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ARSENIC ALBUM=30 (A Homoeopathic medicine) in corona virus disease (Covid-19): With a brief introduction of AYUSH

by Rinku Khumukcham
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By Dr. N. Birkumar Singh
Corona virus (Covid -19) is a disease caused by a new strain of Corona virus. It was first referred to as 2019 noval Corona virus , now which is known to everyone in the world. The common symptoms of the disease so far recorded or reported are fever, dry cough, tiredness, bodyache, sore throat, diarrhea, headache, loss of taste and smell, sometimes rashes on the skin, discoloration of fingers and toes.
Incubation period- 2 to 3 days and in this days it can be spread to others by an infected person before any symptoms appears. In some cases, patients starts falling sick within one or two days depending upon the immunity of the patient.
Anyway, this is another side of the story and in this regards, many relevant and important studies are coming up by the continuous efforts of scientist all over the world. Now the most important fact about this problem is the attack to the human being which result in many complication even death inspite of utmost efforts to treat the problem. It is a fact that the whole world is now badly disturbed in many ways to try to combat this disease effectively. So the main focus of the world is now to treat this disease. For this purpose now the most common and accepted system of treatment is allopathy, the so called modern medicine. However there is still difficulties, limitations, failure of the treatment is also but not observing.While lakhs and lakhs of people could save their life by this present system of treatment at the same time another lakhs and lakhs of people also died due to this disease helplessly. Now, therefore here lies the importance of possible alternative, complimentary or any means of treatment. In India too, the government has started strengthening its own system of treatment which is now widely accepted by different section of the people which is known as AYUSH. The government has instructed MINISTRY OF AYUSH to take up necessary, possible and acceptable way of treatment for fighting this dreaded disease.
Now it is worth necessary to define WHAT IS AYUSH SYSTEM OF TREATMENT i.e A- AYURVEDA, which is as old as our( Indian) civilization and nicely referred to the VEDAS(REGVEDA AND ATHERVAVEDA which is around 1000 BC). It has been accepted by the Indian civilization before the allopathy has brought to India.Y – YOGA which is primarily a way of life, first propounded by Patanjali in a systemmetic form for helping to treat the ailing people by the way of restrains , observance of austerity, physical posture, breathing exercise , restraining of sense organ, contemplation , meditation and Samadhi.
U- UNANI, though originated in Greece and past through many countries before it finally settle in India, the treatment is based on HUMORAL THEORY-i.e. the presence of blood, phlegm,yellow bile, black bile in a person. This system of treatment is to make proper balance in the human being to stay away from the disease at the same time this system has also got different form of medicine accordingly. S- SIDHA,which is also one of the oldest medical system in India mostly practiced by the Tamil speaking community in India and abroad. It is very much based on the true scientific knowledge of the account of the patient, the environment, age, sex, race, habits, diet, appetite, physical condition, psychological conditions, constitution of the individuals etc. This system has also got its own therapy according to their way of practice. Now H- HOMOEOPATHY, which is based on the principle of SIMILIA, SIMILIBUS CURENTER which says that”a medicine which could induce a set of symptoms in healthy human being could be capable of curing a similar set of symptoms in human being actually suffering from the disease”.
The physician from the time of Hippocrates ( as 400 bc) have observed that certain substances could produce symptoms of a disease in a healthy people similar to those of people suffering from the disease. Based on this, Dr CHRISTIAN FEDERICH SAMUAL HAHNEMANN( 11-4-1955 to 02-07-1843) a German physician scientifically examined the phenomenon and codified the fundamentals principles of Homoeopathy.
Now prescribing ARSENIC ALBUM =30 a homoeopathic medicine to all the people of india recently when covid outbreak , both in 1st and 2nd wave started -is to improve the immune system of the individual basically. The selection and the prescription of ARSENIC ALBUM=30 is based on the totality of the symptoms of different covid 19 positive cases of different ages, sex, climatic conditions and also stages of the disease to the affected patients. A team of scientist under MINISTRY OF AYUSH government of India particularly CENTRAL COUNCIL FOR RESEARCH IN HOMOEPATHY, an apex body of Homoeopathy research in India( where the writer of this article was also working at the level of SCIENTIST 4 and in the capacity of DEPUTY DIRECTOR before retirement). The scientists and the doctors all over India working under CENTRAL COUNCIL FOR RESEARCH IN HOMOEPATHY started conducting research studies on covid 19 and collected all necessary information about this disease and started formulating for the possible therapeutic importance of homoeopathy remedies in which about 10 different medicines have found out for combating covid19. However only ARSENIC ALBUM=30 was selected finally to prescribe to almost all unaffected people , so called preventive in which the immune system of the patient may get improve and affect / infection of corona virus possibly arrested. In Homoeopathy , ARSENIC is called GENUS EPIDEMICUS i.e.the most common indicated and also covers all symptoms of covid 19 pandemic. Homoeopathic prescription is based according to the idea-” treat the mind of the patient and note the disease”. This means that whatever maybe the symptoms and the severity of the disease will absolutely be manifested to the individual. Hence, automatically while treating a patient the whole disease will also be treated. Now as for corona virus( covid 19) the most important symptoms are afraid of the disease, fear of death , which demands for immediate possible treatment, tiredness, fever, dry cough with congestion in the chest, pain all over the body, sore throat, diarrhea, headache , loss of taste and smell, sometimes rashes on the skin, discoloration of fingers and toes etc . the above symptoms are completely found in ARSENIC ALBUM while proving and the potency 30 is most suitable and common for prescribing without expecting any side effects. This ARSENIC 30 is also a immune booster and confidence gaining medicine. It is because of that the ARSENIC ALBUM 30 was recommended by competent authority of AYUSH under the directive of government of India. The recommended dose of ARSENIC ALBUM 30 is 4/6 gobules of 30 size is to be taken once in the morning for consecutive 3 days and to be repeated after one month on empty stomach, with all the necessary SOP recommended by the authority from time to time. It is one of the reason ARSENIC ALBUM was distributed to almost all the people all over India by the approved authority.
The writer is Deputy Director, Scientist-4 (Retd), Central council for research in homoeopathy, Ministry of Ayush, govt of India, New Delhi. Former Physician to His Excellency, Governor of Manipur.

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