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Fear series – Importance of balancing fear…..

by Rinku Khumukcham
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By: Heisnam Lakeshwar Singh
Head (Academic & Admin), JCRE Global College, Babupara, Imphal


Fear is a survival instinct, a gift to us. There are so many good things about fear. It keeps my eye open the whole night when next day is my exam. I could jump 5 feet fencing wall just because 3 feet tall dog was behind me. It is the fear that stopped me to hold snake, otherwise why I should not hold that elegantly beautiful creature. Fear is like strict parent (Thank God my parents were not that strict, except never allowed me to go for *Thabal chongba). Deficiency of fear is also like deficiency of vitamin, it has lot many symptoms. Over dose again gives side effect. Balancing is more of necessity than importance. Being good like raja Harichandra is an example of overdose of goodness and kindness. And about the deficiency, oh! There are so many examples, I would say 99% of population is suffered from deficiency of goodness and kindness, therefore society never learns from past mistakes. The amount of fear required is depends upon the situation and place. In our company’s meeting if I am fear of expressing my points; here I am suffering from fear over dose syndrome. If I do speak unnecessary things just for the sake of speaking without any valid points, without thinking what other will feel, and went to meeting without any preparation thinking I can bluff anything, here I am suffering from fear deficiency syndrome.
To balance fear in our body and soul putting common sense is the only way to do it. Common sense acts as enzyme as well as hormone in the case of fear regulation. It must regulate the activity of my brain to control the amount of fear to be produce in a defined situation. But common sense though it pronounce common is not that common in our life and society. There would not have been any bomb blast in the middle of market, there would not have been blocked, there would not have been sufferings because of poverty and militancy, there would not have been any kind of riots, if common sense was that common.
Fear regulates goodness and kindness, because of fear we fear to give our hardly earn money to others. It is fear that stops us from trusting our neighbour, our colleague, our business partner and our own people and family. And a relationship without trust, a family without trust and a society without trust is like a house without pillars, which anytime may collapse into ground. How stupid we are, we fear to say “I love you” to the person who let our heart beat thousand times faster, we fear to say “Hello”, we fear to give smile, we fear to just keep an eye contact by fearing our heart may break and our ego may hurt.
It is the fear that holds our hand before extending to work any kind of job. Stupid fear that make people stupid, divide and level the people based on their occupation not on the value and nature of the person. It is the stupid fear that make us stupid for looking down others, and it is the same stupid fear that let us think what we are doing is low and that kills our self-esteem.
It is the fear that many people do not invest in their children’s education, but they can eat fish. Investment in education is something that may give fruit in long run, but very big and good fruit. But many people take examples of those failures only, and fears their hardly earn money will lost. But they think investing in fish eating is something they get the immediate result. Life is like we count, remember and talks about the only goal, goal keeper missed, which went inside the net, and forgets about the number of saves that goal keeper stopped the ball from entering inside the net.
We fear of guns and being killed, we fear of uniform and non-uniform militaries, we fear of extortion, we fear of thieves and decoys, ultimately we fear of working hard and earning more. And it is fear because of which many people take advantage out of us. It is the fear of rejection and delay that forced us to pay bribe that leads to a formation of corruption society. It is the fear that blinds our eyes, deaf our ears and dumps our mouths when we see the wrong things happening beside, back and front of us.
Fear is scary, and scary movies are sometime blockbusters. It is because our common sense tells movie can’t be reality.
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