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Why worry?

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What would come as a bitter truth to swallow for many is the unfortunate fact that whoever in power regardless of the propounded ideologies will continue to engage in profiteering and nepotism, although the degree may vary. This is the ways of the world and in any transaction, whether financial or otherwise, there will always be one who has the upper hand who will stand to gain more, or everything for that matter. Absolute equality is a utopian idea impossible to achieve in the practical world, not so much for lack of trying but because of the basic differences of individuals. The sooner we realize and accept that, the better we will be. Does that mean we have to give in to the diktats or terms of those who are presumably more powerful than ourselves? The answer- absolutely not. On the contrary, by accepting the bitter truth of the human nature, we will be gaining the upper hand- an insurmountable advantage in our quest to lead a better life and strive towards higher ideals. Therefore, even the most serious of our problems can be classified into just two categories- one which we can solve or something that is inevitable and cannot be prevented. Any problem that can be solved is therefore cannot be termed as a real problem but must be treated rather as an inconvenience to be dealt with accordingly. Except for a few inescapable eventualities such as birth and death, most of the obstacles and drawbacks holding our society back can be solved, although some might take more effort and time than the others. The seemingly complex social strife and upheavals we are experiencing at present should therefore be regarded as an inconvenience that needs to be addressed rather than a vexing problem to live with, and we definitely can if everybody gives it a try. We need to look at the situation from a different angle- a new and more positive perspective.
What if we view the present man-made scarcity of essential commodities as an impetus to make greater efforts to produce more and be more self-reliant? What if we take the increasingly deepening communal divide as an opportunity to understand and appreciate the inherent feeling of preserving and upholding the myriad groups and their traditions? What if we view the increasingly polarizing political and social stands as a sign of greater political and social awareness amongst the public? What if we take the frustrations and deceived aspirations of the public as a lesson of the collective folly in our choice of representatives and more importantly an eye-opener for the future wannabe social servants? What if we take the present social situation to take a long hard look at the agenda compelling the various groups and parties to act the way they do?
Every obstacle is also an opportunity. How we perceive and react makes it so. When we as a collective society come together and revel in our differences rather than repel each other, we can really overcome the petty scuffles and communal mindset. If a problem cannot be solved despite our best efforts and is inevitable, what is the use of worrying over it? On the other hand, if we perceive an obstacle as a problem that can be solved, why sit back and worry instead of making efforts to solving it?

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