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In 1904, when Manipur became a colony of the British Empire, womenfolk of the state raised a strong demonstration against the then British government over the decision to force utilization of almost all male to build the Bungalow of the then British political agent which was burnt by resistance group of the time. The uprising of the women folk is still remembered as the first women’s war. Next it was in 1939 that another mass uprising spearheaded by women folk of the state was witness against the artificial famine occurred in the erstwhile kingdom which was colonized by the British Empire, the uprising is known all over the world as the 2nd “Nupilal” or 2nd Women’s War.
Then in 1980s women folk again raised and spent sleepless night to protect their children and husband from the atrocities and harassment of the Indian security forces.
Problem of insurgency reached its peak during the time and it was also a time when controversial Armed Forces Special Powers Act 1958, an ordinance used by the British government to suppress the freedom struggle of India was re-introduced.  Under the notorious act many civilian were involuntarily made disappeared and many were picked up and killed in staged encounter, some were miraculously escaped from the death jaw but landed in jail.
Notably it’s the women folk which have been taking active role to safe the people of the state at time of any form of atrocities committed by state actors or the non state actors.
When non state actors killed someone or placed a hand grenade or fired at the residence of some people, it was also again the women folk of this state who raised their voice against such terror activities.
Besides these, Manipur is also one such place in the world where there is market exclusively for the women. While fighting against the suppression and atrocities committed towards the people of the state by either the state actors or the non state actors, womenfolk of Manipur have also played major role in the economy of the state. Over thousands of women spare no pain to support the needs of their family by coming in the women market.
Another thing worth mentioning is that the women folk also spearheads movement against selling and used of intoxicants. “Nisha band”, banned of all form of intoxicants is also one movement that the women folk of the region had started and is still continuing.
In fact women of this region are the savior of this erstwhile kingdom now a state of India.
Question want to put up here is how far we the people of the state including the government had acknowledged the sacrifices and courage of the women folk of our state. How far the women folk have been protected by the so called law of the land? There is no denying that there are many legislation to protect the right of the women and their children, however, is the authority serious enough to honour the rights of the women?
Crimes committed against the women are on the rise. Untold and published story of women being tortured by their husband have become a common phenomenon of today’s Manipur.
No action is on the record on the practice of polygamy by government employees of the state government even though there is legislation for looking into the matters.
Not the least but one think Imphal Times would like to ask is that why did the state government still fails to introduce the 33% reservation for the women in the state legislatures when it has been passed by the Parliament of India.
Women should be respected at any cost.

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