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A new definition of positive politics for a corrupted environment

by Rinku Khumukcham
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By Damchuibakhumba

People become accepted whether good or bad when a majority of people started doing regularly, normally, and open-secretly for a long period of time. And it becomes culture when it became socially and politically behavioral and behaviors are not inherited but it is influenced by an environment. Thus our society has become influence from top to bottom by a corrupted environment. It will keep going until we will clean up our surroundings. Everybody genuinely dislikes the corrupted environment but nobody wants to withstand the price alone for the changes in our society, which belong to everyone. To fight Corruption it has becomes community things not individual any more. We are deeply fallen into corruption which individuals alone could not liberate anymore. And we are enjoying the evilness of our own, thinking that its ok, it’s normal. We see evil as good and forcedly convincing our mind to be accepted but our heart still can sense what goodness is. It is good news that we human beings have our hearts to feel and spot-on our dirty minds. Rajnesh once says “The heart is always right-if there is a question of choosing between the mind and heart because the mind is a creation of society…” Hence it is good news that we have our golden heart, which has the potential to liberate our corrupt society. We need positive politics heavily weighted on the heart rather than negative politics based on mind games.
It’s better late than never to talk about wrongdoers, if not they will take it for granted in the future. Going back to ADC funds (Hoachong segment) sanctioned under 14th and 15th finance commission was misused by our representative. Our representatives thought it may be ok to corrupt the government’s money failing to realize that it was people’s tax money. The word/term GOVERNMENT becomes very cheap in our state, thinking everything comes free from government. It’s high time to educate our people; to make them realized that every penny of the government money is from the sweats of people.
The good news is that we have a future generation to hope for. Let this hope may not be affected by our corrupted environment of today by keeping social distancing and keeping masks to our upcoming youngsters. We see today all our students unions involved in politics not bad at all it is part of our student’s life but student politics should be sincere, truthful, and honest. When ADC funds were mishandled there was no one from the Hoachong segment to stand up for the people who have genuinely voted for the developments and have the right to developments. It’s time to wake up and show our resistance and protest like we are doing now for conducting the ADC election. It is meaningless when you sow and when you don’t reap. Students unions and CSOs should have come into the picture like when dishonest, corruption, and injustice happening in our societies to show some exemplary work to our youngsters, as there is saying ‘monkey see monkey do’.
When we study politics we come across different definitions from different scholars, philosophers, statesmen, etc. about politics. All the definitions given are derived and much influence by their experience of their state and society they are living in in giving their definition of politics. It is high time for us too to redefine politics and makes our own definition of politics: politics definition as, solving people problem with justice, honest, corruption-free, and sincerity. So that our new and next generations can proudly define and hear politics name as positively. It seems impossible to make the definition of positive politics in our societies but let’s remember one thing that many big dreams once seemed impossible until they make it done possible. For this, we need to come as one-hearted together putting aside our selfish minds because our hearts only can feel the emotion of suffering people in our societies. We need leaders with more kindness not only intelligent, the ones who can make decisions by their heart when it is needed. We have huge public responsibility because we are living in a state where we elect our leaders. Remember good society is the reflection of good leader; good leaders make good societies. And good citizens elect good leaders. To have good citizens we need to clean up our corrupted environment for our young generation to expose to a new environment of positive politics So that they can culture it when they grow up. The education system, religions, and any form of originations, unions, etc. in our societies should come together in mounding our youngsters to give a new definition of positive politics written down by our own experience.
**** The writer is from Noney district of Manipur. He had Studied MA politics, Madras University. He can be reached at Email: [email protected]

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