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A moment of Introspection

by Rinku Khumukcham
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By: Schindler Potsangbam
It’s true when someone says that we should be grateful for all the little things, but nevertheless, nowadays we are seeing that people are not showing much gratitude.
So this time I’ve come upon the decision that we should rather focus on ourselves and see the difference and introspect sometimes right? or perhaps for some of you I hope will change the whole perspective of what happiness is and it’s true meaning.
So here we go young guns!
Suppose if we fail in something we focus on that failure and we get depressed and we get anxious and in the end, we get devastated but in that situation, we are not seeing the good things in our life, like if we fail we can be grateful that it’s a new start and we can do more and at that very moment there are also many more things that we can be thankful of.
Let’s make it clear-cut, I won’t bore you around with internet grateful quotes. Just imagine you being happy for who you are and I know it’s hard as a human being but people do like themselves and If you sum up all the great personalities or even any other normal person who is happy, you’ll find one of the reasons is being happy for what they have and thankful for what is happening around them.
Is it hard to get me?, I hope it isn’t but let me explain you with a quote which is said to be given by either Helen Keller or William Shakespeare, nevertheless here it is…
“I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet”
Regardless of the individual who quoted it, it’s marvelous! And how true, is it not common between us humans? One more saying goes like “today is the tomorrow that you dreamt about yesterday”. In all of our today’s we keep running and running, madly-blindly for a better future. And when that future finally comes, we simply forget that we have always been waiting for this. Well, good thing, of course, we should always work hard and smart to do bigger and better things in life but bad is when we forget to cherish what we have already achieved. Some of us subconsciously do it so much that one can find them complaining and cribbing all the time.
So instead of complaining about the bad things in our life we should move forward and be thankful for the virtuous things we already have and the magical things which are happening around us. But mostly you should be grateful for this marvelous creation, “YOU”.
So coming back to the quote Grateful means, you sure are working on yourself to be refined and groomed while looking up. But by saying you are content, you should mean you are not restless about the results. You should not worry about getting more.
Most importantly, you should not be comparing yourself with anyone. You should cherish your feet and while you work on getting a pair of shoes, you should not cry for them.
And at the end do ask yourself “Are you ready to be grateful?” and if yes I assure you all the little things will make you happy and see the difference and the way it changes your whole life. So appreciate those people and those little things that matter to you, you’ll live the life of your dreams, I give you that. Until the next time Friends!

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