Dossers Urge: Who Are They?

By Sanjoo Thangjam

All three passed out from St.Anthony’s School, Shillong, Meghalaya.
Dossers Urge are David, Gideon, Romeo Kom. Three of them are all  brothers residing in Shillong though their origin is from Manipur.
Dossers Urge simply means the urge to make music constantly, also because all the good catchy names were taken and we think it sounded different.
It’s a band known for electrifying live shows with stage presence, genre is a mixture of Punk, Psychedelic, Garage  Pop, Indie, Math, Sample,Dance, etc.
Three of them have been playing music at a very initial stage, getting introduced to western music from friends during school days and church as well. Attending uncountable concerts also the idea of band entertaining through live music inspired us. We started off by playing at different tribal fresher’s meet held in the city, later we started writing our own songs and changed the name.
Like any other artists, David said that our vision is that we like to make music, go play to avid music followers, festivals, inspire and enjoy the perks of being a musician. So basically speaking, there is no mission or objective as such but rather a constant process of producing music. 
Dossers Urge said, “ We would play in couple of competitions only because we required funds to upgrade gears but later we stopped participating once gears got upgraded.”
Dossers Urge have performed in countless numbers of festivals across the country from Indie Earth Exchange to Nh7 Weekender, Vh1 Supersonics. Sharing the stage with Megadeath, Steven Wilson, Incubus has been phenomenal !
Converse selects an artist from India to record at rubber-tracks studio in Brooklyn, New York. Selection was based on artist music content, personality and the ability to execute live performance. I
David said that he had sent their three brothers’  content after which they were selected at rubber-tracks studio, Brooklyn , New York.
However, prior to their selection, they had to undergo several screening procedures.
First, in Guwahati, then they got them to Mumbai, following where Converse along with influential musicians scene persons from all over India choose Dossers Urge amongst thousands other bands.
Dossers Urge stated that we are glad that we Dossers Urge, a  brothers’ band could track the album ‘ HONEST RAGE’ with world class engineers and producers which had made them to showcase their abilities both musically and mentally.
After recording sessions in New York, “ We made some friends and ended up spending a month hitch hiking across Manhattan, Philly, New Jersey, Atlantic etc experiencing and adapting the lifestyle and music scenes of America.
Dossers Urge’s future plan is to create more contend and then figure out how to channel their brand of music to youth as they think the music they created is freely or rather easily accessible. They said that perhaps it will take some time to come out in the mainstream. 
Daivd said this to Special Correspondent ,  “GOVERNMENT & POLITICS LEAVING IT TO YOU”. What does he really meant, I myself do not know.
Parents are from Manipur. Mom is house wife.She used to sing and still does & Dad, retired from Indian Army.      
Dosser Urge said, “We are all self taught musicians thout at times, learned from friends and also had taken classes in Music schools.
David said, “I think the current music scene in the north east is not great but also it is not very bad either. Thanks to few festivals. Will definitely like to come and introduce Dossers Urge there.Message to upcoming musicians would be to go out and play for people, just find a way anyhow.”
Dossers Urge stated that Shillong is a place where we like to make music, not stating that one cannot make music anywhere else because for Dossers Urge, it would be illogical to move elsewhere to create music given the logistics to be covered to move elsewhere. Also this depends on time and project that they are planning to undertake.
Last but not least, David said,  “No, I do not think people in Manipur discriminate us because I dont see any reason why? And even if it does, it does not bother me from an artist point of view claiming that we are artists because as I feel that understanding music is universal.”
The writer is a Special Correspondent of Indian Observer Post

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