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“Deadly Corona Unites Us”

by Rinku Khumukcham
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By – Yaipharemba Keisham
Jorhat Assam

Corona virus or covid 19 has brought life to a near standstill in almost every part of the world. The virus originated in Central China’s Hubei province claimed more lives and continues to adversely affect many countries globally. The virus spares none in its course of action whoever may be rich or poor and PM or Peon. Everybody is on its radar. So, all are taking utmost precautions and safety measures. This is the first time we have seen the united efforts to combat the spread of this pandemic taken by the economic and non economic powers.
“All Hands should be on Deck” is the statement from the officials of World Economic Forum showing the instant necessity of reaction from everybody in order to curb this menace in time.
In India we have also seen many confirmed cases of corona. Unlike the earlier pandemics, this dreadful virus compelled us to work some fruitful acts for our own families, localities and State. As we know, our country is inhabited by different communities professing different religions and traditions. So misunderstanding arises sometimes among us for petty matters. It disturbs the unity and integrity of the nation. But this deadly disease comes up as a common enemy for us. It makes us fight unitedly. It can be considered good gesture of coronavirus.
Coronavirus reached almost all the states of India. In our state also, we already have confirmed cases. Everybody is in panic state at the beginning, for we don’t have sufficient testing labs, medicines, masks, sanitizers and medical experts. So we are in a confused state. Later on, steps taken by Central and state government with the moral support of our people minimised the panic to a large extent.  So, dreaded coronavirus could not extend its Empire in our State. Though COVID-19 is a deadlier one, it teaches us good lessons and sows the seeds of brotherhood. We are given the opportunity to serve each other. And we also see the rise of inter communities’ love and charity during the lockdown of corona. Here we can proudly share the contributions of our hilly brothers donating precious and essential edible items to their more affected valley brothers. It’s a historic moment for all. This tradition of lending helping hands to the brothers in more distressed should be activated and strengthened all the time. However, unwanted incidents such as social boycotting of confirmed patients and families, negation of Govt.’s  protocol, communalisation of virus and  fencing of roads are surfaced first time in our history. It is very unfortunate to witness thoughtless acts by our well educated people. We all have to condemn in Toto. In this war like situation, Mutual help and understanding is very important for us.
Corona revives the near lost relationship between the people’s representatives and the people. We see the unexpected good changes  of behaviour in almost leaders. All leaders in and out power are seen doing necessary duties for their people. It’s a good gesture from coronavirus. Besides them, our CSOs and others activities are also praise worthy. We should also cultivate the habit of appreciating our authority, frontline warriors viz.  medical personnel, pharmacists, transporters and police etc.
To sum up, let’s follow the safety n preventing measures laid down by the Government. And also the seeds of brotherhood sown by deadly corona should be reaped together for a peaceful and united Kangleipak.
 Long Live Eramdam!

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Eve Premabati April 16, 2020 - 1:23 pm

It’s worth reading Indeed… Nice sharing


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