our lives.
Lastly, to navigate daily challenges, we should remember God’s guidance to overcome obstacles, foster good habits, succeed in all areas of life, and maintain harmonious relationships. By doing so, we can improve our quality of living and achieve health, wealth, peace and prosperity.
( As you sow, so shall you reap.)

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