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Why should all rich people be issued license gun?

by Rinku Khumukcham
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Reflection of Present-day Manipuri society to the media today is not a sign of healthy administration, no matter whether those running the government accepted or not. While there is no doubt to the effort of the Chief Minister and his team, it is still questionable to the loyalty, responsibility, and sincerity of those who are supposed to make the effort of the government into reality.
With these people acting beyond the existing law of the land, Law and order situations, which the government claimed to have improved a lot turns out as a mere joke.
The use of license gun by immature people have brought bad name to the ruling government.
Besides, some immature youth misusing license guns, there were already reports of unwanted incidents that occurred due to licensed guns. Many lives have been taken with the so call license gun which was provided for self-protection.
There were reports of a scuffle between two families in which one of the members used government authorized license gun to kill a teenager in Kakwa area under Singjamei police station. Had it been just a normal fight without using a licensed gun, the matter could have been treated as a normal incident that sometimes occurred. When one look at the number of killings and unwarranted incidents which involved killings of youths and even aged people over petty issue by using a licensed gun, it is certainly an issue arising out due to the issuance of license gun to people who are not supposed to be authorized. As per report, a total of 26,836 civilians of the state have been provided firearm licenses in 2016. A source said that the number of active firearm licenses issued to the people is nearly double in 2020. Which means as many as 50,000 people of the state are having firearm which could kill a person. But the question is do all the 50,000 people need firearm who are under threat from someone. Even if it is or was, are issuances of a firearm to each and every one of them a ‘solution’. A matter needs to ponder with the kind of series of crimes witnessed among the licensed gun holder. Saying so, there are some who judiciously use the licensed firearm, but allowing all people to own a gun is not a good decision, but it will be more justified to strengthen the police force if in case some felt that their life is insecure.
As a matter of fact the government today should realize the kind of problem created due to the issuance of licensed guns in the state. Are all those people whom the government providing license to possess gun genuine or capable of handling a licensed gun. Why do every rich people who can afford a gun should be given a license to possess a gun when there are many possibilities of misusing it?
The government authority certainly needs to review the way that license gun is provided. Above all security forces are there who are well train to use guns. And why should any civilians, poor or rich, or who received life threats or not, or who think that he or she deserves a licensed gun in view of his property or asset, be issued license gun, when the state could use the security forces to protect their life.
Maybe it will be impossible for the security forces to protect all in case of attack by illegal perpetrators but there are more problems created by licensed gun holders in the state. It is time the government ceases all license gun holders – both from hills or plain and issue another fresh license by strictly reviewing the process for issuing of license gun.

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