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Glossary of Indian Music (Part – 01)

by Rinku Khumukcham
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Collection by: Gurumayum Shivachandra Sharma
Cultural Activist

1. Dhwani: Everything that we hear with our human ear is the Dhwani or Sound. There are two types of Sound, namely the Musical sound and Noise. For example, the sound of singing is the musical sound and the sound that comes out of the hitting of the stone is the noise.
2. Sangeet: According to Indian Music, the combination of Vocal music, Instrumental music, and dance is known as the Sangeet. There are two types of Sangeet, they are the Marga Sangeet and the Deshi Sangeet.
3. Marga Sangeet: The word Marga is derived from the Sanskrit word Margi which means the road or path. The music that perform to achieve the salvation or the path of God is the Marga Sangeet.lp
4. Deshi Sangeet: The word Deshi means the common people, so the music perform by the common people are the Deshi Sangeet. Classical music, Light Classical music, Folk music and Light music are the common examples of the Deshi Sangeet.
5. Sangeet Swara: In Indian music, the vowel or the representation of musical sound is called the Sangeet Swaeas or the Musical notes. There are two types of Sangeet Swaras, namely the Sudha Swara and the Vikrit Swara.
6. Sudha Swara: The Sangeet Swaras that stand in their original positions are known as the Sudha Swara or the Natural notes. They are written as Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha and Ni respectively.
7. Vikrit Swara: The Sangeet Swaras whose positions are flexible in nature are the Vikrit Swara or the Flexible notes. There are also two types of Vikrit Swaras, namely the Komol Swara or the Flat notes (re, ga, dha and ni) and the Tivra Swara or the Sharp note (ma’) respectively.
8. Saptak: In Indian music, a set of 12 twelve musical notes is called the Saptak or Octave. There are three types of Saptak, namely, the Mandra Saptak (Lower octave), the Madhya Saptak (Middle octave), and the Taar Saptak (Upper octave) respectively.
9. Aroha: In Indian music, the ascending scale of the musical notes is called the Aroha.
10. Abroha: In Indian music, the descending scale of the musical notes is called the Abroha.

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