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Wrath of Mother Nature: Why challenge instead of understanding her?

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“This is a natural disaster , we can’t blame the ruling government neither the concern department”- a comment seen posted in social networking site facebook from an eminent person in response to an angry young man who blamed the government for what has been happening now . It is right we can’t blame the present government for this ‘wrath of the Mother Nature’. Each of us is responsible in making Mother Nature angry . We do have our own part but self centric mentality of each of us called – the human being who think about their own life without bothering about others are all responsible in making the Mother Nature’ s fury . The frequent flash flood occurred in the state of Manipur co-incidentally increase after the replacement of a new political party , who has been in power for over one a half decades. And precisely , the newly replaced political party which is now ruling the state have the same people who were also a part of the government in the last 15 years. Some among them are top bureaucrats in the government. Points wanted to bring up here is that each of us know why the mother nature is so wild and fury this time. Those in the government know much better as they have already talk a lot on why the frequent flood occurred. Rampant deforestation taking place at the river catchment area is being blamed. Now the new party with the same people started blaming the constructions of various wetland areas. Importance of preserving wetland areas had been raised by environmental activists since the last 2/ 3 decades but the government authority besides knowing better (with many specialise qualified individuals on the specific matters working in various flood and water conservation departments) had never listened or taken up any long lasting effective measure to prevent the kind of disaster what we are facing today . Greek’ s philosophical concept of democratic society being composed of idiots, tribal and citizens is needed revisiting. Today’ s India democracy is run by idiots by utilising the tribal and by suppressing the citizens whose number is less. Because the idiots ruled – crores and crores of rupees spent for taking up measures for protection and the preservation of the natures have been pocketed using the tribal as their tools. Those concern citizens, who raised voice against them, were suppressed using any means. ( For understanding the concept pliz refer BUKIT LANJAN speech on ‘Naga Day’ link – https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=mFpiyVcnR2c ) 2 days non-stop rains floods the entire Imphal Valley , the incessant rains not only impact the state but also the neighbouring Myanmar town Tamu. (Environment has no boundary). Almost all major Rivers in Imphal Valley overflow and breached at many area inundating many locals. One state PWD Engineer , during an interaction with media persons, once said his experience about a Japanese Scientist asking him why the River bank (retaining wall) of Rivers is higher than the road. The Engineer seems to know the danger of constructing retaining walls of river above the road but give a shrewd answer which the media people could not be convinced as do the Japanese scientist. Well not only the River Banks are constructed higher than the roads and locality but also all the drains constructed in and around Imphal V alley are also constructed above the road. The water which were supposed to drain flows to the road. Crores of rupees are being spent for control of flash flood but the way the money are spent appeared to be not for the purpose of making the state a better future but to earn from the works in the name of development. These kinds of works are carried out by people called “Idiots”, which the Greek called. Some people had committed crimes against the state which went unnoticed for reason best known and no government is courageous enough to punish any of this criminals. Time and again, this newspaper had reported about specific project among the many for control of flood. In 2010-11. For this project the government of India had sanctioned a sum of Rs. 500 lakhs for development of River Catchment area in Senapati area under River V alley Project and Flood Prone Scheme. The project was particularly for Laini River but also has parts for preservation of other river catchment area which had its origin at Senapati district. After 8 years the said area looks barren without any trees which are supposed to be there. Why those authorities of that time are called up and conduct an enquiry so that all those responsible, of that time are booked for the present crisis we are facing? On the other hand, why those responsible, for the constructions of failed drainage system in and around Imphal are not pulled up and punished for wasting public money . For what we are suffering whom should we blamed? Those committed crime against the future generation or those responsible government authorities who did not take up any action against those criminal. A matter much needed to ponder upon.

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