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Chin Kuki Zo Narco-terrorists who have no religion and they are not Christians

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Chin Kuki Zo Narco-terrorists who have no religion and they are not Christians

By – Rahul Khangembam
It has been more than Seven months long ethnic conflict in the State and peace is the same word spoken from high profile men to layperson, will we common people see peace or not? Will tens of thousandsinmates go back to their places or not? Obviously there are victims on both side,and all the politicians, leaders don’t suffered much but the poor, the innocents and the weak are the victims of this violence. It should never be forgotten that a leader is made up of peoples and their responsibility is not only during election days but also to take care of public and solve problems. We should never think that we caste vote for only getting a Govt. Job, or some contract work (Hayeng Thabak ama changhouraga loire, thika fangaga loire) When Mr. Tomba or Chaoba were standing in the front of our broken door and begging for vote, but we never asked how they (Mr. Tomba or Chaoba) would work of us in next five years?  Even no one raised the question that how an elected leader used his local area development fund? It’s time to stop believing in phonetics!
The violence began on 3rd Mayafter the peace rally by Tribal Solidarity March of All Tribal Students Union of Manipur (ATSUM)leading to unprecedented confusion where  Meitei’s and Meitei’s Christians fled from Kuki dominated areas and in the midst of this week some people are trying to turn it into a religious conflict. The editorialcolumn of this newspaper and also our respected Chief Minister clarified that the ongoing crisis in Manipur is not a conflict between Hindus Meiteis and Christian/Meitei Christian, but some people mostly the Kukis and their supporters are creating a false impression leading the world to say that it was a religious conflict. Meitei Christians were attacked from both sides first in Churchandpur, Kangpokpi, Moreh and kuki dominated areas then in the remote valley districts!  According to the Constitution of India, there is no official state religion. India is a secular country. However it also means that there is equal respect for all religions and faiths. Article 25 says “All person are equally entitled to freedom of conscience and the right to freely profess, practice, and propagate religion subject to public order,morality and health” and those who live in the heart of the city understand and no Meitei Christians live in the heart of the city was tortured, persecuted all this happened in a remote area of the valley district. Many so called panelists talked about the current crisis but they did not mention that the present conflict has not related with religions. Remember one idiocy Mr. Takellambam Ramamanada is neither pastor or reverend he is the root cause of hatred between Meitei Christian and Meitei Hindu/Sanamahism many of his disparaging massage hurt the sentiments ofall religions which have not related with Gospel, he refused to apologized to the titular king of Manipur and people of Manipur.Meitei Christians are also Meitei not foreigner and the very first Christian in Manipur was late Shri Angom Purom Singh who was a Meitei,Let me clear that if Christianity is the root cause of this un ending violence than why were other Christians who living in the Imphal city are not persecuted? Why the Manipur Baptize Church is still standing? Why Naga churches are not touched? Why the renownedcatholic schools are not destroyed or burnt down? It is highly unfortunate if we don’t know whoour people are and who are the foes?
Chin Kuki Zo Narco-terrorist are not Christians
Historically, the Kukis are known to practice Animism (worship different deities and spirits) and headhunting (hunting a human and collecting the severed head after killing the victims, sometimes more portable body parts)nowadays they following Messianic Judaism, The Bnei Menashe are composed of Chin Kuki Zo whose ancestors migrated into northeast, and in Manipur most of them came from Myanmar. The Kukis in Manipur are also demanding to return to Israel.  Mr. P.S. Haokip who is a Burmese/Myanmar origin and also Chairman of KNA (Kuki National Army) and other insurgents groups they claimed as Kukis are the lost tribe of Israel while he has written to the Israel Prime Minister to recognizing Bnei Menashi in Northeast India. Mr. Haokip said that the Kukis are not Indian they are just visitors, their real place is Israel and they claimed themselves as Jews the lost tribe of Israel. Please noted if they claim that they are Jews and not Indian citizen and want to return to Israel then Why did they created violence in Manipur? Why are they starting a bloody war?  Yet they demanded a separated State and it was pre-planned Zalengam (Land of freedom)some have supported other movement to separate from India. The world Kuki Zo intellectual council (WKZIC) wrote to the Israel Prime minister seeking his immediate personal intervention to create a State for Kuki’s community not only that, Kuki appealed to discussed about Manipur crisis in European Parliament, another Chin Kuki Zo organization NAMTA North American Manipur Tribal Association this organization is reportedly Anti – India and Anti- Hindu worldwide. Since the beginning of the ethnic conflict in Manipur. NAMTA president Lien Gangte was seen in a Canada based Surrey Gurudwara and he was speaking on so called minority atrocities in India (video of which has gone viral on social media) he is joining hands with Pro-Khalistani terrorists to spread hatred against the Indian Government and Hindu community of India. Chin Kuki Zo broadcasting their fabricated stories or using victim card on the National, International media, they are very fast to spreading fake propaganda to the world, telling lies after lies are in the blood of the Kuki and everyone known that who are the perpetrators? Who lit the first matchstick on May 3?They also used sophisticated weapons to attack Meitei unarmed people. On 15th August some Kuki CSOs along with Kuki terrorists celebrated an “unofficial” Independence Day parade in Churchandpur, they openly displayed highly sophisticated weapons which is illegal.  It was also doubtful whether the Assam Riffles was conspiring with Chin Kuki Zo Narco Terrorists which has created another tense and many such incidents have shown that they give full support to the Kuki community. I was shocked when I was watching national news on television 4 minute manufactured stories about what happened to the people of Kukis on May 4th, I was shocked and the (Anonymous) MLA family is showing MLA Son’s said that (mere baba ko sorokpe mara aur electric currect diya humne kuchnahi kiya Meitei logne humme nikaldiya) they beat my father on the road and gave electric shocks, we did nothing but they threw us out. When the reporter asked again whether he wanted to go back? MLA Son’s said No, now we want to separate. Everything is a play of lies to gain benefits like become a Christian becoming a Jews and becoming innocent minority tribal people. But the facts are they have no religion and they are not Christians, they also attack to religious places Churches and many Hindus Meiteis Place of worship/ Temples to commit violence. According to the Book of Exodus chapter 20 in Bible the Ten Commandments (a moral guide book which try to explain how people should behave towards each other) were revealed to Moses at Mount Sinai. Let’s look at some commandment’s 6 to 10 You shall not murder anyone, You shall not commit adultery, you shall not steal, you shall not bear false witness against your neighbor’s ,you shall not covet your neighbor’s house,neighbor’s wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor animals nor anything’s that is your neighbor’s.
If they are true Christians they should follow the 10 commandments of God. But they committed murders by cutting human body parts, raped innocents girls, women and all is in their blood. Being a Meitei Christian, I feel ashamed when someone calls himself a Meitei Christian and defiles the religion of others, I feel sad at what Mr. Ramananda said, those Christians are lack knowledge and even in the Bible they called fool.The most beautiful good religion, whether Christianity or Hindu/Sanamahism has been ruined by Mr. Takhelambam Ramananda and other is Kuki Narco terrorist who has no religion and not Christians.
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